What is Fan Tan & How To Play It?

What is Fan Tan and how to play it

Are you one of those people who want to learn how to play Fan Tan?

In case you didn’t know yet, Fan Tan is a traditional and simple to play a gambling game that comes from China. The game grew in fame in most Asian nations and across the globe from the 1800s and onwards.

The game was played in the US by work gangs building the Trans-Continental railroad. It quickly spreads to become a massively famous recreational activity for most people to play as San Francisco and New York had massive Asian communities.

Famous software developer Play Pearls released a digital version of the game, allowing more people to enjoy playing this entertaining game online.

Do you want to know more about Fan Tan, how the entire game works, as well as useful tips you can use while playing it? Congratulations, because this post got you covered!

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What is Fan Tan?

Online Fan Tan Gameplay

Online Fan Tan Gameplay

Fan Tan is a unique game of chance from China. It utilizes neither dice nor cards. In the past, the game was played in huge gambling dens with the most handful of beads made of bone or ivory. People would often utilize coins, buttons, or beans when played in a more intimate environment.

In the modern versions of the game, Fan Tan is played with a plastic wand, plastic beads rather than using a bamboo one.

Did you know that it was the game Chinese would bring with them? As mentioned earlier, the Chinese bring them when they are working to create the Trans-Continental railroad. They also bring it with them when they settled in San Francisco and New York in the 1800s.

Fast forward today, people have BBin Fan Tan played online along with a live dealer. The game itself stays its secretive characteristics because the croupier offers a splash of beads on the table. The misunderstanding is short-lived as an exact number of beads are divided by the dealer through a cup.


How to Play The Casino Game?

The concept behind Fan Tan is relatively easy. You only need to pick a number from 1-4 representing the number of buttons left on the table after the dealer minus them in groups of four.

Here’s how you can play the game. First of all, place your desired bets on the table. The chips could be seen in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. It ranges in value from one up to an astounding 100 per piece.

Online Fan Tan Dividing

Online Fan Tan Dividing

You can pick from a broad spectrum of betting options that include a Fan (betting on a single number) and Kwok (betting on two numbers where both win). It’s entertaining to see that the house edge goes down to 1.25 per cent, especially if you put Sheh-Sam-Hong and Nga Tan bets. Click the “Throw” button to start the game after you are satisfied with the bet.

The game begins when the dealer picks up the cup loaded with buttons and continues to cover the casino table. The dealer puts up roughly sixty buttons or more on the table. The buttons are divided into groups. Later, there will be a few beads remaining on the board. That will be either one, two, three, or four, and that will be the winning number. You see, the game itself is quite easy as that to play.

It’s possible to use a specific bet repeatedly if you find some happiness using the bet. You need to click the Re-bet button after a round has been played. Further, you can also get rid of the existing bet at any time by just pressing the Clear Bet button.


Fan Tan Rules

What is Fan Tan

How To Play Fan Tan?

You will find another version of how the game is played. It is played between 3-8 players with only one classic poker card deck. Then, the cards are distributed to all the players, however, some players may receive fewer card among others.

The most important card in the game is 7, which makes this game popular refereed as Sevens. Each player take turns to put a card down on the table with its face upwards. The cards that are placed has to be in sequence in suit and number order.

For instance, let’s say the five of hearts is placed on the table. Then you are able to place the 4th or 6th of hearts on the table as well. The cards that are one place under and above the seven of hearts, correspondingly.

The winner will be the player who eliminates the cards first.


Types of Bets

You can place various online Fan Tan bet types when playing against a dealer. You will bet on the number of beads remaining after the final set of four.

Online Fan Tan Bet Table

Online Fan Tan Bet Table

Below are the typical Fan Tan online bets you should know:

  • Fan (odds: 3/1)

You will need to back the exact number of beads remaining with this type of bet. Keep in mind that fan bets are from one to four.

  • Nim (Odds: 2/1)

It is very similar to a fan but with two numbers rather than one.

  • Kwok (Odds: Evens)

Both numbers count as a win, like a nim bet.

  • Shem-Sam-hong (Odds: 1/3)

All three numbers count as a win, like nga tan bet.

  • Nga Tan (Odds: ½)

All three numbers could count as a win, like nga tan bet.


Where to Play Fan Tan at An Online Casino?

To some, Fan Tan might look complex. However, the game is quite easy after stripped from the splashing the beads or performance and reducing the pile, then getting rid of the excess. It’s a wonderful live dealer experience and a dash of fresh air among dice shakers, roulette wheels, and card games.

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