What Will Be The Fate Of UEFA Euro 2021?

What Will Be The Fate Of UEFA Euro 2021

UEFA Euro 2021 was scheduled to be played in the year 2020 initially, but the executives had to postpone the newly transmitted virus because of the freshly transmitted virus. The fans are hoping to see their nations battling it to single out their opponents.

Amid the novel COVID-19 situation, the Euro 2021 players themselves are hoping that the Euro does not halt again. As things are unfolding gradually, one thing is evident that the matches will be played behind closed doors.


The Opinions of UEFA Euro 2021 Executives

The Opinions of UEFA Euro 2021 Executives

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As things stand, there is a 99% chance that the tournament will go ahead as planned. The first match will be played on 11th June 2021, and the continental competition will commence on 11th July 2021. However, the executives say there is a strong ‘possibility’ of the Euros being cancelled out at the eleventh hour if things become too bad.  

The final of UEFA Euro 2020 was scheduled to be played in Wembley Stadium. Fast forward to 2021, the venue for the final still stands the same. However, with the pandemic soaring its way across Europe, the possibility of 12 nations hosting the tournament might sound quirky to the executives.

In a virtual meeting that was hosted between host nations, the UEFA president said there are no plans currently to change the 12-nation hosting plan. It will proceed like the executives planned.

According to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, the tournament is a source of capital for football development. With its future lying in uncertainty, we need to be sure that the entertainment and action do not stop.


What About The Gamblers?

Number of participants in UEFA Football Championship

Football, as a whole, is a great opportunity that knocks on the door of gamblers. However, UEFA Euros and the World Cup adds to the beauty of it. If you are a gambler and looking to place wagers on the European games, there are many websites where you can view the best deals for gambling. Check out the online sports betting at BK8Asia.

The UEFA Euro 2021 will act as a magnet to attract gamblers in amass. The speculators and bookmakers go the extra mile to get excellent bonuses and bets. Furthermore, some of the betting websites offer loyalty programs with free bets, which adds icing to the cake.


What is The Future of UEFA Euro 2021?

Europe is still fighting the novel disease, and the infection rate is increasing like fire in the forest. The vaccines have come out, but some of them have side effects. So, it is a little difficult to imagine the tournament being planned ahead. The uncertainties are lingering around the corner for apparent reasons.

What hurts the tournament was its failure to host it for the diamond anniversary. That was one of the reasons the Euro championship was hosted in a myriad of cities. With summer on the horizon, it is obvious that the coronavirus spreads like wildfire under heated weather.

However, the word is circulating around that the new Russian vaccine will prevent the matches from being played behind closed doors. The fans need to be vaccinated if they want to travel and watch their nations play.


What Are The Industry Experts Saying?

Prominent football experts are suggesting that the tournament should be played in not 12, but only four venues. Furthermore, Bayern Munich owner, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, has indicated that the complete UEFA Euro 2021 should be played in London.

For now, a total of seven games will be played in Wembley Stadium, out of which three are semi-finals and final.


Cities That Are Hosting UEFA Euro 2021

Cities That Are Hosting UEFA Euro 2021

Twelve cities are hosting the next iteration of UEFA Euro 2021. Those cities are London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Munich, Glasgow, Rome, Baku, Copenhagen, Budapest, St Petersburg, and Bucharest.


What Are The Implications Of A Delay?

Delaying the tournament further might hurt the financial structure of UEFA. They will have to rewire everything, and there is World Cup the following summer. Although it is improbable, the UEFA Euro 2021 might take place behind closed doors in only one city.

Another story that emerged on the surface was that no team has decided to withdraw from hosting the tournament so far. Moreover, the host nations have been asked to draft plans to derive optimal capacity to cater to COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Due to the unease circumstance created by COVID-19, the plans have been voided of execution. Even when they can do so, they will not start until April. In a bid to reflect harsh circumstances, UEFA will be facing several challenges.


A Glimmer Of Hope

Euro 2021 Schedule and Timetable

Amid all the tension, there is hope – the vaccine. It will be rolled out for the general masses, and UEFA’s president had duly noted its presence. He added that he is optimistic about the tournament being carried forward to the next stages. He also added that the host cities would plan accordingly as to what the months of June and July will bring to the table.

Fans play a crucial role in rendering the sport to another level. The passion, enthusiasm, and unmatched support by the fans increase the thrill of watching the games. As a suggestion by most experts, it is a competition that occurs every four years. So, UEFA should make room for maximum space for fans to enter the stadiums and watch their teams play.


Final Words

More plans will come, and more situations will unfold. The distinction between them can only be made with time, and we can wait only. Another big thing is how the competition will be played at the beginning of May.

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