Esports Betting Tips and Tricks: How to Play and Win

The Best Esports Betting Tips

Betting is an ancient game or a way of increasing money. The six-sided dice were used in casinos in 3000 BC almost 5000 years ago. The dictionary meaning of the word “to bet” is “to gamble.” Betting is also sometimes called gambling, which is the process of gambling money, assets or any monetary value to win prizes and more money. Betting is a little different compared to gambling. Today we will talk about a whole new betting experience, which is ESports Betting and the tips to win.


Is There Any Betting on ESports?

In betting, the player can research the history of the game before gambling their money. In betting, people can have a better idea about what will happen in the game they want to bet. While in gambling, there is more risk factor as compared to betting.

Betting can be played in both landscape casinos and online casinos. But in this era, everything is becoming digital. Hence Online gambling is much popular as compared to offline betting.

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Coronavirus Disease 2019

Many websites provide the facility of online gambling nowadays. In 2020, the prevailing COVID19 pandemic has increased the demand for online gambling and online gambling. Many landscape casinos are shifting towards online casinos by providing online gambling and betting games on their websites.


What is Esports?

Electronic Sports, also called ESports, is a type of competition for playing video games online on Desktop computers, Personal computers, PlayStation or smartphones. Nowadays, electronic sports is very much popular globally, but the central hub of electronic sports is in Asia, especially South Korea and China.

In Malaysia, the industry of electronic sports is also getting popular day by day. Youtube has improved the viewers and followers of ESports in many countries over the years.

ESports Malaysia is also progressing, as many youngsters love to play online games in Malaysia. Many companies are conducting tournaments and events for competition in ESports Malaysia.


What is ESports Betting

There are many types of betting, but the popular one is sports betting over the decades. But in this era of technology, ESports betting is becoming much popular nowadays.

ESports betting is very similar to ordinary sports betting. But the number of marketers for ESports betting is still low as compared to ordinary sports gambling. It is because the electronic sports gambling industry has just started progressing in many countries.

But it is gaining popularity very fast as compared to other typical betting types all across the globe. Most of the youngsters have much interest in ESports gambling in many countries, including Malaysia. In the field of gambling and betting, ESports Malaysia has gained much importance and popularity in the last two years.

There is much money in this field of betting. Players have to guess the right name of the winner, right name of the winning team, or right name of the leading players of the match to win betting in ESports. Moreover, gamblers can guess the map and the winner of the map in certain online games. The famous names of the teams worldwide are Cloud9, LGD Gaming, Fnatic, and Na`Vi etc.

Top 16 Teams - Frankfurt Major DOTA 2

Top 16 Teams – Frankfurt Major DOTA 2

Even Malaysia has many popular teams for certain video games, which are very famous for betting worldwide. Moreover, many ESports tournaments and games are popular and well-known for betting all around the world. Malaysia also has many renowned ESports games and annual tournaments in the gambling industry.


ESports Betting Tips

With the passage of time, ESports betting is becoming quite challenging. It is quite advisable to get tips before betting your hard-earned money in ESports games. Because all types of gambling and betting, including ESports gambling, is hazardous. It would be best if you bet very wisely and after proper research.


· Look Beyond the famous Competitions

For earning more money and winning the best prizes, you should always bet in small events and smaller competitions. Major competitions don’t have many opportunities for all the gamblers or players.

The smaller event has more chances of earning money as compared to famous events. A lot of significant betting tournaments only grab attention and provide fewer opportunities for new players.


· Study Matchup History

Before betting your money in any tournament, you should always study the history and win the percentage of a specific team.  Some teams always have good results and win percentages against other teams. Analyzing the previous record can help you a lot in choosing a team for betting. This analysis can also increase your winning chances.


IM Esports x BK8Asia - CSGO Betting Odds

IM Esports x BK8Asia – CSGO Betting Odds


· Be Patient

It would be best if you always be patient while selecting your teams to bet and selecting events. Many players quickly bet their money without any research and waste their money very fast in all types of betting and gambling, including ESports. It would help if you did not rush to earn money and success instantly.

If you are a newer player in this industry, you should not follow the trends. Players who focus on the long run always gain more success and money in this field.


· The Factor of Form and Motivation

You should always pick the players and teams who are in the form. Many favourites, best players or teams can often lose their form. Sometimes the players who are Favourite for winning and having good form can be defeated due to bad luck.

Sometimes results can be unpredictable, so you should always be ready and motivated for any result. It would be best if you set long term goals to increase money instead of instant wealth gain or victory.


· Use the Reputed ESports Betting Sites

In many countries, including Malaysia, betting is not legal. A lot of fraud websites are working worldwide, including Malaysia. It is vital to check the reputation of the online casino’s websites and ESports gambling websites before betting. It would be a better option to play gambling and betting through famous websites.

If we talk about escort Malaysia, BK8Asia is a trendy website for video games competition gambling. We have listed some favourite websites here. That can help you a lot if you are a beginner.


· Setting a Strict Budget

It would be the best option to set a budget before betting in betting or gambling, including ESports gambling. It is advisable to set a budget for video games gambling by considering loss. It would help if you thought about how much money loss you can bear from your hard-earned money.

This method can help you manage the budget for betting and gambling for the future as well.


The Best Esports Betting Tips

Image: The Best Esports Betting Tips


Best Esports Betting odds

In order to avoid any difficulties, you should find the best prices for the specific games you want to bet on in future. But it is quite a challenging task to find out the best one most suitable package. Prices may vary according to the upcoming famous events, but you should buy the best packages very wisely.

Even you can book your bookies before the start of the special events to bet in future. Many websites provide the pre-order facility in betting packages for their clients globally. Moreover, there can be special discounts on gambling packages as well.


Notable Esports Tournaments  

Nowadays, a lot of tournaments are held by countries and ESports gaming companies. These tournaments and events are held on both the national and international levels. It would be best to choose a contest having the best video games competition gambling package and reward according to your requirements.

Here are some famous ESports tournaments:

World Championship for League of Legends

The world championship league of legends is the top-rated event in ESports tournaments. It is a massive event for the gamblers and the ESports gambling players worldwide. It is very famous due to its vast range of prizes.


CS Go Major Tournaments

Valve hosts the major tournaments two or three times a year at different places worldwide. Each time these tournaments have a pool prize of $1000,000.


Overwatch League       

Overwatch League is another brilliant event in ESports tournaments. It continues for eight months. Any franchise teams are allowed to join this tournament league. But from 2020, this league will be conducted for players or teams representing their country.

This event is also an excellent opportunity for the ESports batting players worldwide, including Malaysian Players.


What Esports Betting Games does BK8Asia Offers?

What Esports Games does BK8Asia Offers

ESports Games available on BK8Asia

While talking about ESports Malaysia, many popular casinos provide the best gaming events and ESports tournaments in the country. Bk8Asia is a top-rated Malaysian online casino providing the facility of ESports games online.

Moreover, it is also the top-rated online casino in Asia, providing the best experience in ESports gambling. Bk8Asia offers many types of games to their clients for betting according to their choice.

Here is the list of some famous ESports games provided by BK8Asia:

  • Dota 2
  • CSGO
  • PUBG
  • League of Legends (LOL)
  • Overwatch
  • King of Glory
  • Fifa
  • Rainbow 6

We have tried to cover all the aspects of video games competition gambling in this article. We have provided the best tips that one should follow before starting a career in video games competition gambling.

We have a team of experts who provide the best knowledge about esports betting and tips to improve your method of betting. For more updated content, keep in touch with our website.

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