How To Play And Win Monkey Thunderbolt

How To Play And Win Monkey Thunderbolt

Just admit it – casino online players have one common goal which is ”play to win”. That’s probably the same reason you’re here, to get the tips and tricks of winning at monkey thunderbolt. This game has become so popular for online casinos in Malaysia, which has made it every player’s choice.

Everything about this slot game is fun, from the design to the betting, spinning, and the whole idea of the game is all fun and exciting.

You might well play this game practically hours a day.

Before we dive right into the tips and tricks of winning at monkey thunderbolt, knowing a bit of monkey thunderbolt won’t be a bad idea after all.


History Of Monkey Thunderbolt

Developed and provided by SpadeGaming, this game is based on a Chinese legendary story of a few monkeys who reach the sky to obtain victory. Prior to when humans could reach the sky, it was noted that no one could do this apart from monkeys.

There was a significant competition held every 100 years between legend monkeys, and the winner will be crowned the ’thunderbolt king’.

The contest to be the jolt ruler for 100 years was tight and severe. During the race, these monkeys have to cope with random challenges like birds trying to move you out of the track, and the regal silk rope that can hold just light monkeys.

Fast forward to the present day, this game has been digitalized to become ’monkey thunderbolt’.


About Monkey Thunderbolt Slot

Monkey Thunderbolt Slot

This online slot game is widely known in Malaysia for the unforgettable experience it provides players, alongside great fun and attractive jackpots to win.

The time of the race is approximately 2 minute or even lesser sometimes. In this game players simply need to place their bets on the chosen monkey, then keep their fingers crossed to see if it’s light enough to jump on the silk rope to win the jackpot.

Besides placing bets on the winning monkey, players can also place their wagers on monkeys who they think can win second and third place.

Monkey thunderbolt slots are easy to play, just be articulate enough to win yourself extra cash. Similar to other online slot e-wallet games, the Monkey Thunderbolt also has great graphic and audio for the players to enjoy.


Features Of Monkey Thunderbolt Slot

  1. The game has a countdown timer and it gives a unique sound if you have less than two 10 seconds on the timer.
  2. It is available for both Android and iOS users. It is compatible with any web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This means you can play this game anywhere, even from the comfort of your home.
  3. The table seats are unlimited at the gaming table.
  4. This game offers players a thrilling Jackpot animation with multiplier awards available per race.
  5. Another good thing is players can zoom in to have a close view of the monkeys.
  6. You will get to learn some historical facts as well.
  7. The complex bet panel allows one player to place multiple bets on a single round of the game.
  8. Each game lasts for 2 minutes generally.
  9. All players have great chances of winning with the sophisticated betting system available.
  10. The various events that bring fun to this game like – when the monkey gets off the rope, and the birds pushing it down too.

So that’s it for now…

We could go on and on to list the amazing features of the monkey thunderbolt.

But, let’s get down to business!


What Is The Best Strategy To Win Monkey Thunderbolt Slot Game?

Monkey Thunderbolt Gameplay

Like we will always say, there is no sure way to win.

That being said, clever ways of optimizing profits and reducing losses are available. The way we’ve described the game up to this point makes it look so simple to play right?

But trust me, to excel at this game and maintain a consistent winning rate you need a little analysis and a certain degree of strategizing skills. Don’t worry, we are here to help you achieve that.

Below is a list of carefully curated tips and tricks that can help you win at monkey thunderbolt games.


Master The Basics Of The Game

This is the very key to winning not just at the thunderbolt slot but other casino games. You don’t rush to place bets on a game you know little or nothing about, you’ll end up losing so much and finish your bankroll quickly.

Some of the basics of this game have been mentioned above for you, take your time to study them if you haven’t, before trying the next tip.


Start With RM100

The best advice and strategy to follow is to start with a deposit of RM100. You can gradually increase it with time. This small deposit will help you observe the trend.

Remember it’s a computer game, and the trend can be modified the next hour or probably the next day. Alternative, you may check out the free credit for slot games here.


Play Safe

To start betting you have to wager with RM1 at the big odd betting lantern RM100, RM 125, and RM175. The trick is to keep playing this way for about 15 times. Keep betting with RM1 until you hit one of your bets.

If you hit RM100 you’ve won yourself RM100.

This means you are more likely to win the next bet.


Go Higher

Before you read on, make sure you have won at step 3. This gives you the confidence to increase your wager to RM2, RM3, 4,5,6,7, or even 8.

Do not be too greedy at the start of the game to place high bets, start small and gradually you will increase your bet.

And also, don’t get worried about losing your bets in the beginning, you will surely win them back if you don’t give up halfway.



Final Note

Having a bankroll is very important while playing monkey thunderbolt, set a target amount you desire and once you’ve exhausted it you can call it a day!

These tips have been used by seniors in the game, we don’t give out information that hasn’t been verified or used by our members.

As such, be confident that you’re one step closer to winning your wager when you play next.

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