Safari Heat Slot Game: Win At Ease Now!

Safari Heat Slot Game Win At Ease Now!

For sure, many would agree that a Safari adventure is expensive. Thankfully, Safari Heat Slot Game come into play. You will enjoy the Safari experience while winning.

One of the best things about playing online slot games is that you do not need to visit a land-based casino to enjoy, have fun, and win. All you need are your device, Internet connection, and a comfortable spot in your house – voila, you can start your gambling journey. Plus, Safari Heat is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced players.

If you are not familiar with this online slot game, keep reading and learn helpful ideas on having the best gaming experience.


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What is Safari Heat Slot Game?

What is Safari Heat Slot Game

Safari Heat Slot Game is developed by Playtech. This Safar-theme slot game gives players a chance to win prizes that may make them go on real Safari adventures. Players can win the jackpot by spotting various animals, such as Elephants, Rhino, Flamingos, Zebra, and Gnu.

The Wild Lions offers a different level of fun and excitement. These animals bring massive prizes. They have the power to substitute other symbols and create more lucky combinations. With the Scattered Sunset, players can take advantage of more big instant prizes. Plus, they can trigger free spins.

Players have an opportunity to combine different line and line-bets to achieve personalized spin-stakes. Laptops, PCs, and other mobile devices are used to boost the excitement. In other words, anyone can enjoy the game in the comfort of home.

Hot Earnings

Safari Heat - Paytable

This slot game has a mixture of hot prizes and stunning animals. The prizes start from 25,000 coins if players spot Zebra and Gnu, 40,000 coins if Flamingos are spotted, up to 75,000 coins if Elephants and Rhino are spotted.

Meanwhile, if players want to win 900,000 coins, they must spot all the five male lions roaming the reels. Wild Lions can gobble up other symbols and substitute them for providing more lucky combinations. These animals can also double the prizes once they appear in the winning combinations.


Scattered Sunsets 

Safari Heat - Free Games

Scattered Sunsets give the players a chance to win up to 450,000. Three or more of them trigger the Free Spins bonus. If that happens, players can enjoy 15 free spins that can triple the prizes. More free spins also mean that more Scattered Sunsets can also be retriggered during the initial bonus.

Players can also double any of their prizes by using the Turn-Of-A-Card Gamble feature. They have to guess whether the card would be black or red. If their guess is correct, they can try and double the prize, a maximum of four more times. This feature is similar to the Panther Moon slot as they are both developed by Playtech.



Players have to ensure that they are picking a spin-stake within their set budget. For instance, they can play 1,3,5, 7, and 9 lines per spin. Then, they can place line-bets of between 1-100 coins. This means the minimum bet should be one while the maximum one should be 900 coins a spin.


How to Play Safari Heat Slot Game?

How to Play Safari Heat Slot Game

Winning incredible prizes in this online slot game is about making 2,3,4, and 5 combinations from left to the right across the chosen pay line. They are in vibrant African colours and include 9, 10, A, Q, J, and K. 

The theme symbols are known to pay out more. They start with the flamingo, then the zebra and bison, followed by the rhino and elephant, and lastly, the male lion. Wild lion symbols are the highest-paying combinations. 

If the wild lions landed in the middle of the potentially winning combination, this animal would complete it. The lions can even double the winnings. 

In this game, the scatter is the landscape symbol against the setting sun. It may not need to land in the line in order to pay out a winning combo, but the player can expect more than cash prizes. If players can three, four, or five scatters, they can enjoy a total of 15 free spins at the current bet level.

With the free spins, players can take advantage of 3 times multipliers on any the produced win. Plus, the spin features are retriggered indefinitely.


Tips to Win Safari Heat Slot Game 

Don’t worry if you are a first-timer in this online slot game; there are several ways you can try to improve your chances of winning the jackpot prizes. Check out the tips below:

Tip #1: Study the Slot Game’s Paytable 

With the paytable, you have a chance to take a look at each symbol’s worth. It also helps you see whether the symbol is lucrative or not. Getting familiar with Safari Heat’s paytable enables you to determine whether the game has scatters or wild symbols. You may read more about other slot games tips and tricks too.

Tip #2: Try Free Games 

Practising with the free games will not only give you an overview of the game but also gives you a chance to hone your skills. Do not believe that you can eventually know how to win the jackpots; you have to start and practice free games.

Tip #3: Start with Smaller Jackpots 

It is always tempting to aim for big jackpots, but smaller ones are sometimes more advantageous. Big jackpots are not very favourable. So, if you are not ready to chase the big bucks, smaller jackpots are great choices. Plus, they pay out more often. 

Tip #4: Set a Budget 

Before starting your luck in Safari Heat, ensure to set a budget. You also need to ensure that you will stick to it. You have to decide what would be the maximum sum you can spend. If you notice that you will reach that sum, it is best to stop playing. 


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