How to Win at Keno: 5 Tips that Actually Work

How to Win at Keno: 5 Tips that Actually Works

While keno is probably not one of the most engaging games online, it’s surely an excellent means to earn incredibly through online gambling. It’s an underrated casino game, which many often overlook.

This is because many players believe that keno is designed for the elderly people and it’s only winnable through extreme luck. However, several players who enjoy the games on QQKeno and utilize the QQKeno strategy will tell you otherwise.

Although keno is genuinely beloved by experienced and old gamers, luck is not only the way to make the most of the game. There are keno tips that can enhance your chances of winning.

With smart strategies and skills, you can have a winning edge over the casino house. Learning how to win at keno is one thing; understanding the best strategy that works for the game is another.

Thus, in this article, you’ll not only be learning about how to win at keno but also some strategies that can save you from losing the games quickly, as well as increase your odds of winning.


Tips on How to Win Keno

Tips on How to Win Keno

Tips on How to Win Keno

Many experienced players on QQKeno have used the following tips successfully:

1. Consider Casinos or Games with High Payouts

As for professional players who are familiar with the game on QQKeno, this tip may appear to be a fundamental knowledge to know. However, it’s the real reason why many players are losing out there.

Although several casinos offer keno games online, it’s recommendable to consider gambling sites with multiple variants. Some of the common variants of keno online include Classic Keno, Titan Keno, Keno 3, Firely Keno, Keno Kick Off, Jackpot Keno, Kenotronic, among others.

Among the different casinos that offer the games, QQKeno stands out. The popular game platform provides multiple keno betting. As a smart player who would like to leave the platform with considerable earnings, you need to consider the payout for predicting the correct numbers.

At QQKeno, players are allowed to choose up to twenty numbers for betting. The platform will then draw the twenty numbers from eighty available numbers. Check the table below to view the payouts for up to ten numbers.

Amount of chosen numbers Amount of numbers drawn and payout
One One 1 to 1
Two One 1 to 1, two 9 to 1
Three One 1 to 1, two 2 to 1, three 16 to 1
Four One 0.5 to 1, two 2 to 1, three 6 to 1, four 12 to 1
Five One 0.5 to 1, two 1 to 1, three 3 to 1, four 15 to 1, five 50 to 1
Six One 0.5 to 1, two 1 to 1, three 2 to 1, four 3 to 1, five 30 to 1, six 75 to 1.
Seven One 0.5 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 6 to 1, five 12 to 1, six 36 to 1, seven 100 to 1
Eight One 0.5 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 3 to 1, five 6 to 1, six 19 to 1, seven 90 to 1, eight 720 to 1
Nine One 0.5 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 2 to 1, five 4 to 1, six 8 to 1, seven 20 to 1, eight 80 to 1, nine 1200 to 1
Ten One 0, two 0.5 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 2 to 1, five 3 to 1, six 5 to 1, seven 10 to 1, eight 30 to 1, nine 600 to 1, ten 1800 to 1


If you choose more numbers, the progression will increase. For instance, if you guess fifteen numbers correctly, you will receive a payout of 10000 to one. So, advisably, you should choose the best payout while playing on QQKeno. 

Furthermore, it’s worth stating that playing the lottery game online is more lucrative compared to physical casinos. However, you might want to differentiate this keno lottery and 4D lottery game. This is because online keno platforms offer higher payouts. Additionally, you can easily enjoy the game from the comfort of your room.

A more interesting quality of online keno games is that you can consider the payout from different game developers. Thus, endeavour to take your time while choosing the best games for yourself and remember to consider the payout.


QQKeno BK8Asia

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2. Get Used to The Keno Game with Free Trials

Here is one of the most crucial keno tips worth remembering before placing your hard-earned money on keno. Considering the simplicity of keno, several players often jump into the game without getting familiar with how it works.

And as a result, they end up losing significantly. Whether it is keno or any other online casino game, every player should make use of the free trial mode if you are playing the game for the first time.

The free trial option is a handy feature to learn the ropes of the game. Since different platforms often integrate minor or significant changes in their games to stand out from others, the free trial will help notice the change. Thus, you can know how to handle the subtle differences.

Also, using the free trial mode will help understand whether the casino experiences lagging or not. If so, you can know how to run your game. In some cases, restarting the game may be necessary. With all this information at the back of your hand, you won’t be caught by surprise while playing the game with real money.

Regardless of your experience, skillset, or tips learnt about how to win at keno, utilizing the free trial mode might be your little secret to winning significantly. So, always practice before you start putting in your real funds.


QQKeno Lottery Gameplay Online

QQKeno Lottery Gameplay Online


3. Choose Between Four and Eight Numbers.

Another QQKeno strategy worth considering is to choose a low amount of numbers. QQKeno allows players to select as many as twenty numbers. However, you need to consider how many numbers you can guess correctly.

Understandably, choosing many numbers brings huge rewards. This is because many numbers increase your chances of choosing more correct numbers. But a crucial point to keep in mind is that payout usually change depending on the amount of number chosen overall.

For instance, a payout of 50 to one is possible by guessing five numbers correctly out of five. On the contrary, choosing five numbers correctly out of ten will reduce your payout to three to one. Thus, selecting many numbers in a single wager is not a sure-fire way to increase your chances of winning. So, this begs the question “what number is optimal to consider?

The most logical option is to select from four to eight numbers. Here is the explanation. You will have an extremely low chance of winning by selecting less than four digits, considering that eighty numbers are available in a keno machine.

At the same time, choosing more than eight numbers translates to having to guess at least four or more numbers correctly to earn more than your bet – which is understandably not really easy.

It’s only recommendable to choose more numbers if a progressive jackpot is linked to the keno game. So, choosing between four to eight numbers is your best bet.


4. Select Consecutive Digits or Cold Numbers

If you are skeptical about the numbers to choose, this keno tip is for you. Advisably, you should select numbers that follow each other.

During video keno, the random number generator draws the numbers randomly. However, experience and research have shown that playing consecutive numbers has a better chance of winning.

Also, when it comes to an online lottery game, some specific group of numbers are known as cold numbers.

These are numbers that have not been drawn in a significant while. Choosing cold numbers is also recommendable as there is a considerable chance that the machine will draw them sooner than later.

Understandably, choosing cold numbers may not be the best keno strategy, but it is worth considering. Remember that before you can use cold numbers, you need to select a platform that shows the most drawn numbers and the least drawn numbers.

In this regard, you’ll find such crucial information on QQKeno.


QQKeno Online Lottery Game

QQKeno Online Lottery Game


5. Only Play on A Reputable Casino

Another vital information on how to win at keno is to consider a reliable casino. Several platforms are available online that offer lottery games. However, not all of them are trustworthy.

Besides, you need to consider a reputable casino that offers an excellent payout for keno games.

For these reasons, players are best advised to play on renowned platforms such as QQKeno for the memorable gaming experience.

The platform doesn’t only provide a satisfying experience but ensures that players are not cheated by an unfair random generator machine or any online scammer.

Remember that it’s pointless to implement the keno tips and win considerably, only to lose your funds to the pocket of unscrupulous casinos. So, endeavour to check out QQKeno for a safe game experience.


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Conclusion How to Win at Keno

Without any doubt, keno is one of the quickest means to make money through online gambling. Don’t fall for the myth of being a “luck” game only.

If you can implement the keno tips discussed herein, you can attract luck to yourself and win massively by playing the lottery game. You can visit QQKeno today to start winning!

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