Terms and Conditions for BK8Asia

1. General

When you use BK8Asia’s main domain, subdomains, or links connected to BK8Asia’s social media pages, and software applications that are officially operating under BK8Asia and/or owned and registered by BK8Asia, you accept that you have understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

As a new member of BK8Asia, the Terms of Use should be read, understood, and accepted by you before completing your account registration. BK8Asia holds the power to modify and/or suspend any part of the Terms and Conditions without giving prior notice to the members.

Players have the sole responsibility to read, understand, and accept the related rules and regulations governing the use of BK8Asia. These rules include – but are not limited to – General Terms and Conditions, Rules for each Game, and Rules for each Service. Players are advised to read the Game Rules on the Information button that has been made available on BK8Asia casino game settings.

Players have a sole responsibility to find out whether they are legally permitted to become a member of and/or participate in the BK8Asia website and other related products. BK8Asia is not accountable for any consequences that players face after breaking local laws regarding membership and/or participation on the gambling site.

2. Membership Account
  • Registration of New Players

    Before a player can play for real money, he/she has to sign-up for a real-money wagering account.

    All new players are mandated to submit correct details during registration. Also, it is mandatory to submit a valid form of identification. This information is used as part of the Know-Your-Customer Procedures.

    All new players have to choose their preferred currency during registration. After registration, new players may not change their currency.

    BK8Asia reserves the right to provide different banking options to dispense and receive funds on behalf of the management.

    On BK8Asia, users may have only one account. If an additional account is found with the same person, it shall be subjected to a temporary ban or permanent ban. BK8Asia will forfeit any cash balance and pending winnings on any suspended or banned accounts.

    Users below the age of 18 are refrained from registering on BK8Asia. BK8Asia reserves the right to verify proof of age from a new BK8Asia member through our support team. Also, the support team holds the right to place any account(s), in question, under suspension while performing age verification.

    Be it on the main domain, sub-domain, or related URLs and software registered, operated, or owned by BK8Asia, players from the following countries are restricted from registering or accessing BK8Asia casino products: United States of America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. No verifiable transaction coming and/or going through the countries will be allowed. Also, the accounts shall be placed under suspension with the subsequent investigation if need be.

    Players have the sole responsibility to determine whether their local laws and authorities permit his/her membership or participation in BK8Asia.

    By signing up on BK8Asia, you accept the risk of losing the deposited money when you bet with real funds while playing real-money games or bets.

    No player shall involve in fraudulent activities, including events to defraud BK8Asia, fixed matches on BK8Asia, and/or any other illegal activities against BK8Asia and its members. Unlawful activities may include – but are not limited to – the use of software-assisted tools, such as hardware devices and/or robots that may hamper the products and services of BK8Asia.

  • Account Details

    Designated passwords by BK8Asia are the responsibilities of each player to secure. As long as a player provides the correct username and password on the login space, every bet placed is considered valid, regardless of the person that put in the details.

    Whenever a player feels that his/her account security is compromised, he/she is obligated to modify the password.

    As a new or existing player, all members are advised to refrain from sharing their real-money account with others.

    Players from restricted countries, including the United States of America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines, are disallowed to perform registration, play games, or withdraw winnings on BK8Asia.

    For verification, all players must provide complete and accurate information. Players have the sole responsibility of notifying BK8Asia’s support team if there is a need to modify personal details.

    Players have held accountable for any related taxes to their winnings according to their specific local laws.

  • Account Suspensions and Closures

    BK8Asia holds the right to put any account under suspension or ban without notifying the affected player. This right involves forfeiture of the current balance and pending winnings in the account, in question, if:

    • The player is found to operate more than a single account.
    • The player is suspected of defrauding BK8Asia’s website or relevant software or engaging in any other illegal activities.
    • The player is found to have taken advantage of any BK8Asia software or system deliberately or intentionally cheat for his/her own good or at the detriment of BK8Asia’s properties.

    BK8Asia shall have the right to hold the owner of a suspended account(s) legally responsible for any incurred debts, losses, or expenses. The player, in question, accepts not to hold BK8Asia accountable for any similar claims.

    BK8Asia holds the right to ban any accounts temporarily or permanently after being suspected of multiple ownership. This right includes the forfeiture of all wagers, promotions, and winnings associated with the account without prior justification or notification.

3. Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Deposits

    During the opening of the account with BK8Asia, players are expected to choose their preferred currency. The following currencies are acceptable on BK8Asia:

    • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
    • Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
    • Vietnamese Dong (VND)
    • Thai Baht (THB)
    • US Dollar (USD)

    Should a player make a withdrawal request in a case where a deposit has not been made at least once, BK8Asia’s system will automatically decline it.

    Unless otherwise granted in a BK8Asia promotion, every player’s deposits are subjected to 1x turnover. In other words, a player has to turn over his/her deposit amount at least once prior to making a withdrawal request. In a case where the deposit value is not wagered in full prior to submitting a withdrawal request, BK8Asia may include charges to run the withdrawal request.

    A withdrawal fee associated with an incomplete deposit turnover may be collected from relevant bonuses won by the player in question.

    In a case where no applicable bonuses or winnings exist, BK8Asia will deduct the withdrawal fee from the amount requested by the player.

    Players are allowed to bet only after completing the deposit process. The deposited amount will reflect on the player’s casino wallet.

    Depending on a player’s preferred payment platform, bank transfers may attract extra charges. A player agrees that all charges related to deposit transactions will be paid by the player.

    All deposits are to be used solely for using services and products on BK8Asia. BK8Asia holds the right to close or suspend any accounts if the Fraud Team detects that the deposit in a player’s casino wallet is being used for illegal activities. Once an account is suspended or banned, all associated winnings and bonuses will be forfeited.

    In a case where a mistake occurred due to transaction errors or an amount credited is beyond the amount deposited, BK8Asia reserves the right to deduct the excess amount. If the player has used the difference between the two values, BK8Asia holds the power to claim the used amount via the winnings or bonuses earned by the player.

  • Withdrawal

    A player can only withdraw to the registered accounts under the player’s BK8Asia casino account.

    BK8Asia will transfer withdrawal requests to only the same account used for depositing funds into the casino account.

    For withdrawal purposes, players have to submit their login details to access their accounts and choose the withdrawal option on BK8Asia. Withdrawal amounts will be removed from the current funds in the player’s account when placing the request.

    BK8Asia provides an option that allows players to terminate withdrawal requests should they choose to do so before completing the withdrawal process.

    BK8Asia holds the power to request extra fees from players should BK8Asia incur chargeback fees from the payment platform(s).

    Withdrawal may incur charges, depending on a player’s preferred method. Considering that BK8Asia doesn’t ask for withdrawal fees, all fees related to withdrawals are charged by the bank. Thus, BK8Asia advises players to learn about applicable fees from their respective banks or payment platforms.

    Reports on winnings or losses for tax purposes are to be provided by the players.

4. Casino Promotions

BK8Asia’s promotions and bonuses are limited to a single player with a specific IP address, bank account, email address, telephone number, and household.

BK8Asia holds the right to terminate or suspend the provision of promotional offer to any player without prior notice or reason.

Only verified accounts and players with at least one deposit can enjoy promotions and bonuses from BK8Asia.

Players have the sole responsibility to read, comprehend, and agree to the specific Terms and Conditions that apply to the promotional and bonus offers before partaking. BK8Asia shall deliver appropriate sanctions should any player breach the Terms and Conditions associated with specific promotion or bonus.

5. Disputes and Payout
  • Disputes

    Alongside the Game Rules, which are associated with specific products, the Terms and Conditions of BK8Asia applies to every bet.

    BK8Asia holds the sole power to put any bet or fixture under cancellation or suspension at any time for whatsoever reason. Furthermore, BK8Asia holds the right to place any sports bets or other casino products under a temporary ban without prior notice or reasons.

    In a case where there is a discrepancy between the winnings and the amount credited to the player’s account, BK8Asia holds the right to void, recalculate, or modify the bets placed by a player. Any other unpredictable human and/or technical errors shall be treated under the same policy, should there be any. This policy may apply in the following cases:

    • When winnings are credited to the wrong player.
    • When inaccurate results led to crediting incorrect amounts into a player’s account.
    • When a player withdraws another player’s winnings.

    BK8Asia holds the right to call an event’s planned kick-off time as the match’s official “OFF” if an official for an event is absent. If an event has already started and the bet is accepted, it will stand, provided that the outcome is unknown at the time of placing and accepting the bet. However, BK8Asia holds the power to cancel a bet and/or any winnings that come out of the game, provided that the outcome is known at the time of placing and accepting the bet.

    In a case where the BK8Asia team believes that a bet was placed after the result is known to the player, BK8Asia reserves the right to cancel the live play bets and/or winnings.

    BK8Asia holds the right to place an account under suspension or ban if the BK8Asia team believes that the member participates using a coordinated effort to scam BK8Asia and its relevant systems. BK8Asia shall forfeit the winnings from the bets.

    Players have sole responsibility to ensure that they place a bet as they deem fit as confirmed bets cannot be terminated.

    BK8Asia’s system will only accept and confirm bets placed by a player having sufficient funds. If a player collects illegitimate funds from another account, the stakes will be voided. The same policy applies to funds that have been invalidated because of technical errors or incorrect crediting.

    BK8Asia and the player accept that the system’s transaction logs shall be used to settle any dispute that arises, and the decision will be binding and final.

  • Payout

    The number of winnings per day is subject to the rules and regulations of BK8Asia. Players can find the rules and regulations in the FAQ section of the website.

    There is a limit of 180,000 USD (or the equivalent value, depending on a player’s preferred currency) for sports bets payout.

  • Privacy Policy

    To facilitate BK8Asia’s website operations, BK8Asia has stated how the player’s information is collated and used under the privacy policy.

    Players hereby acknowledge and agree that BK8Asia uses personal information for the purpose of facilitating the operation of the website.

    BK8Asia only applies the player’s information to allow the player’s involvement in the products and promotions of the website.

    Players hereby acknowledge and accept that BK8Asia can share relevant information with partnered providers for the purpose of payment, game access, and other operations. The sole purpose of sharing personal information is to facilitate the general operation of BK8Asia’s website and systems. Furthermore, BK8Asia may use player’s data for the following operations:

    • Verification of betting transactions
    • Verification of payment
    • Market research to enhance promotions and bonuses
    • Adhere with regulatory demands
    • Crosscheck transactions to avoid scams, money laundering, bonus hijacking, cheating, and other questionable betting activities

    BK8Asia support representatives may reach out to players through the following channels: Email correspondence, SMS, and phone call. For the purpose of security or training, voice calls may be recorded. The recording may be used for dispute resolution or clarification of any inquiry.

    Players hereby acknowledge and agree that the BK8Asia website may use cookies.

    BK8Asia holds the right to modify and update the Privacy Policy without sending prior notifications to players. Any changes made to the Privacy Policy page become effective with immediate effect.

    BK8Asia holds the right to release reports about winnings on the website, which may include a username and the amount won.

6. Product Betting Rules

The policy governing the betting procedures for BK8Asia casino products and offerings shall be explained in this section. If any error is found in the betting transactions, BK8Asia holds the right to terminate or correct the bets. This policy may be applicable in the following cases:

Sports betting

  • A released report about winnings on the website, including username and amount won.
  • Bets that are accepted by BK8Asia systems on closed/suspended events or markets.
  • Incorrect results and settlements that are already posted.
  • Incorrect information relating to bets posted before the commencement of an event such as Live Plays. BK8Asia shall immediately correct the errors found in incorrect information, which has been posted.
  • Incorrectly accepted late bets by the system as a result of human and/or technical errors. These errors will be settled, according to the following conditions:
    • Bets shall remain active at the revised price during the period at which the bet was placed and accepted should in case the match-up is compromised with in-play stakes. However, this rule may change if the outcome is known already; in which case, BK8Asia shall void the bets.
    • Provided that the match-up holds no in-play bets, the bets will remain active so far the participating team of athletes or athletes are yet to secure an edge (such as score, etc.). BK8Asia holds the right to terminate the bets on the relevant match if such an edge has been achieved.

Live Casino Betting

Live Casino Dealers

BK8Asia will not be accountable for any losses, expenses, or damages, directly or indirectly, incurred while using BK8Asia’s website, its sub-domains, related URLs, and its contents. This may include – but is not limited to – video streaming issues, internet errors, server disruptions, downtimes, and other technical interruptions that may directly affect game performance.

If a player experiences sub-optimal connectivity, poor internet connection, and desktop/mobile issues, BK8Asia cannot be held accountable.

BK8Asia will not be held responsible for refunding players; should incorrect results arise due to human or technical errors.

A bet shall stand and be subjected to the match result if, after confirming and accepting a bet, players experience any technical failure. The transactions tab are designed to allow players to check the state of their bet, should they choose to do so.

All bets shall be voided if the casino system malfunctions automatically.

Games with Random Number Generators (RNG)

BK8Asia will not be held accountable if players encounter an error relating to RNG, progressive jackpots, or payout matrixes in a specific game.

Should a player experience desktop/mobile malfunction, internet connectivity issues, power interruptions, or application glitches, all confirmed and accepted bets would stand. Should players choose to view their results, they can consult the transaction tabs.

All bets shall be voided if the casino system malfunctions automatically.

Players are restricted from using third-party programs in BK8Asia products involving RNG systems. This policy applies to free games and real money wagers.

Lottery Games

BK8Asia is not accountable for any losses, expenses, or damages directly or indirectly incurred while using BK8Asia’s website, its sub-domains, related URLs, and its contents. This may include – but is not limited to – video streaming issues, internet errors, server disruptions, downtimes, and other technical interruptions that may affect game performance directly.

All bets involving inaccurate results, which have been posted, and disputes will be voided.

If incorrect information about a posted bet before the start of an event such as live plays emerges, BK8Asia will instantly rectify the errors.

Should a player experience desktop/mobile malfunction, internet connectivity issues, power interruptions, or application glitches, all confirmed and accepted bets would stand. Should players choose to view their results, they can consult the transaction tabs.

If a bet is accepted after an event has started officially, the bet will be considered void.

7. Casino Systems and Technology

As shown on the website, BK8Asia holds an exclusive right over the brand name, logo, tagline, and casino systems. Any unauthorized use of the brand name, logo, taglines, and casino systems, as shown on the website, will be subjected to legal proceedings.

Players may be asked to download BK8Asia software or applications to access BK8Asia’s products and services. A third-party associate of BK8Asia may require players to acknowledge and accept their Terms and Conditions before using their products and services. BK8Asia will not be held accountable for any and/or all liabilities concerning the use of services/software from any third-party associate. BK8Asia encourages all players to choose or not to use the third-party associate’s services if their Terms and Conditions are not convenient for you.

Only the software that is explicitly provided on BK8Asia’s website, its subdomains, and related URLs should be used by the players to access and play in BK8Asia’s systems, products, and services.

Players are restricted from modifying, reproducing, or copying the source code, software applications, and other casino content belonging to BK8Asia. BK8Asia strongly prohibits players from bypassing the website’s security systems. This policy applies – but is not limited to – the use of bots.

Players accept that BK8Asia holds an exclusive right over the software provided on the casino site. Furthermore, every third-party software, which is licensed to BK8Asia, is viewed as a proprietary product. Players do not hold any intellectual property rights over the BK8Asia and associates’ software and systems by using the software and systems.

BK8Asia does not promise that it’s software and systems will meet every player’s expectations, including the software licensed to BK8Asia by a third party.

BK8Asia will not be held accountable for any errors in its system, features, and other related software. BK8Asia holds the power to remove or suspend any troubling aspects of the systems that affect a player’s experience.

BK8Asia works to provide a 24/7 service to players on its websites, subdomains, and related URLs. BK8Asia will continue to work towards making its websites and products available.

BK8Asia is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred due to viruses, distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDOS), and malfunction in hardware/software that negatively affects the operation of BK8Asia.

8. Liability

BK8Asia is not responsible for any cost, losses, expenses or damages, incidental or otherwise, indirectly or directly, incurred due to the player’s use of the website, systems, and related products.

BK8Asia does not guarantee the accuracy of every piece of information displayed on the website, its subdomains, and other relevant URLs.

Players have the sole responsibility of determining the risk of their participation and/or membership in BK8Asia.

Players hereby accept not holding BK8Asia, its management board, staff, partners and associated providers, for any damage, expenses, loss, or other liabilities incurred directly or indirectly from their use of systems and products offered by BK8Asia.

9. Members' Account Security

BK8Asia performs under relevant regulations and complies with strict data privacy laws. BK8Asia will not share personal data with any unauthorized third party or service provider. High-security encryptions are used to secure any information shared with BK8Asia’s associates.

BK8Asia holds the right to provide personal information to authorized and relevant third parties to enable integral services for players’ gambling experience.

BK8Asia holds the power to choose not to provide membership to any and all individuals who are reasonably suspected of having bad intentions towards BK8Asia’s products, services, and players. This policy also applies to previous members holding a verified record of scamming BK8Asia and its associates.

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