5 Powerful Tips for Playing Live Dragon Tiger

5 Powerful Tips for Playing Live Dragon Tiger

Casino Dragon Tiger is a long-lasting wagering game. Cambodia originated the famous classic game. Hence, many Asians are fond of casino game. The Baccarat betting technique is mostly followed by Dragon Tiger. At the same time, it is based on the fundamentals of the Casino War. 

The popular table game features only two cards: One is dealt for the Tiger hand while the second is dealt for the Dragon hand. Although live Dragon Tiger casino game rules are simple and straightforward, it will help keep the following valuable tips in mind. The games is somehow similar yet different to other online live casino games.


The Best Dragon Tiger Tips and Tricks

The Best Dragon Tiger Tips and Tricks

Dragon Tiger is a casino game that features two symbols, dragons and tigers. Both are wild cards with the exception of when they appear on the first reel in which case they become regular symbols. These symbols can be used to complete winning combinations for players. Here are some tips for how you can get your dragon tiger winnings:


Dragon or Tiger Bet is the Best Option

Here is the most significant of the Dragon Tiger advice to remember. Endeavor to stick to either the dragon bet or tiger bet. For both bets, the house edge is 3.73%, which is the lowest among all possible bets. Simply bet on any of the two that you feel will have the higher ranking card. With these bets, you get even money.


Consider Live Dragon Tiger for Counting Cards

Dragon Tiger casino game is perfect for counting cards and tracking the number of dealt small or big cards. This is due to the game’s simplicity and the small number of cards used for the Dragon Tiger casino game. Additionally, bettors can monitor the number of 7s dealt. The reason is that regardless of your choice of bet, you lose whenever a seven is drawn.


Consider Using a Suit-Based Strategy

Consider Using A Suit-Based Strategy

While luck plays a crucial role in the Dragon Tiger game, professional gamblers use suit-based strategy to their own advantage. Using this method involves monitoring the suits that have been released the most. In other words, the best bet for this method is the suit bet.

For example, the number of suit cards and the number of decks used up to now should be counted. Suppose your estimates indicate that the clubs suit has been dealt the least after some time; your next best option is to bet on the clubs.


The Worst Bet Option is the Tie Bet

Admittedly, a tie bet gives a highly rewarding payout as it features an 8:1 payout. However, you are best advised to avoid it. The reason is that the tie bet features a 32.77% house edge. Using straightforward calculation, there are 86,320 hand combinations. Tie bet outcomes cover only 6,488. Hence, there are 79,872 chances of losing. Apparently, the tie bet is the riskiest betting option when it comes to the live Dragon Tiger casino. A worse option is the suited tie bet as there could only be 1,456 outcomes.


Dragon Tiger Game is Unaffected by Betting Systems

If you have been advised to consider using betting systems on the Dragon Tiger casino game, endeavor to crush the idea. No known person has ever recorded huge success on the famous table game by using betting systems. Hence, save yourself from the stress and simply play your game with the tips shares so far. 



Apparently one of the most simple games is Dragon Tiger casino game. The popular live casino game depends largely on luck than strategy. However, if you can implement the Dragon Tiger tips stated herein, you can stand a better chance of having luck on your side. Hopefully, luck will smile at you.

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