The First Online Casino Malaysia That Accepts Cryptocurrency

The First Online Casino Malaysia That Accepts Cryptocurrency

Many years ago, ”cryptocurrency and bitcoin” were vague terms people literally knew little or nothing about. Fast forward to the present day, cryptocurrency has changed the way we think about money.

The decentralized digital currencies have introduced the world to a modern era. This currency doesn’t only aid you in acquiring goods and services online/offline, but it’s a big industry that has been generating tons of profit for its users.


What is Cryptocurrency?

Why Casinos Use Cryptocurrencies

10 years ago, the first Blockchain-based cryptocurrency “bitcoin” was unveiled, and until today it continues the most widely known and powerful cryptocurrency.

There are thousands of other alternate cryptocurrencies that have gained widespread popularity for their various functions and specifications. Some of these currencies were built from scratch while some others are clones of bitcoin. Some of them even available on several popular online casino as a new payment method. This made those to be crypto casinos.

Enough of the history talks, for now, let us get down to the central plot of this piece.


Cryptocurrencies in Online Casino

The gambling industry in Malaysia is a very big one as we all know, with so many online casinos available for you. The big question is how many of this online casino Malaysia accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment?

If you dig deep into this, you will find out that there are just a few of them of which BK8Asia is the first to integrate this payment system to their company website.


The First-Ever Online Casino Malaysia That Accepts Cryptocurrency

Betting Sites That Accepts Traditional and Cryptocurrencies Payment Methods

To think, the use of cryptocurrency is legalized in Malaysia, so what could be your excuse for not signing up and exploring BK8Asia’s online features today…

Could it be a lack of understanding of how the BK8Asia casino cryptocurrency works? Then, here is a breakdown of it.


  • BK8Asia now accepts USDT cryptocurrency deposit, this means that you can redeem your weekly MYR28 Angpow just by depositing via USDT crypto. And here is another good news for everyone, you’ll stand a chance to win a brand new Ferrari when you try your first experience with depositing USDT on BK8Asia online casino.
  • This online gaming platform offers crypto casino games, and their transactions are done using both the traditional method and cryptocurrency payment system. BK8Asia has its own gaming software that is Blockchain affiliated which ensures transparency and easy access online.
  • All deposits and withdrawals with USDT are super fast and easy, they happen instantly.
  • The introduction of USDT cryptocurrency doesn’t mean you’ll be limited to the kinds of games you play on BK8Asia. All your favourite games are still there for you on the familiar interface, you simply place bets with the coins and collect the winnings.
  • If you’re also being sceptical about using this payment option remember that BK8Asia has been around for some many years now and your money is safe with us because our casino is one of the most trusted online casinos in Malaysia.
  • Another nice thing about using BK8Asia’s USDT payment method is no transaction costs and limitless free regular transfers, while the conventional currency has set caps and transaction fees.
  • Kindly be informed that while it is a virtual currency, it cannot be turned into actual cash for secure authentication, it encrypts data and there is no jurisdiction to regulate it yet.

So that’s basically what you should about the USDT digital currency on BK8Asia.


The Best Things About BK8Asia

If you’ve read up to this point you should be asking the reason for the introduction of cryptocurrency to BK8Asia online casino. Well, there are so many reasons online casinos are starting to integrate the blockchain system into gaming sites…the benefits of using it far outweighs the demerits(that’s if any).

Below is a list of benefits you’ll reap from using cryptocurrency on BK8Asia online casino.



This cryptocurrency payment method is helpful to players since there is no risk of hackers breaching centralised databases.

Using the crypto method of payment doesn’t require you to provide sensitive data about yourself, and the crypto details which is the only information you’ll be providing is not stored within the server.

This will help reduce the risk of potential fraud as hackers have nothing to access on the BK8Asia casino site.

High security will put players at ease at any time, with a high level of confidence and comfort of playing casino games.


Mobile Compatibility

BK8Asia Mobile Version

BK8Asia Mobile Version

One thing is being able to offer games in crypto and another thing is the ability to play those games on any device. The added cryptocurrency option on BK8Asia doesn’t mean mobile users won’t be able to access the site anymore, rather a mobile compatibility of the site and app has greatly improved.

The quality of our mobile browser has been tested by experts who have proven it to be up to standard.

You can now play your favourite games using USDT coins on your mobile device from the comfort of your home.


Easy and Fast Processing of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are ideal because they facilitate instant processing of your deposit and funds withdrawal. There is no waiting period or middleman(authority) needed before funds are disbursed to the relevant party. This means you won’t have to pay commission fees anymore or have middlemen taking some cuts.

To get started with this digital currency on BK8Asia is so easy: simply open an e-wallet if you don’t have one and purchase any amount of USDT coins, then log on to BK8Asia’s official website and make a coin deposit, it will get instant approval, so go ahead and pick any game of your choice and mind the value most importantly.


Attractive Bonuses/Huge Promotions

bk8asia promotions

BK8Asia Promotions

Cryptocurrencies are just like lottery tickets with potentials of paying off in future. Using the USDT option will be beneficial to players because the jackpots are so attractive, and we offer lucrative bonuses from time to time. Be sure to always increase your bankroll when you make use of cryptocurrency on BK8Asia.

This added feature on BK8Asia is so huge and beneficial, we are super excited about it. As the first online casino company to accept cryptocurrency in Malaysia, we look forward to giving our distinguished customers the best experience ever.

We understand that not so many people know how to use our digital currency on BK8Asia, that is why we have 24/7 customer support. They’ll be there to guide you at every step to ensure a swift transaction on BK8Asia using cryptocurrency.

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