Ocean King Tips & Tricks: How to Win Playing Ocean King 2


Are you one of those people who are a big fan of fish games? If that’s the case, you might have heard of Ocean King 2.

In case you didn’t know yet, Ocean King 2 is an arcade game. The game is made for a maximum of 8 players that sits together and enjoy it. It is an arcade game that allows players to shoot different kinds of fishes and win prizes which is a follow-up the product from the successful Ocean King.

This particular fish hunter gambling game takes pride in an LCD screen along with high-resolution HD graphics. The exquisite graphics elevate the liveliness of the sea creatures along with amazing ambience and imagery. This action-filled game is exciting enough for both onlookers and players. You can rest assured to see and do than other games accessible in the market. In short, it is like a different game with each turn.


Features of Ocean King 2

It has a wide array of new mini-games, characters, and new features for players to take advantage of.

Moreover, the game controls are similar for a smooth and flawless transition between games. Players can control the direction of the weapon or gun with the joystick, allowing them to fire the selected weapon with the SHOOT button and shift between the WEAPON change button.

The stated returning characters from the original game are composed of a revised;

  • Bomb Crab
  • Overlord Humpback Whale
  • Killer Whale
  • Sea Turtle
  • Octopus
  • Lobster
  • Saw Shark
  • Lantern Fish
  • Butterfly Fish
  • Lionfish
  • Clown Fish
  • Fugu
  • Devilfish
  • Snapper
  • and Flounder

That is supplemented along with new characters like the Giant Fish, Electromagnetic Cannon Crab, and awful Fire Dragon, among others.

Ocean King 2 as well introduces a different multiplayer mode for Boss with the introduction of 4 latest sea monsters. Those underwater creatures are full of vengeance and almost impossible to beat down. The Monster characters are as follows:

Ocean King 2 - Boss Monsters

Image: Ocean King 2 Boss Monsters


  • Deep-Sea Octopus – This huge beast is large enough to fit up mostly on display. Players are encouraged to target its limbs in order to kill the beast.
  • Overlord Crab – This king of crabs could be overthrown out either by killing it or by destroying its pincers.
  • The Night Monster – The creature makes the screen go dark. That’s how it gets really complex and confusing to watch the whole among the other fishes score points.
  • The Prehistoric Giant Crocodile – This creature could even strike gamers as it slithers, crushing their firearms.


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Mini-Games & Features

Image: Ocean King 2 Mini Games Features

Do you wish to know the features and the mini-games available on Ocean King 2? In this section, we will provide you with everything you want to know.

Please take note that Ocean King 2 has geared its players with three types of firearms, helping you to shoot down any creatures. They are the Lock Gun, Gun Tube, and Fish Net. These weapons enable players to lock down the target, shot rapidly, and capturing the area of the target, respectively.

It also offers awesome powerful weapons that will help you catch more or larger fish. Do you want to know how to win Ocean King 2? Then you must learn about the great weapons to help you gain high scores to employ such amazing weapons.

These include:

  • Drill Cannon – Ricochets around the screen, destroying or defeating everything in its paths and detonates after it stops moving.
  • Flamestrike De-Buff –Players should shoot the gun in a limited time limit. You’ll be able to receive Extension of Shooting Time or Double Score.
  • Chain Explosion Crab – The weapon is the improved Bomb Crab Weapon, exploding three times. It can move around your screen with every explosion. It can kill every dish in range with a maximum of times ten credits.

Keep in mind that Ocean King 2 presents a unique mini-game too that is referred to as Battle in the Golden City, appearing randomly and free to use.

You will find a plethora of operator adjustable features on the game. This enables you to personalize the Ocean King 2 to your location that includes chance levels, odds, shooting time limits, background limits, sound effects, and Payout feature, among others.


How to Beat Ocean King 2

Do you want to learn some Ocean King 2 hacks and tips? The survey proves that not all players are satisfied with the game rules, as well as its challenges. That’s why we gather some tips and tricks in playing Ocean King 2: Thunder Dragon.

Are you ready to know some tricks? Let’s dive in!


Estimate Your Risks

It would be best if you were cautious enough of the time to pull out. Always organize your expense and the limit to stop at the perfect time. Do not forget about the limitation when it’s needed. You need to stop playing whether you win or lose, especially if you reach your bound.

A good suggestion is to have no more than twenty per cent even on your winning amount. In the end, players are more likely to lose their minds and can’t keep sane like the first time. Hence, they’ll lose everything.

Ocean King 2 - Online Fishing Game

Image: Ocean King 2 Fishing Game

Numerous Functions

You will find some differences between the payouts based on the place you’re joining in. You will find a King Whale and some marine creatures in other areas with lower bets.

In some cases, the king whales would result in the highest prize value, which is x100 the credit, however, most of the time it gives the player at the value of x70. Hence, you should be conscious of your wager to save money and boost your profits.


Higher Bets Go With Perks

You might find this odd, but higher stakes sometimes offer more bonuses. They help boost your strange to reach your target. The more your wager, the more chance of winning you’ll receive.


Play Ocean King 2 Now

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The massive fame of the Ocean King has noticed it turned out to be leading income earners in a plethora of online casinos. The game captures players and make them addicted to the excitement that the game provides. To sum up, Ocean King 2 builds upon that fame and offers its players a larger game and more content, unlike its forerunner. Other than this game, the developer has also produced the sequel version which is Ocean King 3. Read our thoughts about the game here.

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