Goblins Cave Slot Game

Goblins Cave Slot Game

Are you new to online slot games? Do you desire a different sort of slot game experience when you’re playing? If so, playing Goblins Cave Slot Game is worth the try.

Goblins Cave is the greatest place to get your hands on the game’s titular character’s treasure. It is uniquely organized and inventively themed with three playline, three-row, and three-reel slots. 

This slot game is very simple, but the bonus round and wild substitutions can jazz up your gaming experience. If you are ready to get familiar with this online slot game, keep reading.


What is Goblins Cave Slot Game? 

Goblins Cave Slot Game is a popular, classic slot game with symbols ranging from crowns, teapots of different colours, rubies, and lanterns to gold coins and bonus symbols. It offers a lot of chances to win due to its lucrative bonus game and ability to hold symbols on each spin.

Goblins Cave Slot - Paytable

This slot game comes with three paylines. In the centre of a small hut where a lizard sits on it, the reels are located. On the reels’ left side, the goblin himself is found. He turns a crank, making the reels spin. The entire slot game is set against the goblin’s hoard of treasure backdrop. All symbols are linked to the game. It includes three different crowns (green, gold, and red), three different crowns (green, purple, and red), three different rings (green, purple, and red), and gold coins.


Notable Features 

Below are the bonus features in Goblins Cave Slot Game that can help maximize your wins:

  • Scatters – This is the lantern symbol that triggers the bonus symbol after appearing three times.
  • Wilds – This bonus symbol acts as a substitute for all the symbols, but the Scatter is the exemption. It is represented by the ruby.

This is similar to the Jin Qian Wa slot game, also provided by Playtech.


Goblin Cave Jackpot 

If the three wild symbols landed along with the paylines, players could enjoy the 150x top payout. The green crown offers a 75x payout; the purple can payout 100x, the red crown comes with a 125x payout and the combination of all three results to 20x. 

Meanwhile, the green teapot can payout 20x, the gold teapot has a 35x payout, the red teapot pays 50x, and the combination of the three results to 5x payout. The green ring can payout 5x; the purple ring pays 10x, the red ring offers 15x payout and the combination of three results in a 2x payout. Then, landing one wild pay 2x, two wilds can payout5x, and three gold coins come with 1x payout.


How to Play Goblins Cave Slot Game?

Goblins Cave Slot - How To Play

If you are new to Goblins Cave Slot Game, you do not have to get frustrated with the rules and gameplay. The game developer ensures that you will enjoy the game even during the first game. 

You don’t need a lot of skills or expertise to play this slot machine. To start the game, gamblers should play with 1-3 rows as well as wager from 1-5 coins on every row.

For every wager, players have two spins. If they want to wager maximally, they can use the Bet Max button. On every reel, players will find a Hold button. During spin 1, the bottom reel only performs the spin. Players need to choose what they wish to hold. After that, the symbol appears on all the rows. During spin 2, the blank reels only perform the spin. Then, players will have to match the symbols up to three times.

For hefty wins and great gaming performance, the goblin acts as the assistant and the ruler. The bonus round is activated once the players get the three lantern symbols on the row. In addition, if they get three lanterns on rows 1 and 3 combined with more lanterns on row 3, they are awarded two bonus rounds.

If players get three lanterns for all three rows, they can enjoy three bonus rounds. Once the bonus feature is triggered, players have to choose from the treasures. Since these treasures are in the chests, they have to choose a chest to see the amount they have won.


Tips to Win Goblins Cave Slot Game 

Whether you are a novice or seasoned player, the tips below will help you win Goblins Cave Slot Game and even maximize your wins:

Tip #1: Look for High RTP

If you wish to find the game’s high RTP, consulting the online casino provider would help. You’ll have a higher chance of winning if you choose the RTP with the highest theoretical return.

Another high RTP slot game you can explore and consider: Archer Slot Game


Tip #2: Start with Small Deposit 

Starting with a small bet or deposit helps run up big winnings. So, if you start to lose, only a few sums are at stake. However, if you wish to win big, you can gradually increase the bet when you notice a nice win. You just have to use extreme caution while placing wagers to avoid losing all of your money.


Tip #3: Use Bonuses 

Another effective way to win at this slot game is by using your bonuses. A wide range of bonuses is available on most online gaming sites. Use these bonuses to your advantage as it adds cash on top of the current balance. This approach also provides more excitement to the game.


Tip #4: Set a Stop Loss 

Goblins Cave Slot Game is undoubtedly fun, but if you are not careful, you will end up losing. That’s why having a stop loss in place is so important. Ensure that you know what you can give and never exceed that.


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