How To Play Baccarat: Rules and Odds

How To Play Baccarat Rules and Odds

Only a few other table games have been present in the gambling industry as Baccarat. Otherwise known as Punto Banco, the popular game is widely played by high rollers in many land-based casinos and online gambling sites worldwide. Hardly will you find a popular casino resort that doesn’t offer Baccarat betting options to its wealthy patrons. And of course, the baccarat game has specific rules and odds you need to understand before playing.

Before the recent decades, Baccarat rules seem complicated with extremely high stakes. However, with the introduction of modern-day gambling, the rules have been simplified. As a matter of fact, even a newbie to Baccarat game Malaysia can engage the famous table game with an average bankroll. Playing at an online live casino before a physical one is always preferable to any new players.

Baccarat’s comparatively modest house edge is one of the most alluring aspects. A combination of the impressive payout and the fairly simple rules make Baccarat games more exciting for many gamblers worldwide. As a player, you just need to pick between three possibilities and then place your bet. If you want to get accustomed to the Baccarat variants, rules, and odds, here is an enlightening read for you.


Baccarat Game Options

For those who want to feel the thrills and scenes of playing Baccarat games in both physical casinos and online casinos such as Sexy Baccarat, you can enjoy three forms of Baccarat tables. Read further to learn about them.


Big Table Baccarat

This table is designed for high rollers. Hence, it is usually positioned in a special area within the casino. Compared to the Baccarat tables for everyone, Big Table Baccarat features higher limits, with the table as big as those meant for Craps. A single table can comfortably allow 14 players. Each patron is allowed to choose either the banker or the player. However, the dealer bets on the banker.

Big Table Baccarat is similar to throwing dice on the Craps table as the whole betting takes place on the Baccarat table. If a player is sceptical about placing a bet, he or she may choose to pass the shoe to the nearest player. As long as the banker wins, the player holding the shoe continues to deal by putting two cards with faces down under the shoe.

Bettors offering the biggest bet will be dealt two cards, face down. From there, the players can check their cards and return them to the player dealing with the card. At this point, the dealing player will open the cards while one of the croupiers announces the totals. The dealer may ask for a third card if he or she wishes.

Now, the dealer needs to pay the winner holding the winning bets. For those who are new to the Baccarat game, it’s pertinent to remember that the dealer is not liable for any financial losses incurred during the game. 


Mini Baccarat

Big Table Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat follow the same rules. However, if you ever had the chance to enjoy both variants, you will notice the subtle differences. While playing Mini-Baccarat, the dealer handles card-turning. This helps quicken the game action. In addition, because of the reduced table restrictions, this version is appropriate for mass gamers. Interestingly, Big Table Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat usually have the same odds. But when cards are issued on a six-deck shoe, it might shift somewhat.


Midi Baccarat

Here is another suitable variant for high rollers in land-based casinos. Although it follows the same rules and betting procedures as the variants discussed earlier, the table size is larger. Midi Baccarat is also common in rooms with large limits.


General Baccarat Rules and Odds

Ideally, the Baccarat game features eight decks of cards. Cards between 2 and 9 possess values that are based on their face number. Zero is the value of every face-up card and 10s, instead. As for the ace, the value is one. Starting each new shoe, the dealer has to turn over one card to determine the number of the card to burn.

From there, the dealer will place the cut card 16 cards from the base of the shoe. The hand is concluded once the cut card comes. Now, the dealer has to play an extra hand before starting the new shoe. Every player is expected to bet on one of the three betting options: “player,” “tie,” or “banker.” Some tables allow players to bet on a banker or player pair.

After each bet is made, two cards will be given to the player by the dealer. Also, the banker will receive two cards. The worth of one hand is the proper number of the cards and the highest value is won by the hand. When you get seven and eight, for example, the total is 15. Then, your score is five. 

Essentially, you need to know that scores fall between zero and nine. There is no option of “busting.” If the cards of the banker and the player possess the same value, the betting outcome is a tie. Sometimes, the dealer or player can take an additional card if a certain rule is obeyed. A third could be dealt with if the player or the banker possesses a total of eight or nine and the two stand. This first rule overrides every other rule.

Dream Gaming Baccarat

If the total value from a player’s hand is five or less, it is expected of the player to hit. But if the score is beyond five, the player stands. If the player stands, if the total is five or fewer, the banker will touch. While the winning bet on player or banker is a 1:1 payout, a 5% commission will be charged on the banker bet. In this case, the odds will change slightly from 0.95 to 1.00. Bettors will notice the dealer noting down the commission they owe using a small laminated marker. By the end of each shoe, the dealer will collect the commissions.

Concerning the tie bets, various casinos offer different payouts. Generally, a payout of 8:1 or 9:1 is common. Suppose the hand finishes as a tie, the banker and player will receive their bets. It is worth noting that bettors cannot amend or adjust a bet after it is placed. The established rules are applied in dealing with the hands of the banker and the player.


Baccarat Odds

Whether it is the live casino Baccarat or land-based variations that you wish to play, the chances are that a bettor will win or lose a wager on your house. As previously mentioned, the lowest house range in table games lies in Baccarat. This is because the rules of the game enable a tiny house edge on the bet of the banker and the player while the bigger edge is created for tie bets. As for the Banker bet, the house edge is 1.06%. The Player bet features a house edge of 1.36%. The tie bet comes with a significantly higher house edge of 14.4. But the payment is more generous in comparison with banker and player bets.

Player Tie
# Decks % Win Payoff Edge % Win Payoff Edge % Win Payoff Edge
1 Deck 45.9624 % 0.95-to-1 1.0117 % 44.6760 % 1-to-1 1.2864 % 9.3615 % 8-to-1 15.7461 %
2 Deck 45.9073 % 0.95-to-1 1.0389 % 44.6508 % 1-to-1 1.2565 % 9.4419 % 8-to-1 15.0228 %
4 Deck 45.8761 % 0.95-to-1 1.0517 % 44.6340 % 1-to-1 1.2421 % 9.4898 % 8-to-1 14.5916 %
6 Deck 45.8653 % 0.95-to-1 1.0558 % 44.6279 % 1-to-1 1.2374 % 9.5069 % 8-to-1 14.4382 %
8 Deck 45.8597 % 0.95-to-1 1.0579% 44.6247 % 1-to-1 1.2351 % 9.5156 % 8-to-1 14.3596 %

In a Baccarat game, the likelihood of the hand of the player winning is 44.6%, while it is 45.85%. 9.53% is the chance for a hand to finish as a tie depending on the numbers of deck you are playing with. By removing the chances of getting a tie from your calculations, the odds of the banker winning all the time is 51%. Due to the low house edge, Baccarat is a common game among both higher rollers and mass players. Nevertheless, you are best advised not to forget the 5% commission that you need to pay for the house.


Live Casino Baccarat Rules

For those who want to win massively, choosing to bet on a Player or Banker tie is more advisable than a tie bet. Other calculations show that while a banker wins 50.68% of every non-tie bet, the player wins 49.32%. For instance, if a bettor places 100 credits on a bet. He or she is expected to lose 50.68 and to win 49.32. By deducting the 49.32 from 50.68, the difference is 1.36 – this is the house edge against the bet. 

Below is how the Banker odds are calculated: Assuming a bettor wagers 100 credits while keeping the 5% commission in mind in a situation where he or she wins. It means the player can win 0.95% credits for every credit staked. As mentioned earlier, the banker gets to win 50.685 of all bets. By multiplying 50.68 with 0.95, the result is 48.15. Given that the player is expected to lose 49.32%, the difference is 1.17 (49.32 – 48.15). This is the house edge for banker bets.

Concerning the tie bets, it takes place 9.55% of the time. In other words, the actual odds are 9.47:1. By dividing 9.55 into 100, the result is 10.47. Nevertheless, don’t forget that an original bet will be given to you. Therefore, the 9.47:1 is the actual odds. This means that winning a tie bet gives you nine while you get the house advantage by dividing 1.47 (10.47-9) into 10.47. Despite that the house possesses a significant advantage of 14.4%, some bettors willingly choose to tie bets. The explanation is because the payoff was significantly higher. Nevertheless, regardless of the 5% commission, the banker and player bets are more rewarding.



Admittedly, it can take a few practices to get used to the Baccarat odds and rules while playing live casino Baccarat. However, undoubtedly, once you get accustomed to the famous Baccarat game Malaysia, you stand a good chance of winning massively as the table game features an impressive payout while enjoying premium entertainment with fellow bettors globally. Endeavour to refer back to this article if you ever have a hard time recollecting the baccarat odds or the gambling process. Good luck, champ!

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