Online Fish Hunter Tips That’ill Help You Win


If you have visited any entertainment centres or supermarkets, it is most likely that one of these places had a fish hunter gambling game machine.

These are physical machines where you insert a coin and then get started hunting for the fish just as the game suggests. However, as the gambling industry is becoming more digital, there has been a rapid growth of online fishing games that one can enjoy right from their mobile phones or personal computer.



Image: What is Fish Table Gambling


What is Fish Hunter Table Gambling?

Fishing games may not be as famous as slots and live table games, but their popularity is slowly growing amongst casino players. Online fish shooting games are easy to play, which makes it possible for even new players to get started without a lot of difficulties. Even a 5 or 7-year-old can play a fishing game if they get exposed to it for a couple of days.

For those of you who want to play fishing games for cash, there is something extra that you have to do if you are to win more often. In this article, we at BK8Asia are going to share with you guys how do you play the fish game gambling and some of the tips that you can use to improve your winning odds whenever you get onto an online casino to play a fish hunter gambling game. Let’s dive in.


Tip-1-Don’t-Ignore-The-Small-FishImage: Don’t Ignore The Small Fish


Tip #1: Don’t Ignore The Small Fish

One of the mistakes that many people make while playing fish shooting games at online casinos is to only focus on the big fishes. Shooting the big sea creatures earns you more points, but even those got from shooting the small ones can also help you bump up your scores. So, while playing, try not to focus on only the big sea creatures, rotate your gun in different directions, and hit those small ones as well.

Another important thing to remember is the fact that shooting big creatures requires more bullets than shooting the small ones. This means focusing on the big fish will likely drain your gun faster. 

It is even worse if you use too many bullets and end up not even killing the target. So, don’t just shoot thinking you have countless bullets. Your bullets are numbered, so use them wisely.


Tip 2 Use Enough Bullets To Kill The Fish

Image: Use Enough Bullets To Kill The Fish

Tip #2: Use Enough Bullets To Kill The Fish

One of the things that every player involved in fish shooting games should know is that different species and sizes of fish need a different number of bullets to die. 

Knowing how many you need to kill a particular type of fish will help you save lots of bullets. In most fishing games, bullets and time are limited, so wasting any of the two is something you need to avoid as much as you can.

For instance, if you know a certain sea monster requires about ten bullets to die, you won’t even waste your bullets if it’s not in a position where you can easily fire ten shots. You can learn these facts while playing, or you can check out the views of other players to learn about their experience with that particular online fish hunter gambling game.


Tip 3 Use The Ballpoint Shooting Tactic

Image: Use The Ballpoint Shooting Tactic


Tip #3: Use The Ballpoint Shooting Tactic

This tactic aims at increasing the probability of the fish dying by shooting from different directions. You do this by, first of all, shooting some bullets towards the wall. So, these bullets will bounce back towards the target. 

As these bullets are bouncing back, you should fire the target with more bullets. When the fish gets in such a situation, its chances of dying are higher compared to when you shoot in only one direction

This strategy can best be used especially when you are shooting big creatures that require lots of bullets to die. You should also use it when you still have a good number of bullets at your disposal because it requires a lot of them to implement this strategy. So, make your calculations well.



Image: Aim At Shooting Those That Have Just Left The Table


Tip #4: Aim At Shooting Those That Have Just Left The Table

While playing this game, you will notice that the fish move from one side and disappears from the other. For you to have more chance of killing this fish, you should be able to shoot at it a good number of times before it disappears on the other side. 

As you aim to shoot, all your eyes should always be at the target that is just coming out of the table and not those that are about to disappear.

This tactic has proved to work for many players who have tried it out. And from the above explanation, it should be an easy tactic to use even if you do not have so much experience when it comes to playing fishing games.



Image: Know When To Adjust The Shooting Speed


Tip #5: Know When To Adjust The Shooting Speed

Most of the time, when the game has just started, the fish move at a slow pace, which means you can shoot them using a relatively slow speed. However, as the game progresses, the speed at which the target moves from one side to another keeps increasing. This will require you to adjust your shooting speed accordingly.

Knowing how to regulate the speed of your bullets will make you more efficient at playing this game, and at the end of the, you’ll kill more fish hence scoring more points. 

So, remember not to shoot so fast at the start when the target is moving at a slow pace because you will end up wasting a lot of bullets that you could have used at a later stage.


Final Thoughts

Like we have seen above, getting more scores while playing an online fish hunter game requires you to be strategic and fast thinking.

You may not necessarily be perfect at your first attempt while playing any online fish hunter gambling game. However, always aim at getting better the more the games you play.

When you follow the above tips to the dot, we are pretty sure you’ll get better results after a couple of attempts. Enjoy the fish hunter gambling games now at BK8Asia and win the jackpots today!

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