Before You Play Ocean King 3: Ultimate Guide That You Should Read


Ocean King 3 is the latest Fish Hunting Game encouraged, introduced, and invested in by IGS. The game is one of the most accepted, admired, and popular games because of its Modern and elegant design. 

This game is the best combo of attractive pictures and an Enhanced quality stereo sound system Ambient for players to make their gaming experience exciting, thrilling, and surprising. Multiply support & Multi-language support is the most attractive point for participants in this Online Asian Casino Games

Players use their joystick to aim their gun tube at different types of fish and hit the SHOOT button, seize them; catch as many fishes as possible for the player within the provided time frame of the game. Many kinds of random prizes, boosters, and surprises are catchy points for the players. This game is available in Chinese, English and French language.


The Strategy of Winning Ocean King 3

While coming up with strategies, here is an essential point of discussion: how to play and win on this online casino game. There are multiple types of fish to catch in this game, all of the dishes consist of different amounts of gold, catch the fish that consist of the highest amount of gold to earn the highest return of credits. 

Crab monsters, Raging Dragon and Raging Fire are the main bosses in this online casino game which players should focus on. Players can increase their point scores by the number and worth of Fish they capture during the game. Here’s how to do this;


Blackbeard’s Fury

Ocean King 3 Plus - Blackbeard's Ship

Ocean King 3 Plus – Blackbeard’s Ship

When coming to the game, players will meet many unique and exciting incidents unforgettable for them; the major one is Blackbeard. Blackbeard is a major hindrance that any participant must conquer if they want to get the highest score. Blackbeard and Octopus are the most famous opponents.


Fast Bombs

Fast bombs are available for a restricted time for a free single-player, randomly accessible through the main game. Players can catch Fish within a limited time.


Legend of the Phoenix

Ocean King 3 Plus - Legend of the Phoenix

Ocean King 3 Plus – Legend of the Phoenix

In Ocean King 3, players feel like they are lost in the real aquarium because it comes with the colour of a fairy tale, most beautiful and vivid. 

The outstanding image of the mermaid with the appearance of the Dragon and Firestorm Boosters are the stunning advantages that make the participant more excited and engaging when entering this game.


Lightning Chain

Lighting Fish can be flying Fish, clownfish, Lantern Fish, Sea Turtle, butterflyfish, Octopus, spearfish, Devilfish, Killer Whale and lobster. Hunting a this feature will prompt a Lightning Chain; this will keep catching different Fish automatically until time runs out.

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The Ocean King 3 online casino game is a mysterious but powerful attraction for players. Available numbers of players are up to 8 players per table. This online casino game brings players with many multitasking skills, like coordination; enhances memory, Improves attention and concentration, promising this is a successful game room that attracts many players of different ages.


Image: Ocean King 3 Gameplay


Tips and Tricks

Follow these fantastic tips while playing Ocean King 3 to get the lead;

  • Shoot in the middle of the line; when the fish are moving in, shoot enough bullets until the Fish dies; this trick really works and brings high scores for players.
  • Capturing a Bomb Crab will activate the chained bomb attack in a wide blast. It may give the participant a chance to help catch Fish within.
  • While playing, don’t be too engrossed in pursuing large Fish and ignore the small ones because it’s just the wastage of bullets if the number of shots is not enough. Whereas it is preferable to shoot little Fish, from there, the smaller the score will gradually increase; the player will receive more coins.
  • Players will get one shot using a laser beam for a restricted time.
  • Each kind of Fish that participants encounter will move at different speeds. Therefore, do not forget to control the speed when shooting Fish.
  • Match that line. Fast or slow, depending on the time, the number of Fish the player can destroy must be more or less.
  • Golden Roulette is a bonus game. Scores will depend on the number of Roulette, The more significant the roulette number, the higher the score you get.



Cheat codes into games to unlock unique modes, obtain weapons, give ourselves limited ammo, or bonus lives. The reason those codes exist is that the developers knew their prospective players would want the opportunity to play the game in those ways: to skip levels and open up options. 

Players must put effort into being able to win. Applying various calculation tactics, thanks to such a combination, the player can act on the improvisation according to different fish cases. 

Players can use the searchlight to look for Golden Fish to get high scores. Catching the huge Octopus, powers up the giant and powerful Octopus tentacles to attack all the fish in the deep sea ocean; this gives players a chance to win. 

Just like the same, catching the ancient crocodile power up the tentacles of giant and robust Octopus to hunt all the Fish in the deep sea ocean and lead you to win.


Conclusion about Ocean King 3

Ocean King is a renowned and trusted name in the gaming industry. Suppose you are looking for fish hunting that can boost the degree of competition as well as many possibilities or utilities that players can chat with.

A good interface is part of the game’s utility because each participant has different needs; the configuration will also work, unlike at home. This fantastic online casino game is laden with all new characters and attractive game features that fish hunters will enjoy. 

It is essential to match the player’s operating conditions, and this online casino game did it in the right way and provided technical support to the game. 

Ocean king 3 Monsters Awaken is a game that has existed for a long time. Everything in the game is updated, with more utilities to assist players and meet the comfort zone of gaming.

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