Top 5 E-Wallets to Use in Casino Malaysia

Top 5 E-Wallets to Use in Casino Malaysia

Online gambling and other forms of e-commerce have been made much more convenient by the advent of e-wallets. E-wallets are the most common means of payment for online casinos. Many of these standard e-wallets will be available to you if you play at a live casino in Malaysia. Here, you may learn more about live casino payment methods. Consider the number of safe payment ways available at a casino while finding a reliable one. Good online casinos often use the names of these famous e-wallets.


What Are E-Wallets?

E-wallet is the abbreviation for “electronic wallet.” It’s a virtual wallet where you may keep money and conduct online transactions. You may connect bank accounts and credit cards with certain e-wallets while others don’t keep any personal data.

In order to use an e-wallet, you need to decide how much personal information you’re comfortable disclosing. Most e-wallets may be used on a PC as well as a mobile device. Apps for various providers are now available to make payments more convenient. In addition to security and speed of transactions, e-wallets provide a variety of other advantages.

#1. Touch ‘n Go


Since its founding in 1997, Touch ‘n Go has been one of Malaysia’s most successful electronic wallet systems, catering to an ecosystem that includes millions of customers across the nation. TNG Digital Sdn. Bhd. is the company that runs and is in charge of the mobile application that the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet uses to provide its services.

This web-based wallet service makes it possible for customers to receive services such as making online payments, reloading accounts, and transferring cash via their Smartphones from any location and at any time inside the borders of the nation. Furthermore, none of these services will cost you anything. Additionally, Bank Negara licences the Touch ‘n Go electronic wallet, and the mobile application for it may be downloaded on any Android device running version 5 or above. Check out how to deposit funds in an online casino with Touch ‘n Go.


#2. DuitNow


Another electronic wallet service that has been recognised with accolades in Malaysia is called DuitNow. This electronic wallet has three distinct advantages that users may take advantage of, which contributes to its widespread adoption. The first option is referred to as DuitNow Transfer. With this feature, you may send and receive money from your digital wallet easily. You are able to send money to any DuitNow ID, whether it be an MYKad or passport number, a cellphone number, a company registration number, or even a police or army number.

You are able to scan any QR code with the help of the Duit QR, and you may send and receive monetary amounts from any of the member banks or e-wallets with only one QR code. Additionally, you are able to make payment requests to whomever you like by utilising the DuitNow Request. Because it is affiliated with a number of the most well-known banks in Malaysia, like AFFIN Bank, AGRO Bank, Citibank, Bank Islam, and AmBank, amongst others, you have the option of using this convenient electronic wallet as your chosen means of exchanging money with the casino.


#3. GrabPay


GrabPay is a payment solution for mobile wallets that may be used for a wide variety of applications, including online gaming. Grab is a company that offers its services to the whole Malaysian population in a variety of different methods. In addition to GrabPay, there is also GrabFood, which is a grocery delivery service, and GrabDrive, which is a transportation service. Grab markets itself as “the everyday everything app,” according to the company’s website.

Grab was established in 2021, but the payment system known as GrabPay didn’t become available until 2017. GrabPay has over 100 million active users despite being a relatively recent player in payment systems. A significant number of these players employ GrabPay in order to make deposits and withdrawals at Malaysian online casinos.


#4. PayPal


If you are a resident of Malaysia and like gambling online, you may discover that using PayPal makes the process much simpler. This electronic wallet choice shines with the advantages it provides to its customers. This kind of payment is one of the most popular and has a significant footprint all over the world. You may use it to buy purchases online, and it also enables transactions between users. Transactions between people are also possible using it. The electronic wallet is completely free to use, so there is no need to spend even a single dime to make use of it; yet, you can anticipate a high degree of security from utilising it.

In order to use either your credit or debit card, you will need to connect the two cards together and then choose which one to use. Presently, PayPal has a presence on a worldwide scale, boasting more than 300 million happy consumers from almost every region on the planet. The reason for this is because this particular e-wallet firm offers flawless security to its customers by monitoring fraud around the clock, providing purchasers with protections, and offering a refund on the cost of return shipping.


#5. BigPay


It is crucial to choose a secure payment option while betting online in Malaysia, where internet operators and land-based casinos are still banned. Malaysians have a few alternatives accessible, but few of them are expressly tailored to their needs. Fortunately, BigPay does.

As a Malaysian citizen, BigPay is an excellent alternative if you want to handle gambling payments via a regulated casino safely and quickly. No deposit fees, 24/7 customer service, and total control over your spending limitations are just a few of the reasons why BigPay is making a big impression right now.

To open a BigPay account, you’ll need to put down RM20 as a down payment. Although this is not a charge, you will still be able to utilise the money you have saved. When withdrawing money from your casino or ATM account, you may be charged a modest fee to create a regular bank account. In addition, BigPay charges a 2% fee on all top-ups to your account.



Paying using e-wallets is not only more convenient but also safer and quicker than more conventional ways. This method of payment with an e-wallet casino is also very cost-effective. When weighing the pros and downsides of playing at a Malaysian online casino, e-wallets are a crucial factor to keep in mind. There’s no use in wasting time if it doesn’t accept your preferred e-wallet.

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