How to Play Online Keno in Malaysia?

How to Play Online Keno

Playing online Keno is identical to playing the lottery. All you need to do is to choose your numbers and wish they hit during the draw. You will find different variations seen at online casinos with online Keno. It offers a selection within the gameplay.

Do you like to know how to play the game itself? Learning how to play Keno is simple and with a few basic steps. You can start to gain some wins with that in mind. This is a completely different lottery game than 4D Lottery Malaysia.

If you are one of those people who would want to learn more about what the game is, how it works, and how to play and win, this post got you covered. If you’re ready, let’s get started!


What is Keno?

Keno is a game very much the same to lotto. It was initially made known to in China many years ago. The game was carried to America in the middle of the 1800s by the Chinese settler. These people came to work on the railroad and in the mines.

The Origin of Keno

Image Source: – The Origin of Keno – Ancient China.

The game is a very famous one and quite simple to play. It is a thrilling pastime and provides the chance of winning big payouts on small wagers.

It is normally placed in casino lounges that are particularly allotted for the game. However, you will find some so-called Keno runners. They will save your ticket and give the wins if the player wishes to play from outside the lounge space.

Early Keno Lottery Cage

Image Source: – Early Keno Lottery Cage.


You will also find various TV monitors spread throughout the casino hall to keep every player updated on the winning numbers.

You will also find a video form of the game. Those are slots-like coin that is run by machines. It plays through the same idea with similar rules of the standard Keno. However, you receive the results quicker.


How Does Keno Work?

Here’s a short description of the rules of playing the game.

You get a ticket with eighty (80) numbers, and you choose at least ten (10) of them. They are referred to as called spots. The Keno machine will draw twenty (20) numbers casually and according to how much you have predicted.

You will receive a prize payout accordingly. It all sounds quite easy enough on paper. However, you will find various things you must learn first to prevent getting confused after you begin playing Keno.


How to Play Keno?

You will find different online Keno games available on the market today. Most of them have slight differences, but the value of the game is similar across the board. You should pick the perfect game for you to learn how to play it like a pro.

Find one, which is compatible, along with the best casino payment methods. Doing so will enable you to withdraw the winnings as certainly and rapidly as possible.

Keep in mind that it is not only about the withdrawal of funds. Discovering the game, which is played in the best way for you, is necessary as well. The more numbers you can pick, the better. That’s especially true if you want bigger wins.

Do you want to hedge your bets? Then a game with the ability to pick fewer numbers could be a good option for you. Keep in mind that the most critical part of playing to a high level is being comfortable with the game you are playing.

However, winning when playing is not that simple job. You do not influence after you have picked your numbers when it comes to how the game plays out.


tips to win the game

Tips to Win the Game


Tip to Win Online Keno

There is one essential tip you need to keep in mind. Try to find an online keno game, which provides better odds than all the others are. Take note that the better the payouts, the larger the prizes you’re able to bring home.

Moreover, you must not get too thrilled and pick all the numbers. The best amount of numbers to select lies between four and eight. You’ll be giving yourself the best odds to win the game if you choose between those amounts of numbers.

It will lower the house edge and anything, which reduces the house edge is good. You might find a casino guide suggesting you pick the full amount of numbers. You must not follow that tip because that will leave you staring at a loss.


Features of Online Keno

QQ Keno Gameplay

QQ Keno Gameplay

Online Keno is relatively easy to play. You will find some bonus features in place when it comes to the actual gameplay. Other titles can provide awesome graphics and player animations. However, the basic premise of the game will stay the same.

Other games make it simpler for the players to play. You can play a series of games with a similar number of options with autoplay features. That suggests you don’t need to pick your numbers repeatedly. Others provide a lucky dip option where the game will determine the number on your behalf.


Where to Play Online Keno

You will find many places to play Keno online. Just perform a simple search on Google, and you will be shocked with options. One of the best places you can play online Keno is in BK8Asia.

Remember that the goal of Keno is not challenging for anyone to learn. A random selection of twenty (20) numbers will manifest after you place the bet; that is the only thing you’ll do with a simple click.

Online QQ Keno is available in Online Casino BK8Asia. Sign up as a member today to try out the game now!


Bottom Line

Don’t you have experienced playing Keno, particularly in an online format? Then you have been missing out a lot! This easy yet entertaining game doesn’t need to cost much, but the rewards could be amazing, especially if luck is on your side.

We surely suggest that you enjoy some rounds of Keno if you’re not getting the luck you crave at table games or slot games. There are free versions of the game for players to play demo. 

Try the game out now with QQ Keno and get a better understanding before playing it with real money. Get to know more about it and win lost of cash in BK8Asia!


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