How To Play Online Baccarat – A List of Few Essential Tips

How To Play Online Baccarat – A List of Few Essential Tips

You may have heard of Baccarat even if you have never played a game at any casino ever. Baccarat or Online Baccarat game is a popular choice among casino-gamers or table-game lovers. The game originated in Italy and got popularized in France by royalty.

Yes, it was given the name of Chemin de Fer, where King Charles VIII and his ministers enjoyed this game. With such patronage, the game became a hot property. From Europe, the Baccarat travelled across continents and oceans to the Americas.

Today, in Malaysia, even, you can play this game in online casinos like BK8Asia. After all, the game has a great welcome too in Europe and the USA, and it is only logical for it to receive the same reception in Malaysia. The country has always been hospitable with card games, and this is probably the reason for the Malaysians to search for where to play online Baccarat now.


More about the Game and Strategies

Just like any other table game, Baccarat needs practice to ace, and this means you need to work on Baccarat rules and strategy. Firstly, read on elaborate guidelines and tips available online.


How To Baccarat is Played?

You may know that the game is about the bankers’ set of cards and the player’s set of cards. The game begins when you bet on the player’s spot, the banker’s spot, and/or even the tie-spot.

Next, the dealer deals with the cards and hands two cards each to the player and the banker. These first four cards will decide on how the next cards will be. That is to say, you need to have hands coming closest to 9. If either the banker or your cards lead you to win, you will be a ‘natural winner’.

However, if both sides get 8 or 9, the result is a tie.

Moving on, if the player is dealt with numbers between 0 and 5, they get one more card. However, if the player gets 6 or 7, they remain standing. When the card outcome is 8 or 9, they are a winner.

You may refer to the image below for a clearer idea of Banker’s third card rule.

Baccarat Rules Chart

Baccarat Rules Chart


The Common Baccarat Rules

Talking about the outcomes, the dealers’ rules are more, and as many as six rules exist just based on whatever bets you as a player make.

Betting well requires practice and some luck. It is also necessary to understand the value of each card. The Aces are 1, and the face cards along with the 10s are counted as 0. The other cards from 2 to 9 have their number value.

What happens with the total of the two cards sum up to more than 10? In that case, you discard or remove the first digit. For instance, if 8+4 is 12, the value would be 2, and the 1 will be removed.

Adding on, if the banker’s total of the two cards is less, they can draw the third card. Now, you may repeat the same bet you did previously, or clearing it and starting afresh or else doubling the bet.


The Betting Knowhow

Here we talk about how online baccarat betting works.

There are primarily three betting options – Player bet, where the payout is 1/1. The house edge is 1.29% in the case of dealing with a single deck of cards. The outcome has to be where the player beats the Banker while getting cards close to 9.

The Banker bet is where the payout is 19/20. Remember, there is a 5% commission and a house edge of 1.01% if there is a single deck of cards. The outcome has to be where the banker beats the player and gets closest to 9.


The Baccarat Payout and House Edge / Odds

Unlike online roulette, the baccarat game has only three outcomes in every game played. The tie is when the payout is 8/1. The house edge is 15.75% on a single deck of cards. Here, the banker and the player both have the same total. If you ask whether these are all the bets, the answer is no! The other types of bets include Perfect Pair bets where the payout is 25/1 with a house edge of 17.07% where the outcome is when the first two cards dealt with the player or banker form a pair of the same suit.

Then we come to the Player Pair where the payout is 1/1, and the house edge is 11.25%. In this case, the two cards that are dealt with the player should become a pair.

The banker pair is when the pair pays out 11/1. The house edge is 11.25%, and when the first two cards are dealt with, the banker becomes a pair. Either pair happens when the first two cards dealt either to the player or the banker yields the pair. The payout is 5/1, and the house edge is 14.54%. The small bet result is when the total number of cards dealt is 4, and the payout is 1.5/1. The house edge is 5.27%. The big result is when the total card dealt is 5 or 6 and the payout is 0.54/1. The house edge is 4.35%.


Strategies and a few pointer

Image: Strategies and A Few Pointers


Strategies and A Few Pointers

a) Learn The Rules

The rules are not many, thankfully, and each online Baccarat title has a different kind of board on offer. Learn how the scoring board works and the way your bets work.


b) Get The Final Word On Betting

The actual part begins when you start betting, and it is better to keep a watchful eye on the bankroll. It is true that while betting in Baccarat, it does not take much time for the dealer to deal the cards. So, between one dealing and the other, you have to plan on the amount to bet.

Make sure to remember that you have the month to tide by, and you cannot exhaust your earnings in one game. Just take a break when you finish the amount you had in mind for the day. It will be great for you to comply with that.


c) The Best Side is The Banker’s Side

It is always a great decision to bet on the banker’s side. There are a few reasons why so. The house edge you will have to worry about while betting on your (Player’s) side will be 1.24%.

On the other hand, the banker’s side the house edge is 1.09% and that too, with the 5% commission. Now you see why going for the Banker’s side is serving your cause.

Another reason is the Banker’s hand has more options based on whatever the Player’s third card is at a time, meaning the Banker’s hand is stronger.


d) Stay Away From Tie Bet & The Side Bet

People may assume this to be a safe bet if they can stay away from the tie bet. Though on the first look, it might seem like an obvious choice because it has an 8/1 payout.

It has a house edge of 14.44% in a six-deck game. But that said, there is very little chance to get the outcome in a tie. The side bets are also another choice many bettors make.

Here also we have to admit that the odds are pretty high in these cases than what you may see on the board rules.


e) Advanced Third Card Rule

This is the rule in online baccarat when the player is about to receive the third card. Following this, the banker has to take the next step.


f) Ignore The Self-Proclaimed Best Systems

The internet is full of these sites where someone claims to have the key to winning the Baccarat game. If you are wondering how to play Baccarat and win, do not just assume some system will work.

The online baccarat is a completely automated game, and there is no quick fix to the same. It requires smartness and understanding of the third cards. Beyond a certain point, you have to rely on some luck.


g) Don’t Take Your Luck Too Far

There is no need to assume that you are too lucky one fine day. You may get twice lucky on back to back bets. But that does not mean you will get it right even in the third time.

It is usually at this juncture people make the cardinal sin of overly trusting their luck and biting off more than they can chew. They may even bet double assuming the lady luck to be with them only to lose it.


h) Practice Online

The Baccarat rules and strategy, as mentioned above, are essential for you to follow. Nevertheless, if there are sites where you can play it for fun, try that. There is no need to bet and try your hand and see how well you can understand the flow of the game.

See how well your prediction is when you bet on the banker’s bet or on the player’s side. The more you bet and practice, the more you can figure out the time it will take for the next dealing to begin. It can help you when you bet for real money at BK8Asia online casino.

Here, we offer a wide range of titles in Baccarat for you to try and win loads. Just remember these tips and then bet on the side of your choice.

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