Bonus Bears Slot Tips And Guides

Bonus Bears Slot Tips And Guides

Some people are naturally attracted to teddy bears and all kinds of pets. People with such taste also likely appreciate watching cartoon movies and other forms of animation. Now, as a teddy lover, have you ever imagined experiencing similar fun (just as in the movies) in an online casino? Trust me, there is no better way to amplify the excitement of online slots than to bring in the cuteness of teddies to it. That’s why Playtech and Mega888 have come up with Bonus Bears slots as a way of bringing a new version of excitement and fun to the doorsteps of online slot enthusiasts.

In this article, you will be learning the basic tips and guides that will ensure you enjoy this amazing game to the fullest.


What Is Bonus Bears All About?

What Is Bonus Bears All About

As the name indicates, Bonus Bear is a video casino slot game that features a wild bear along with symbols like; a grizzly bear, redheaded ranger, honey bee, picnic basket, beehive, jars of honey, skunk, and symbols of traditional playing card ranging between 9 and Ace.

This game is particularly built with less sophistication or complexity as the features are mainly childish but cute. The graphics are also top-notch despite the simple appearance of the game.

In terms of gameplay, Bonus Bear is simply amazing. Because the buttons for spinning the reels, launching auto-play, and adjusting the wagers and pay lines are well arranged under the reels, making it easy to navigate the game’s interface.

Players can also consult the paytable at any time to learn more about the value of individual symbols. Hence, in a nutshell, while the theme is simplistic, Bonus Bears is remarkably easy to get grips with.


Key Features;

  • A 5-reel game with 25 pay lines.
  • Designed to revolve around the life of a wild bear.
  • The colours, letters and visuals, in general, are indeed childlike but are very attractive.
  • Easy to play and navigate the interface.
  • The paytable is easily accessible by players.


The Dual-Play Mode Of Bonus Bear

Bonus Bear comes with a dual-play mode; the free mode and paid mode. This means money is not necessarily a problem when playing the game.

If your preferred online casino features Bonus Bear slots, then you can start enjoying the game in a free mode. This will give you an ample opportunity to have a feel of the game and learn the needed skills or strategy to excel without spending a dime from your bankroll. Sounds cool, right? Well, that’s just one out of the many benefits of the game.


How To Play Bonus Bears?

Playing the game is really straightforward and animations and graphics are just excellent so that you might really want to check out this popular slot game.

In terms of credits, the lowest bet in Bonus Bear slots is 0.01 and the highest is 0.50 per credit. While this game is considered a credit game, it has the ability to fulfil strong bettors’ demands. The highest amount a player can bet on is $125. (that is; after playing all 25 paylines in addition to betting 0.50 x 10 credits).

Besides, if you get lucky in the game, you might end up taking home a jackpot worth over 5000 coins. Surprisingly, the available wins are not counted in the bonus round. For instance, during the honey pot bonus feature, players can win up to 100-times their initial bet, making the game more lucrative than many other slots.


The Honey Pot Bonus Rounds

Bonus Bears - Bonus Game

It’s not common to come across a game that is packed with bonus features, including free spins and multipliers. That’s exactly what the Bonus Bear slot can offer you.

The wild symbol of the game is portrayed by the bear itself — which appears mighty, yet cute-looking. The beehive represents the scatter symbol which triggers certain effects including; the multipliers, honey feature, and more free games.

To create an expansive winning combination, the wild bear can replace other symbols within the reels, except the beehive. Of course, with this feature, the bear symbol will appear more often on the reels, giving you a greater winning chance.


How To Get The Bonus?

The Honey feature is an amazing bonus round that allows players to win free spins. This bonus is turned on when the reels are equipped with at least 3 beehive symbols.

Getting as many bonus pots as you can, is the key objective in this bonus round. The bear would reach one of the five trees in pursuit of honey pots to do so. The bigger the honey’s bonus, the higher the player gets. It will continue until a  real beehive eventually discovered. And interestingly, this bonus feature can be triggered either during normal gameplay or during free spins.

Bonus Bears - Free Spin Bonus

The free spin feature is activated when the wild symbol (or the bear) appears on reel-2, real-3, and real-4 after a successful spin. By triggering and reactivating this feature, you can win up to 15 free gaming sessions. Moreover, during the free spin round, your wins are multiplied by 3 to boost the total winnings.


Where Can I Play Bonus Bears?

Presently, the free and real-money version of Bonus Bears is available only at online casinos partnered by Playtech. Also, if you would like to play the game on your mobile phone, we strongly suggest the best online mobile casino Mega888. It offers more than hundreds of online slot machine games which include Bonus Bears.

 Play Bonus Bears Now

Bonus Bears - Play Now


Before You Go…

You’ve found in Bonus Bears if you’re looking for something nice, simple but still lively with graphics. Because this slot game gives you the real vibe and energy you’ve been missing in the casino for so long. Check out the free credit slot e-wallets here!

Matter of fact, Bonus Bears is a great game for everyone bored of the similarity of many online casino games as it offers something unique and adventurous.

Why not try playing Bonus Bears today? You’ll be glad you did.

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