The Latest Online Fishing Game by SpadeGaming: Alien Hunter

The Latest Online Fishing Game by SpadeGaming Alien Hunter

A casino player might normally opt for the regular slot game or a card game. These game categories have been around for ages now; many card games have existed for centuries. This said, down the years, these games have travelled across continents to be what we see today. There are slot games, and casino games have been so common in all casinos worldwide that the casinos have started looking for more innovation. Today, in the online revolution world, game developers like SpadeGaming have developed newer themes and games. In Asian casinos, you will witness some of the unique games attracting the locals and global players. One such game has to be that of the online fishing game of Alien Hunter from SpadeGaming. 


An Introduction to Alien Hunter


This is a fish shooting game, but with a difference. Released in 2021, the game of Alien Hunter is where you can pick from the Junior, the Expert, or the Godlike levels as per your confidence and skill. The game poses you with tasks and throws some challenges to fulfil. This means you have several missions and fight many aliens and win. 

Alien Hunter - Levels


The Plot

The best aspect of Alien Hunter is the plot. Imagine you are a hunter, setting on a mission to a new planet. Your task is to note all about the extra-terrestrial beings there. But it is not just another planet with alien creatures.

This is a battleground where we see different clans of aliens at loggerheads, and you are caught in cross-fire. Now, as a hunter, you have to survive this existing battle. Will you survive and eliminate as many aliens with your shooting skill or fall in between? 


The Mindblowing Features

What you will notice is the twist to this fish shooting game in the form of aliens. So, there are no fishes, just intergalactic creatures. These, however, look more like Pokemon than special beings. But that we are not complaining as much. Why? Because SpadeGaming has focused on powering these creatures with many roles and benefits that we can get when we target and shoot them. 

Alien Hunter - Special Type

Creatures: The Turbo Blasters give free bullets, Xeno Killer offers random rewards now and then. The Bloodhound throws shuriken and can destroy any obstacle on its path. The Bio Crawler helps in emitting poison and killing creatures with it. 


Menu Buttons for You

Alien Hunter - Controls

There are a series of buttons on the left side of your game screen. These include Target, Auto, Double, and Torch. 

When you click on Target, you can expect it to appear on the creatures as they walk across the courtyard. This makes shooting more enjoyable and easy to play. 

An auto is an option that makes it easy to target and select from a list of creatures. So, you can select any creatures, specifically from this list, and they will appear to become your target.

To kill you as a hunter, expect several functions from your end. This would be the use of Double, where you can get twice the bullets to come out and shoot the target. When you shoot Double, expect more aliens to fall prey to your shoot. 

Next is the feature of the Torch, which will burn all the creatures to cause more damage. So, you have an option of shooting a single bullet that comes under your target or even goes for double bullets.  

There is a Buy Feature set of buttons at the bottom of the screen. Here, you have an option to select from x30, x60, or x100 features to buy. Adjacent to it is the location that you can zoom in or out. Next to it is the balance that you can see when you start and proceed shooting. 


Paytable and Game Mechanics

Alien Hunter - Paytable

The paytable shows various creatures, and trust us, most of them resemble the ones we see on planet Earth. So, there are elephants, zebras, lions, and deer, followed by the smaller ones like a mouse, frog, bunny, and even chipmunks.

Each of these pay multipliers. The elephant offers a payout range between x50 and x100, and the lion offers x30 to x60. This said, you can check out the Buy Feature, where you get Thermal Blaze on a bet of 100. You can get rewards between x20 and x888 worth of reward drops when you shoot the creatures.

The Landmine bet will require a bet of 60, and you can expect 3 landmines that may appear anywhere on the screen. As creatures step on these landmines, they will explode and get rewards between x20 and x500 worth of rewards. The final feature to buy would require a bet of 30, is that of the Rogue Warrior. The players can expect a reward between x10 and x250. This warrior will come with dashing out of the screen and hack a few creatures. 


Regular Feature

You can expect the Silver Box to get x2 to x10 worth of rewards and a Platinum box to reward you with x10 to x50 prizes. The Ultimax Box can give you x100 to x500 worth of prizes. You can get any of these reward boxes to drop as you randomly hit any creature in the regular game. 

Look for anyone Boss type to take the game forward.  

Alien Hunter - Boss

  • Titan Engineer: This boss will spin a Bonus wheel to give you rewards ranging from x80 to x600. 
  • Alien Invader: Shoot this yellow Alien Invader boss to get a prize between x50 and x100 worth of prizes. 
  • The Vanquisher: Defeat the Vanquisher, and it will turn around to slay all the creatures it sees on the screen. It will then give you payouts between x100 and x688. 
  • Stealth Hunter: Defeat this boss to help you activate this stealth mode and give you x50 to x100 prizes. 
  • Champion Hunter: Defeat this boss to unleash the laser to explode and damage this boss along with all the other alien creatures standing near it. It also pays between x100 and x488 prizes. 

We can be sure that once you play SpadeGaming’s Alien Hunter, you will surely not miss the regular slot game for once. That is how fascinating this fish shooting game is! 


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