UEFA Euro 2021: Which Fixtures can Cause an Upset? (Prediction)

UEFA Euro 2021 Which Fixtures can Cause an Upset

The clock is ticking, and we are about to witness the most remarkable footballing action next month. There were a lot of stories going around amongst the Super League and the UEFA debacle. Some executives said that the players participating in the tournament will not be able to play in UEFA Euro 2021. However, let us discover the interesting about the current Euro 2021 Fixtures.

But, it’s past us now. The dissolution of the European Super League means only one thing – time to see action in European competition. We’re going to discuss a few fixtures that can cause an upset. We’ll also discuss some of the key strengths that will enable them to clinch the win versus the mighty ones on paper.


11 June – Turkey vs. Italy

Euro 2021 Turkey team

The opening fixtures of UEFA Euro 2021 will see Turkey competing against the Italians. The match between both sides will be hosted by Stadio Olimpico. A general feeling suggests that Italy will cruise with a comfortable victory.

However, the things are not as idyllic as they appear on the surface for the Italian side. Although they have a 25-match unbeaten streak in all competitions, they tend to play under pressure in big tournaments.

The Turkish team has a strong portfolio of wins against the Netherlands, Norway, and Russia. In these three games, the Turkish scored 10 goals in the process. You may like to check out our predictions on the Top Scorers of UEFA Euro 2021. So, in all fairness, Turkey has a fair chance of defeating Italy in their opening game, provided that their star-man Burak Yılmaz is not injured.

Stat attack: Italy has an unbeaten streak of 25 games right now. In 2018 they came to Portugal for their last loss.

Prediction: With the current form of Burak Yılmaz, we expect him to be on the scoresheet. Our experts predict a narrow 1-0 victory for the Turkish team.


13 June – Netherlands vs. Ukraine

Euro 2021 Netherlands team

The Netherlands will be enjoying the luxury of playing all of their group stage matches in Amsterdam. But, the pressure will mount on Oranje because their last notable victory came against Poland.

On the other hand, Ukraine is undefeated in their last three games of their World Cup 2022 qualifiers. Surprisingly, all of their games ended in a 1-1 draw. But, given their squad is fully fit, the Netherlands will be looking for a narrow escape.

Prediction: We predict a measly goalless draw or a 1-0 win for the Ukrainian side.


14 June – Spain vs. Sweden

In its last five matches, the Swedish side has four victories. Their last defeat came against France when they fell short by two goals in the UEFA Nations League. With Zlatan Ibrahimović, Forsberg, and Alexander Isak leading the lines for the Swiss team, the world isn’t ready for what’s coming for the Spanish giants.

Euro 2021 Sweden Team

Moreover, with the poor form of Spain and lack of team coordination, we might be gearing up to witness another upsetting match for Spanish fans. Their centre-backs from the winning 2010 World Cup and 2012 Euro squad are aged, which will be another reason for their dismay.

Prediction: In a tight contest, our experts suggest that the match will end with points dropped for both sides, or Sweden might break them through a consolation goal.


18 June – Croatia vs. the Czech Republic

Euro 2021 Croatia Team

The Czech Republic has a slim chance of causing an upset by beating the former World Cup finalists. With only three defeats in their last nine games, there is a good chance of the Czech Republic beating Croatia. Despite falling recently to Wales in a narrow 1-0 defeat, Czech Republic held the fierce Belgian team at bay.

Another reason is that the Croatians have only won two of their last seven games (2W, 1D, and 4L). They will need strength and team coordination back if they want to retain the same performances as they did in the World Cup.

Player to watch: The West Ham defensive midfielder, Tomáš Souček, is a name that will be garnering a lot of attention in the tournament. The player’s versatility in defending the ball and going forward makes him a big threat.

Prediction: If Croatia continues its current form, we can easily predict the Czech Republic cruising with a 2-1 victory.


23 June – Portugal vs. France

Euro 2021 Portugal Team

This match will see the defending Euro champions competing against the defending World Cup champions. As much as the World Cup holds its glory, the Portuguese team has strengthened massively in the past few years.

With Bruno Fernandes, Andre Silva, and Cristiano Ronaldo in attack, this Portuguese team can break down any defence in the competition. With France having problems at the back, it will be easy to break the deadlock for Portugal.

Prediction: According to our experts, we predict a 2-1 victory for the Portuguese side.


What Do You Think?

It is no doubt that the fans are consistently eying up for the start of the competition. Still, we can just wait to see what’s coming with too much anticipation intact. Which Euro 2021 fixtures do you think will end up hurting the giants?

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