Follow These Strategies To Win at Online Sic Bo

Follow These Strategies To Win at Online Sic Bo

We all are crazy about casino games and have our favourites. Some of us love to play slot games, while some others prefer going for Baccarat or Blackjack. Asian gamers specifically have a soft corner for innovation and are also proud of their traditional games. One such game of dice is online Sic Bo. The game refers to be big and small or hi-lo. 

The game gained great fame among everyone before it went with the Chinese workers to the US. Now, we have the Sic Bo in its present form and in an online live casino games too. It involves betting on the outcome of the rolling of dice. Well, that sounds simple, right? It is more than just that, and this is what you will notice from the Sic Bo. The game promises a lot of fun and when you play the Sic Bo game with money, expect high payouts. 

When money is involved, you will need to exercise caution and even use some tricks or strategies. This will show you how to play the game and make money.


The Basic Game of Sic Bo

Dreamgaming - Sic Bo

Dreamgaming – Sic Bo

The online Sic Bo begins with a dealer having three dice. You place bets on the outcome as the dealer shakes a small jar, which contains these dice. Then on rolling this dice, if the combination is just as you had predicted, you win.

You collect the winning, and the next round begins. You can find the game live as well as in RNG styles. You can place several bets, small bets, big bets, Odd and even bets, single, double, triple bets, and more. 

Let us read more about these bets and the strategies you can use to make them work in your favour.  

  • Single Big Bet: The bets on big numbers from 11 to 17 will give you a payout of 1:1. The losses in a big bet can be when the total is between 3 and 10 or totalling 18. 
  • Single Small Bet: This bet excludes triples and has a winning percentage of 48.6%. The number of dice is between 4 and 10. 
  • Even Bet: The bet pays a ratio of 1:1 when you bet to a total would be an even number except for triples.
  • Odd Single Bet: Make sure to have a total of an odd number and not have any triples in this online Sic Bo. 


Strategies to Work on Single Bets

Sic Bo - Table

First things first, the odds of winning are smaller here in single bets. Next, a small bet will be any number from 4 to 10, whereas the big bet will be on numbers 11 to 17. You can expect higher chances of winning in small bets than the big bets. 

Combination of Numbers: You can bet on a variety of single die combinations, dice combinations, and four-number ones. So, you can bet on two-number combinations like 2 or 5. The payout is 6:1. You can even bet on a single-dice where you can pick from any number, coming on one dice or two or all three at a time. This combination has a lesser chance of winning, something of 34.72%. 

There is a three-single number combination available where the dice will reveal a combination of three different numbers. The four-number combinations have a chance of 11.1% of winning. If you seek more variation, look for betting on a pattern of two of a kind, like 2-2-3 or something on these lines. The payout could be 50:1 or 60:1 as you play the Sic Bo game. 


Strategies to Make You Win With Number Combinations

Sic Bo - Number Combinations

We like the two-number combinations, the ones with the payout of 6:1. This guarantees you a payout once in every seven times. In short, it is not as bad as you think. If winning is the only thing that motivates you, this may be an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Many players opt for a low-risk bet because they feel that they are ready for a moderate win. They are looking for numbers between 9 and 12. They feel that whichever number you choose, you should go for a three-double bet. So, to make a 9 win, you need to go for a combination bet of two same number bets. 


A Great Alternative

Did you assume the online Sic Bo to be just ideal for low-risk-taking bettors alone? You are wrong, as even high-rollers take the thrill out of the game by betting more. How can you do that? Just go for double bets and combination bets. In short, do not restrict to one way of winning on the same round.

This is a genius way out, but the only catch is to bet on a minimum of 8. This total will be more than 8, and that is not a problem. For instance, you can go for one, followed by two 3, and two 2. So, you get the good benefits of winning from not just one bet but smart moves.

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Pitfalls to Avoid in Strategizing

  • A big problem with bettors is that when we play the Sic Bo game, we may go overboard. You should not let overconfidence rule you. There is not only one successful betting system, and so you will have to trust your intuition. 
  • Look for combination bets as we just saw and plug it with other bets. This means you can go for a blend of two or three number combination bets. 
  • Do not go for triple bets as they are quite risky and have a payout of 180:1, making it perhaps the rarest combination. 
  • Another faux pas to avoid is that of placing bets on a sum of 12 or more. This means you can go for an alternative option of betting two small bets. Do not go for placing odds and even bets together. This will not give you any memorable win. 
  • Though the odds and evens or the Big and Small bets might have a lower house edge, they are safer to play. The loss, if you make any is low, and the wins are decent and more frequent. 
  • Play Sic Bo game with suitable betting amounts and enjoy your prediction skills.

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