Beginner’s Guide to League of Legends Online Betting

League of Legends Betting Online in Malaysia

League of legends also known as LOL is often categorized as a multiplayer online battle arena game. LOL is the most played game since 2012 though the game is pretty hard to learn, but it has caught the eye and mind of some of the best games in the world. The game was developed by RIOT Games in 2009, for a company famous for their real-time strategy games LOL really lives up to its legacy. 


How To Bet On LOL?

To learn and understand the rules and methodology of the game, a player must have to read all the manuals and has to spend at least 40 hrs of time to understand the gameplay. Making the long statement short, there are two teams with each containing five players. These teams compete and fight in the arena with different real-time strategies which are very hard to predict. The team with most living characters at the end will win the game. 

Due to the diverse nature and complexity in the strategies to play, LOL has been the most played esports since 2009. 


League of Legends Gameplay Hero

League of Legends Gameplay Hero


League of Legends Betting Options

LOL gambling is fairly legal because the LOL is the most played esports to the time and every esports website has LOL gambling options. Even online casinos and gambling sites have now acquired the licenses for LOL gambling. LOL betting options are discussed below,

  • Money-line Betting: This LOL betting option is for basic players and every easy to avail. You just have to place a bet on a team say Team A or Team B. The winning records and skill levels of each character will be available before betting, and a gambler needs to follow his guts for betting. 
  • Baron or Dragon Killer: You will be placing bets on the player who will kill the first dragon or baron. These characters are computer made, and both team players strive to kill these characters, but they must leave their posts for this purpose. 
  • Outright Betting: This betting option is for advanced gamblers as it requires future prediction of the game market. You will be focusing on the results of entire tournaments and not just on a single match. Before waging the bet, you will have to predict which region will be the winning team of the tournament. 
  • Combo Betting: Consist of several bets and if you’re lucky enough this could be your jackpot in LOL betting. 
  • Special LOL Betting: This league of legends betting option is highly recommended for skilled gamblers as it requires in-depth knowledge of the game rules and methodology. These bets are focused on area kills. Example, Team A will secure 10 kills in a certain area in one match against Team B for the bet. 


League of Legends Betting Tips and Strategy

Image: League of Legends Betting Tips & Strategy


League of Legends Betting Tips & Strategy 

“Knowledge Is Power”, well this phrase is perfectly suitable for a winning LOL betting strategy. The more you know about the rules, methodology and updates of the game, the higher will be your odds of you winning the bets. Gather information about the champions of each team and the knowledge about their skill levels. This could be your key to selecting the right team as your bet wager. LOL esports has without a doubt lots of winning potential, but it is very important to learn about past matches and performances of the teams before placing bets of your hard-earned money. We have compiled some excellent betting tips and strategies for you guys to learn what you must know before LOL betting esports. 

  • Understanding of the Game: It’s a fact that knowing your grounds is the best way of winning the situation. So, gather knowledge about the champions of the game. Check out their skills, winning potential and winning odds before placing any bets.
  • Focus on One: Remain updated about the tournaments and matches. Keep yourself focused on one team and study it’s winnings and performances or select a particular region and observe the matches of its teams. This will help you choose your ultimate team.
  • Bet on Choice: Don’t be so clumsy and bet on each match of the tournament. It’s your choice, and no one is forcing your hand to bet on each match. Listen to your mind rather than your heart and if you had won the previous match, let yourself enjoy the moment and stop betting further. 
  • Money Management: Yes! Money management is very important when it comes to LOL betting. Limiting yourself might not be the solution, but betting wisely will help you a lot in keeping your winnings. Spend money on bets wisely and if you will not keep a record of your expenditure then it’s going to be a bumpy ride ahead. 


eSports Betting on LOL Tournaments

League of Legends World Championships

League of Legends World Championships

LOL is the modern trend in esports as it has gained popularity among every gaming community around the globe. Nowadays, LOL gaming tournaments are being held to support the players and legally promote their talent. eSports betting on LOL tournaments earn the game millions of dollars each year. These tournaments include,

  1. League of Legends World Championships: LOL has more than 100 million active players and due to the fact that this game is the most played game since 2009 million have been spent each year on LOL world championship to support the game. In fact, the LOL world championship is entitled as the most-watched esports event. This year 2021 this tournament will be held in Shanghai, and it is regarded as the 10th edition of MOBA (multiplayer online battle area) game championship which will be played by top LOL players around the world.
  2. League of Legends Championship Series: Also known as Legends Championship Series is another regional LOL esports championship. Teams from each region around the world will compete and the winning team then compete with the world champion to entitle itself as the new champion. LCS is also a famous esports LOL gambling event.
  3. KeSPA Cup Championship: It’s a low-level LOL championship event and held in December each year by Riot Games to promote the LOL standards. The series is famous for producing some of the best LOL players in history. 


Best League of Legends Betting Sites

The growing online presence of leagues of legends has infused the gambling spirit in many gamblers. The eSports gambling community has also made LOL gambling legal and since then many sites are found to be providing online gambling entertainment through LOL gambling. Be sure to bet on the safest sites and follow below-mentioned instructions.

  • The site must have a wide range of betting options.
  • LOL betting sites must be safe, secure and have fast & instant banking options.
  • The customer support should be good and 24/7 available.
  • The websites should be compatible with a cell phone, tablet, or PC.
BK8Asia x IM Esports - League of Legends

BK8Asia x IM Esports – League of Legends

BK8Asia is the best site that follows all the above instructions and provides the most entertaining and joyful league of legends gambling experience. Explore IM Esports now and bet on your favorite game and enjoy safest and instant payouts. 

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