How to Play CSGO Bet: The Beginner Guide

CSGO bet

Being a first-person shooter video game, it is one of the most competitive games found on the Steam marketplace. When it comes to the CSGO gambling industry, it has the biggest entertainment industries where you can easily bet on a wide range of markets opened by worldwide bookmakers. Undoubtedly, Counter Strike is one of the most popular esports games to bet on right now!

It provides simple and easy gameplay for the players. This game features two teams, each with five players, and one team remains on the “Counterterrorist” side while the other remains on the “Terrorist” side. In this way, these two teams compete with each other. It is the best of 30, however, in case of a 15-15 tie, there is a chance of overtime. Moreover, for various achievements in each round, it awards cash to the team where they can purchase weapons, armor, and grenades with that cash to hold an advantage over the enemy team with more advanced firearms.

Choosing the right platform to place a bet on such an amazing game matters the most. For that purpose, make sure to opt for a secure, reliable platform that should provide the best betting odds at the same time.

CSGO Terrorist vs Counter Terrorist

CSGO Terrorist vs Counter-Terrorist

Biggest Event For CSGO Gambling

This game offers a wide range of events throughout the year to keep the players entertained and excited. The CSGO gambling sites always provide something to bet on, and it is the secret behind the enormous popularity of Counterstrike.


CSGO Major Championships

CSGO Major Championships

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It is considered as the bread and butter of the CSGO esports. There are biannual events that last for a longer time. These popular events are well-known for featuring a wide number of upsets in each stage of championships.

When it comes to the Majors, Valve is in charge of this tournament. However, they delegate this organization to the third party organizers including ELEAGUE, ESL, and StarLadder. StarLadder and IEM were called on for the last two majors, Katowice Major and Berlin Major.


ESL Events

When it comes to esports, ELS is still one of the biggest names. In ESL, Pro league, One, and IEM are the central events. ESL’s One events feature $200,000-$300,000 in prize money, and these are relatively held on smaller-scale spectacles. The next comes in, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) that features $250,000 in prize money.

As compared to these two events, ESL Pro League is a massive biannual tournament, and it brings forth the top teams from all CSGO primary regions as Finals are held twice a year.


Are CSGO Bet Gambling Sites Safe?

Most of the CSGO gambling sites are safe to place your bet on. However, it’s equally important to think twice before choosing any platform for CSGO bet, because if chosen wrongly, you can end up losing all your deposited money. When it comes to esports gambling, as long as you’re on the safe side, your personal information is secure and safe.

The bookie of your choice determines the safety of esports betting. For instance, if you choose a bookie with the latest and encrypted tech, you can rest assured about the safe betting experience. Moreover, your personal information is safe enough that you can focus on esports betting with real money.

However, on the other hand, if you choose a bookie that is not trustworthy and reputable, your personal and banking data might be at risk. For the CSGO majors, never consider such betting sites. Always opt for a reliable and well-known site that offers a secure betting platform for you. When it comes to the gambling industry, safety always comes first.


CSGO bet

Image: CSGO Bet


What is the Best CSGO Bet Gambling Site?


One of the leading eSportsbook providers in Asia, BK8Asia is definitely the best esports gambling site for you. It provides generous bonuses, fast payouts, reliable baking options, and an exceptional user interface. By covering a wide range of CSGO gambling markets and matches, it keeps the players entertained around the world. People often make mistakes in finding the right and suitable platform when it comes to CSGO betting. BK8Asia ensures providing a secure and fully-licensed platform that can make you super-excited.


Welcome Bonus – BK8Asia

It provides a generous welcome bonus to the players on minimum wagering requirements. Many sites claim that they offer welcome bonuses but the bettors need to meet their tough and complicated guidelines as well. BK8Asia has no such guidelines and it provides an easy way for the people to claim their bonus after the 1st deposit.


Betting Odds – BK8Asia

IM Esports x BK8Asia - CSGO Betting Odds

IM Esports x BK8Asia – CSGO Betting Odds

Make sure to always consider betting odds while choosing the platform for CSGO bet. Betting odds determine the amount you will get after winning your bet. By providing you with the best betting odds, BK8Asia fills your wallet with more money. What else are you looking for?


A wide range of payment options – BK8Asia

Plentiful payment options make BK8Asia the best gambling site. It provides a way of depositing your amount. Likewise, you can simply cash out your money in a comfortable way. Payment options are versatile so that you could use one you’re comfortable with.


Ease of Use – BK8Asia

BK8Asia is simple enough for beginners and complex enough for the professional bettors at the same time. No matter you’re a newbie or a regular bettor, it provides ease of use allowing you to have fun.


What is CSGO Item Bet or Skin Bet?

One of the most popular ways of wagering on Counter-Strike, skin bet provides an exceptional experience to the player. However, it is a non-traditional method when it comes to online gambling because players tend to wager using their in-game items and skins rather than standard currency such as USD and EUR.


How can you actually place CSGO item bets in matches?

It requires you to perform several important steps. Starting from having a valid Valve account, you must have some wraps as well to trade and place your wagers with. Without an account and a good collection of wraps, you cannot engage in skin gambling.

Moreover, there are platforms that offer skin betting, and you need to use one of those platforms to place your wagers using in-game items. Make sure to follow these important steps:

  • For Counter-Strike Global Offensive, create a Valve or Steam account.
  • Make sure you have in-game items available so that you could wager on the matches.
  • Most importantly, choose the right platform that offers CSGO skin betting as discussed earlier.
  • You need to choose the markets and matches that allow skin or item wagers.


Where Can I Bet On CSGO?

When it comes to betting on this game, look no further BK8Asia because it is the most popular and reliable gambling platform for players around the globe. For CSGO bet, it covers major markets to keep you entertained. Moreover, it keeps you excited by providing a wide range of bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs. A great selection of CSGO matches is available for your enjoyment.

Choose BK8Asia for CSGO gambling and fill your wallets with lots of bucks!

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