How to Play Lightning Series Games in Evolution Gaming?


Evolution Gaming is a software developer and online casino service that specialises in live dealer games broadcast from a studio environment. However, the modern games that Evolution creates aren’t limited to the realm of casinos. They now provide live dealer games, a selection of RNG tables, and hybrid games that blend the two. Now we get to Evolution Gaming’s crown jewels: the Lightning Series tables at their online casinos.


How Many Lightning Series in Evolution Gaming?


For the Lightning series, Evolution has produced four games so far:

  • Lightning Roulette
  • Lightning Dice
  • Lightning Blackjack
  • Lightning Baccarat

Each table is broadcast live from an Art Deco-style studio. Although the basic gameplay is similar throughout tables, the lightning feature is what really sets them apart. The digitally displayed multipliers for individual numbers or cards, as well as the studio’s lightning visual and audible effects, are generated using a random number generator algorithm. Because of this, playing the game may be exciting and the payouts can be substantial.

The sheer variety of games available from this developer makes it difficult to name them all. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a short list of our recommended live dealer games from Evolution Gaming, specifically in the Lightning Series.


Introduction to Lightning Roulette


Evolution Lightning Roulette is an innovative take on prolonged Roulette that combines cutting-edge RNG gaming with the thrill of live dealers. The standard Roulette bets are all available, and players now have the option of placing Lucky Number and Lucky Payout wagers, both of which increase their odds of winning. There is a magnificent black and gold Art Deco setting, and the User Interface is electric for maximum player excitement. Their latest and greatest show will bring the house down in your Live Casino.

Lightning Roulette is a one-of-a-kind take on the classic game. It’s not only pretty to look at; it also boosts the payouts for every round by adding a random number generator (RNG) Lucky Number wins. An actual roulette wheel, a real dealer, and all the standard betting options are all here, just as they are in any top-tier Live Roulette service.

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts at Lightning Roulette


To the same extent as they may in regular European Live Roulette, players can place all of the normal Roulette bets in Lightning Roulette. Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x are produced at random, giving players even more opportunities to win.

The number of Lucky Numbers (from one to five), the Lucky Numbers themselves, and the sums of the Lucky Payouts are all produced at random once all bets have been received from the players. If the ball falls on a Lucky Number and the player has placed a Straight Up bet* on that number, the player will win one of the Lucky Payouts, ranging from 50:1 to 500:1.


Introduction to Lightning Dice


A fun and easy live casino game called Lightning Dice. A live host manages the game and calls out the betting rounds. The game’s potential results range from 3 to 18, making for a total of 16. After the allotted betting period has passed, a random number of “Lightning Numbers” are selected from the betting grid. Each eliminated digit is multiplied by a random number generator by up to a factor of a thousand. A single click of the “BET ON ALL” button will place a wager on each of the 16 available betting areas.

The ‘Lightning Tower’ is a clear tower where the host sets three regular dice. Track the dice as they go through the twisting halls of the tower. What are the odds that the sum of the dice will match your wager? The bottom of the Lightning Tower is where the dice will land.

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts at Lightning Dice


The lighting effect, both real and symbolic, is another fantastic feature of this fascinating game. Every round ends with lightning striking between a certain range of numbers on the betting grid once the betting timer has ended. Each value is instantly multiplied by a random number between 1 and 1,000. In turn, this increases your chances of winning as a player.

Inspired by Lightning Roulette, another ground-breaking and immensely popular live casino game you can play at BK8, we set out to create something really special.


Introduction to Lightning Blackjack


The lighting effect, both real and symbolic, is another fantastic feature of this fascinating game. Every round ends with lightning striking between a certain range of numbers on the betting grid once the betting timer has ended. Each value is instantly multiplied by a random number between 1 and 1,000. In turn, this increases your chances of winning as a player.

Lightning Blackjack is a variant of traditional blackjack that adds random number generator (RNG)-generated Lightning Cards to each hand, increasing players’ chances of winning. It’s the newest member of our exclusive Lightning Series family of games, which has already won several awards.

This exclusive Blackjack game from Evolution will blow your players away with its amazing Lightning Card multipliers and increased rewards. Each round of play may accommodate an endless number of participants.

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts at Lightning Blackjack


All winning scores in Lightning Blackjack are automatically multiplied by a random number between 2 and 25 times. The player’s winning hand will be multiplied by 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, or 25 times. Next round, if the player wins, the reward will be raised by the stored multiplier.

For up to 180 days after a player receives a multiplier, they may utilise it even if they have to quit the game before they have a chance to play it.


Introduction to Lightning Baccarat

Though he may not have played Evolution: Lightning Baccarat, even James Bond is a fan of the classic game. Like the other Lightning Series games, this variation on the Baccarat game ups the ante of the classic card game in exciting ways. And within the exclusive group of casinos where you may play it right now, BK8 is one of the very first!

Each round of Lightning Baccarat comprises 1–5 Lightning Cards drawn at random from a simulated 52-card deck, along with payment multipliers drawn at random.

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts at Lightning Baccarat


If you win a hand while holding a Lightning Card, your payout will be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled, depending on how many Lightning Cards you have. A maximum of 512 times the original wager may be won with three matching cards.

If you have six identical Lightning Cards and bet on a Tie and win, you might get a multiplier of up to 262,144x! Up to $500,000 (in addition to your original wager) might be won if the multiplier holds.


Final Thoughts on Lightning Series Games

Evolution Gaming’s mission is to provide its customers with the finest possible live casino experience, and one way it does this is by providing them with private Lightning Series rooms with live dealers. Several of today’s top virtual gambling establishments broadcast individually designed table games from branded studios. These tables are only available to registered members of the casino in question, who have access to a wealth of VIP-only bonuses and rewards.

One kind of Evolution Gaming bonus that operators like BK8 may offer their players is a regular deposit bonus, which provides players with extra dollars and the opportunity to compete for one-of-a-kind tableside rewards. To attract customers to their VIP Blackjack tables, several establishments offer “bonus card” bonuses.

Here, special cards are placed on the table’s physical shoe and assigned a bonus or reward; the player who is dealt one of these cards wins the associated bonus or prize. Anything from free spins and bets to leaderboard points and bonus cash is fair game when it comes to cross-selling incentives. Awards are ultimately determined by the casino and the campaign being offered.


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