What You Need To Know About French Roulette

What You Need To Know About French Roulette

For ages, roulette has been a popular casino game. Due to its minimal house advantage and ruminative rewards, it is regarded by some as one of the simplest and most enjoyable types of gambling, both in a live setting and online. Whether you’re in the mood to play for fun or for real money, BK8Asia Casino has all of your favourite Roulette games all in one convenient location. We’ll go through the basics of French roulette, including its history, rules, and some of the lingo you’ll hear while playing.


French Roulette: A Brief History

Blaise Pascal, a French scientist, mathematician, and inventor, devised the most famous variant of roulette in the mid-1600s, despite the fact that the roots of the game remain a mystery. As far as he knew, he was aiming to build the first-ever perpetual-motion machine, a machine that does not need any external energy to function.

In spite of the failure of his first plan, he managed to create a technology that would change the way the gaming business operates forever. One of the most well-known and well-loved casino games, roulette is played by hundreds (if not millions) of people every day.


What Is The Difference Between French Roulette And Other Types Of Roulette?

What Is The Difference Between French Roulette And Other Types Of Roulette

If you’ve never played Roulette before. First and foremost, there are a few things you need to know about the live casino game since there are several variations. Your ability to make decisions and wager will improve as you gain experience.

To begin, there are three variations of roulette: French, European, and American. Rules are essentially the same, although each has a slightly different layout.

The single-zero roulette wheel used in European and French versions of the game has numbers 1 through 36 and a 0 in the centre.

A second double-zero is used in American roulette. As a result, there are 37 possible locations for the ball to land instead of the typical 36 in the other two versions. The house edge is lowered to 5.26% in American Roulette, making it the least advantageous for players, while the house edge is 2.7% in French and European.

Another form of “La Partage,” known as “En Prison,” is used in French and European Roulette, where the player only loses half of their bet if the spin results in zero and may then reclaim the other half provided the initial wager was for even or odd, high or low, or red or black.

“En Prison” is essentially similar, except the stake from the prior wager is left on the table. The croupier will note this on the wheel and the player’s investment is recouped in case of winning spin. In most casinos, the payout percentage is about 98.5%, therefore this rule gives the player an edge. That’s why so many people prefer European Roulette over its American counterpart.


Types Of Bets In French Roulette

Types Of Bets In French Roulette

Now that we have a basic understanding of the distinctions between American and European Roulette, we can begin to learn about the various bets that may be placed. There is no real difference between the several types of wagers you may make in online roulette; they all aim to forecast where the ball will fall and whether it will be a certain colour or number.

In addition, you may place wagers both inside and outside the house. The main differences are: It is possible for players to spread their wagers among many alternatives at the same time, provided that the total stake still equals the minimum bet on the roulette table. Unlike inside betting, which requires a little stake, outside betting requires the participant to invest the whole $5 on one bet. As a general rule, many individuals choose to make inside bets rather than putting all of their money into a single wager since the chances of winning are significantly better.

If you’re not playing American Roulette, you may also place specialised bets, which are termed “French” or “called bets.” To distinguish them, they have their own names, and the ellipses on which they appear are frequently marked with numbers or sentences that correlate.

Voisin du zero, Orphelins, and Tiers du Cylindre are the three types of bets that fall under this category.


Methods Of Playing The French Version Of Roulette

If you’re going to play Roulette online for real money, it might be difficult to come up with a strategy that works. So why can’t you tell where the ball will land? Because it’s completely random. If you want to boost your chances of winning, there are a few basic methods you may use.

To begin, newbies should aim for the outside of the betting table as we previously said. Even though you’re playing against 1:1 odd, the ball is more likely to fall in one of the two possible outcomes: red/black or odd/even.

Another option is to double your chances. This indicates that if you lose a wager, you should bet twice as much on the same colour of number and the same amount as you lost the first time. The “Martingale Strategy,” which has proven successful for many players in the past, should only be used if you can afford to put such large bets.



So, there you have it: a quick and basic introduction to French Roulette, along with the many sorts of bets you may put, and an approximate approach for winning. The most important thing to remember while playing any kind of Roulette is to familiarise yourself with the rules and the mechanics of the game as much as possible.

The game and the experience will be more fun and simpler to understand if you have some prior understanding of the rules. BK8Asia’s online casino also includes a wealth of online information and instructions for Roulette, as well as the chance to play all three varieties for both real money and free.

What are you waiting for? At BK8Asia, you may spin and win right now!

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