King of Glory: An Expert Guide to Esports Betting in 2023


With the development of science and technology and the development of the game industry, current electronic games are no longer satisfied with spreading only through computers, PCs, PS4, and Xbox. More and more game publishers and manufacturers are optimistic about the mobile terminal. One of the best games of the year is King of Glory.


A World-Class Mobile Game by Tencent Games

A virgin land to be developed. On November 26, 2015, the mobile MOBA game, King of Glory or Honor of King, released by Tianmei Studios and Tencent Games, was born, setting off a huge wave in the Chinese game industry and the player base.

As of today, the game of King of Glory has completed cross-platform testing and officially released. In addition, in recent years, Tencent has also held a professional game of King of Glory with great fanfare.

Therefore, more and more online gambling sites have opened Regarding the betting items of the King of Glory, more special gameplays are also set up for the KPL (King of Glory International Invitational) however, it should be brought you your notice that players can bet the KPL on BK8Asia via IM Esports too.


King of Glory Online Betting

BK8Asia x IM Esports - King of Glory

BK8Asia x IM Esports – King of Glory Betting

In order to better popularize the betting items of the King of Glory, this article will analyse all aspects of the game betting from multiple angles and hope to help you understand this emerging e-sports betting item so that you can better bet in the future Get involved.

However, if you have fully understood the past and present of this game, you can also directly choose your favourite King of Glory betting website from the online casinos recommended below to start your own King of Glory betting journey.

By understanding the above recommended online betting sites, you must have a general understanding of the game of King of Glory.

Below we will start from the basic content of the game, the gameplay and methods of betting on King of Glory and we hope that you can understand the details of the game more thoroughly.


Basic Content and Gameplay of The Game

Before discussing the betting, items related to the King of Glory, we will first popularize and explain the basic content and gameplay of the game.

We hope that all lottery players can better understand the gameplay and winning mechanism through the following content, so as to better Carry out future betting activities.

King of Glory - The MOBA Game

King of Glory – The MOBA Game

The MOBA Gameplay

As mentioned above, the mobile MOBA game of King of Glory inherits the game modes of League of Legends and DOTA 2 well.

Therefore, the map of King of Glory is not significantly different from the maps of these two games, and the team line-up is also general. It is divided into top laner, mid laner, ADC, support, and jungler. The requirement to win the game is to push down the opposing player’s base and crystals.

Players also need to be equipped with different outfits according to their heroes and the positions they play.

But in order to make the game more compatible with the mobile phone platform, King of Glory also carried out simplified reforms on the basis of these two MOBA masterpieces.


Buying Items on King of Glory

First of all, King of Glory supports not returning to the base to buy outfits. Players often only need to accumulate gold coins by spawning soldiers and killing the opposite hero.

When the amount of gold coins is enough, the game will automatically pop up the available outfits on the left side of the screen. Just click on the equipment to complete the purchase.

Secondly, in order to allow players to play the game more, King of Glory cancelled the “eye-in”. The so-called “eye-in” is to buy “eyes” and insert them in rivers, wild areas and grass to detect the movements of the players.

The above is about the basic gameplay of the game of King of Glory. If you want to learn more about the gameplay, interface and other in-depth information, you are welcome to watch the novice instructional video below, which will definitely give you a better understanding of the game mechanism and better To bet on the King of Glory.


Popular In-Game Heroes

So far, King of Glory has nearly 100 heroes for players to choose from. The names of these heroes are not only full of fantasy Chinese colours, their appearance and skin are also gorgeous, but players are still keen to judge the strongest heroes of all walks of life.

In this way, we can better carry out online games, and we will also analyse the current popular in-game heroes for you below, so that you can better pay attention to the games you bet, and further accurately bets about the King of Glory.


Side Road (Top Lane) Heroes – Bai Qi (白起) And Liu Bang (刘邦)

Bai Qi 白起

Bai Qi 白起

Liu Bang 刘邦

Liu Bang 刘邦

Although the two heroes Bai Qi and Liu Bang have different specialities, they are both powerful line-controllers. Bai Qi not only has the abnormal recovery ability (recovery), the hero also has a movement bonus, which is very suitable for the first mover.

Not only can he carry the overall situation, but also can go straight to Huanglong’s taunting opponent ADC. Liu Bang is a small line brushing expert. He can get a Sword Qi Blessing every three seconds, which makes clearing the line easier and straightforward, and the big move is more suitable for saving the field than before.


Mid-Lane Heroes – Ying Zheng (嬴政) And Nu Wa (女娲)

Ying Zheng 嬴政

Ying Zheng 嬴政

Nu Wa 女娲

Nu Wa 女娲

Analysed from the perspective of Chinese history, Ying Zheng and Nu Wa are both pivotal. Although Qin Shihuang was arbitrarily determined, he unified the world, and Nuwa gave up his life to accompany the gentleman. While focusing on the world, he also participated in shaping everything. Therefore, in the King of Glory, these two heroes also inherited history.

All the legends about them. Ying Zheng not only clears the line extremely quickly but also has super high mobility, great damage and considerable damage.

With the second skill, it can also weaken the damage and attack power of the opposing player. Therefore, the name of the king of the singles is not a false name.

And Nuwa, the hero, has been officially favoured in the latest version. At present, the hero’s two skills can repeatedly detonate the matrix space, causing Nu Wa to take away the Crispy Hero with a set of combos.


ADC Shooter – Jia Luo (伽罗) And Huang Zhong (黄忠)

Jia Luo 伽罗

Jia Luo 伽罗

Huang Zhong 黄忠

Huang Zhong 黄忠

As a shooter, whether the hands are long or not is the focus of the players’ attention, and Jia Luo and Huang Zhong are representatives of the hands.

The two heroes not only have exaggerated damage but also have high bursts. Gallo’s burst shots are not only long distances but also high-damage critical strikes in the early stage. Huang Zhong is not only the captain of the hand, but AOE damage also exploded, he can defend his home or attack.


Jungle – Yao 曜 (Oriental Mirror 东方曜) and Yun Zhong Jun (云中君)

Yao 曜

Yao 曜

Yun Zhong Jun 云中君

Yun Zhong Jun 云中君

Whether it is a beginner or a Xiuer player, King of Glory has prepared different options for you.

The Oriental Mirror suitable for Xiu’er players, although the operation is relatively complicated, has a superb ability to cut the back row.

If it is well developed, even the front row tank fighters are lambs to be slaughtered. Yun Zhong Jun is especially suitable for beginners in the jungle.

This hero is not only simple and brainless, but also through the wall mechanism to make the operation more flexible, and the ability can be said to be quite comprehensive.


Support – Cai Wenji (蔡文姬) And the Niu Mo 牛魔 (Bull Demon)

Cai Wenji 蔡文姬

Cai Wenji 蔡文姬

Niu Mo 牛魔

Niu Mo 牛魔

Regarding the auxiliary heroes, it is generally either a nanny or a master, but no matter what kind of auxiliary hero you like to play, the latest version of King of Glory has prepared a popular choice for you.

Cai Wenji, the nanny, can not only suppress the spring water from the opposite side but also use the healing effect to fight back and finally come back. The bull demon emphasizes the importance of control.

Not only must the bull demon rush to the front to take damage, but the control skills also need to be steady and accurate, but its big moves can be inspired from a distance, which is especially suitable for team battles.


King of Glory Betting Tip

The above is about the gameplay of King of Glory and related content of popular heroes. Here’s a tip for all bettors, whenever you spot any of the above heroes in any matches, you are advised to place a bet on the team. The above heroes stand a high victory rate and therefore, higher the chance in winning the bet.

IM Esports at BK8Asia allows players to bet on King of Glory live. In other words, players are able to place a bet while the game is in midway. This enables the bettors to monitor their own bets while watching the live game.


THE KING OF GLORY Esports Betting BK8Asia

Image: King of Glory Esports Betting BK8Asia


King of Glory Esports Betting on BK8Asia

The Esports betting available on BK8Asia offers a variety of betting options for the players.



Members of BK8Asia are able to place bets on win or loss of any King of Glory teams. The betting odds of each bet depends on the recent activities of the respective teams. On the betting dashboard, you are able to view the recent gameplays of both teams in recent history. From there, you are able to make predictions to estimate the winning teams.


Handicap Bets

In this section, bettors are allowed to place a bet on the desired team. Often, tournaments are played with Best of 3 Games or Best of 5 Games. The betting odds on this section is depending on the matches won by each of the teams.



In this betting category, players are able to place a bet on different scenarios with either “Over” or “Under”. Some of the betting options include Game Duration and Total Kills. If you think that the game would end within the given time, you can place a bet on “Under – Game Duration”.


Other Exotic Odds

Other than the above betting options, there are lots of different options available too.

  • First Blood (Team)
  • First To 5 Kills
  • First Turret Destroyed
  • First Tyrant
  • First Dominator
  • Kills Handicap

Head over to IM Esports now to explore all the interesting King of Glory betting!


King of Glory World-Class Event

After reading the above content, in order to better assist lottery players in betting on the King of Glory, we will briefly introduce the current world-class events, but since the MOBA game is currently the most popular in China, we will also pay attention some domestic events in China, so that you can better search the Internet.


King of Glory Professional League (KPL)

QGC King of Glory League

QGC King of Glory League

The King of Glory Professional League (KPL) is currently the highest official professional e-sports event. It consists of two seasons, the spring season and the autumn season. Each season is divided into three parts: regular season, playoffs and finals.

The 2019 King of Glory Professional League Spring Game kicked off in Chengdu Quantum Light on March 6. The 2019 KPL Spring Season is divided into three parts: the regular season, the playoffs and the finals. The eastern and western regions are still divided into the competition system, and the number of teams has been expanded from 14 to 15.

The competition in the competition zone will adopt a single round-robin competition system. Each participating team and club will play against all other opponents once during the regular season. The regular season adopts the BO5 global BP mode.

The playoffs began to use the BO7 global BP + peak duel mode, the eastern and western teams will directly compete with each other according to the corresponding ranKing, and jointly compete for the spring championship.

If you want to know the specific game process and the performance of related teams, you are welcome to visit the official website of the King of Glory KPL Pro League, and you will surely get more practical information. Players can bet the KPL on BK8Asia via IM Esports too.


QGC King of Glory League

QGC is the first China Mobile e-sports event hosted by the QQ mobile game platform and guided and supported by the E-sports Department of the Sports Information Center of the State Sports General Administration.

QGC has been held for several consecutive sessions, with over 32 million registered players. It is currently the most influential event in China, and the King of Glory is one of the highlights of the event.

For the game of King of Glory, QGC has an invitation group and an open competition. The open competition welcomes the participation of grassroots players, and the open group competition that lasts for several weeks will have hundreds of teams competing.

The first purpose of the e-sports event is to further create the atmosphere of a national game, and the other is to openly recruit more potential players to enter professional competitions.

If you want to know more about the game, you are welcome to visit the official website of the QGC King of Glory League, which is bound to help you make more accurate bets.


Summary of Betting on King of Glory

To sum up, King of Glory is a universal mobile MOBA game. The upsurge of the game in China is believed to continue.

Therefore, the game will definitely become a pivotal betting item. Therefore, we hope that you can develop a deeper understanding of the game through the introduction of this article, so as to help you with future betting projects.

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