BK8 Has Been Named The Official Asian Betting Site For Three English Football Clubs

BK8 Has Been Named The Official Asian Betting Site For Three English Football Clubs

BK8 is one of Malaysia’s leading casino sites, extending to entire Asia to offer its gambling services. It has an open lobby for casino games and betting options. They provide the best market odds, increasing gamblers’ chances of winning the most out of it. In recent times to create a bigger fan following and revenue from the Asian market, BK8 has jumped to sponsor some of the famous names of Football Associations in the English Premier League. This news was gushing in the wind when the three famous English clubs announced BK8 Sportsbook as an official Asian betting site to sponsor the teams for their upcoming matches for the season 2022-23.

BK8 supports the players of football clubs like Crystal Palace, Burnley, and Huddersfield from the season 2022 to 2023. This noble cause supports the players and encourages little backward clubs to gain confidence to fight in the field.


BK8 Sponsoring the Crystal Palace FC for the Season 2022-23


Crystal Palace F.C., a well-known football club in England, has reached the Premier League, and BK8 is supporting every possible way to get a trophy in hand. The cause benefits the teams and helps them financially by providing them with every requirement needed during the gameplay. The agreement includes LED advertising at home matches, and players’ activation videos will be telecasted in Asia. Under the terms of the agreement, BK8 has to support the minor players who are financially challenged and cannot come up with good spirits to join the football association in any way.

According to BK8’s latest assertion on repeating channels, he says he is delighted to contribute financially to the needs of the football association and wants to be a part of it on a longer path. In other ways, such betting sites wanted to crave their popularity worldwide by associating with football teams as these sports have colossal popularity and are loved by people and gamblers.


BK8 Supporting the Burnley FC Club for the Season 2022-23


On a charity note, BK8 stood by the side of the most renowned club in the English Premier League, Burnley F.C., for the first time. Many betting sites are profusely supporting these clubs to mark their existence for a long time. In many cases, they face the challenges of financial outbursts, and to be a backbone, BK8 has come forth to support them in every aspect.

In this respect, Fayne White, England’s longest women’s captain, asserted that BK8 is doing a noble task of supporting numerous community charities linked to various football clubs and encouraging the willpower of team members. Furthermore, in the partnership agreement, some clauses state that the gambling sites will also help the unemployed youths get relevant opportunities to earn money by being a part of football associations. 

On the other side, these betting sites will bag numerous revenues as gamblers will bet on these clubs, which will gain revenues for BK8. This is a key factor provoking such betting sites to involve football clubs in supporting them financially in the name of charity.


BK8 Renew the Contract of Sponsoring Huddersfield Club in the League


BK8 is all set to tie the knot again with Huddersfield Town and Huddersfield Town Women for the season of 2022-23. It will sponsor their T-shirts and training wear and financial support to the Huddersfield Women club. However, this time, a quick change will be seen in their training wear. For the first time, the logo of Huddersfield town club will appear on a training suit. In addition, Morse, BK8 is all set for an in-stadia agreement, revealing the partnership rights, and they will financially support the women’s team to encourage their talent to join this club and upgrade its team’s enthusiasm in the field to inspire the next generation of women players.

BK8 partnered with Huddersfield Town club in 2021, when BK8 used to set up a separate training camp to encourage players and introduce new players to the team for better functionality. The motive is to develop the grassroots women’s club and to get a special team for the club to play for the English Premier Leagues in the future.


Ending Note

Football fans will see and experience a better stadium this year with entirely new changes in the football environment. So, watch every match of premiere leagues and bet on them to gain easy money with thrill and excitement.

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