Online Gambling Trends: 2021

Online Gambling Trends 2021

Online casinos emerged in the gambling community in the middle of the nineties. The high-speed internet access led to the massive development of the remote gambling sector. Almost every family nowadays has an internet-accessible PC. That only proves that the emergence of technology propels the trends and success of the online gambling sector.

The adaption of touchscreen devices like tablets and smartphones plays an integral role in the continuous growth of the online gaming industry. Nearly everyone today uses a smartphone to stay in contact with friends and family. Nonetheless, modern portable gadgets have many various functions. Going online is just one of them.

Many people started to use their portable devices to visit online casinos and enjoy their preferred time and place. Due to its great convenience, demand for mobile casinos has increased. Apart from that, online casinos are simple to access.


Here’s What You Can Expect in the Online Gambling Casino

The progress of online gambling seems to be dictated by new trends every year. Are you one of those who want to learn more about the trends you can expect for the rest of 2021? BK8Asia got you covered in this matter.

Let’s learn more about the gambling trends you can expect this year.


New Cryptocurrency Casinos To Rule The Market

Reasons Why Online Gambling Platforms Should Accept Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies are increasing in popularity in the past few years. Most virtual casinos accept payments in digital currencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many more. One of the greatest benefits of paying for an online casino using digital currency is better privacy.

Digital currencies eliminate the requirement to handle your payment for a third party. Players don’t need to use their debit or credit cards to withdraw or deposit their funds. You see, there’s no bank mediating the payment, and thus, there’s no charge for the transaction.

Furthermore, payments in digital currencies are made right away. Specialists predict that an increasing number of online casinos will offer their users the opportunity to perform payments in digital currencies.


Virtual Reality Is Approaching

Virtual Reality Gaming

Gone are the days when virtual reality is only accessible for professionals. Many online casino players seek an immersive experience in online gaming. That’s why many online gambling operators are willing to embrace this technology this year to please their users’ preferences.

The VR market has attracted the hearts of many casino fans globally, even though it’s only a new industry. Based on figures from, virtual reality gaming is foreseen to produce up to $1.4 billion in revenue by the end of 2021. The numbers further show that this tendency is to rule the market in the upcoming years. VR gaming will continue to increase to $2.4 billion by the end of 2024. Amazing, right?


Esports Betting Will Continue To Grow

What Esports Games does BK8Asia Offers

ESports is one of the new names that relate to professional video gaming for internet gamblers. Many professional teams pit their wits against one another in tournaments in different parts of the globe.

Casino enthusiasts who enthuse video games can place their bets on the team they like to win in a specific tournament. You see, betting on ESports keeps on gaining a huge amount of traction. Professionals think that it will continue for the rest of 2021.

The key reason for its massive fame is the big assortment of fun-filled ESports available. Furthermore, the majority of online casinos offer ESports bets to their online casino portfolios, but this year more will be expected.


Mobile Online Gaming/Gambling Is The Trend King

BK8Asia Mobile Version

It appears that online gambling is getting a huge amount of traction. Trends in the online gambling sector demonstrate that an increasing number of players place bets at online casinos. Mobile gambling is surely not a new thing to gamblers out there. Nevertheless, experts anticipate that this form of entertainment will increase in fame, even more, this year.

In fact, the number proves that at least half of the people playing at online casinos utilize their mobile touchscreen devices. What’s more, analysts predict a mobile gaming increase of nineteen per cent by the end of the year. It is also expected that mobile gaming would reach 55% of GGR in Europe.

That seems quite reasonable because mobile casinos are simple to access, not to mention players can easily enjoy themselves in a thriving gambling experience no matter where they go. In addition, other online-based casinos provide exclusive promotions to all their mobile players.

A huge number of gambling platforms also present native apps and in-browser to enhance overall accessibility. Mobile casino players can benefit from all the promotions and services that are accessible to desktop casino players.


There you have it! Above are some of the trends you can expect for online gambling for the rest of 2021. What about you? Are you ready to indulge yourself in online casino gambling?

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