Archer Slot Game: Guides and Tips

Archer Slot Game Guides and Tips

Many children grew up dreaming of becoming Robin Hood someday. After all, there is a distinct appeal to saving the poor and conquering the world with a bow and arrow. Thankfully, you can now experience those childhood fantasies through an archer-themed online slot game. 

Archer Slot Game is one of today’s favourite online slot e-wallet machine games in an online setup. The game brings fun and excitement to every spin. Plus, it offers an exciting set of features that can improve your overall gaming experience.

If you want to get to know about this online slot game, keep reading!


What is Archer Slot Game?

What is Archer Slot Game

Archer Slot Game is a popular online slot game developed by Playtech and based on Robin Hood. It was released in 2010, and since then, a lot of people are enjoying it. The winning combinations are compromised by symbols on adjacent reels in 243 ways. 

This slot game comes with two special symbols: Scatter and Wild. Players have a chance to win a round of free spins. Once the symbols come up on the reels, the special bonuses become active. These bonuses also serve to expand the regular symbols.

Special Features 

Here are the special features found in Archer Slot Game that can boost the fun and excitement in your gaming experience:

Archer Slot - Wild and Scatter

  • Scatter – This special symbol appears anywhere. It helps to launch the free spins round and offers good payouts. Three Scatters launch are equivalent to approximately seven additional spins. What’s more, it helps to activate the bonus feature called Expand and Split.
  • Wild – This is another special symbol in the Archer slot machine. It comes on 2,3,4 reels. Plus, it helps replace regular symbols.
  • Expand and Split – This novel feature appears in a special frame. From there, regular symbols and Wild show up, including the eight arrow images. Once the winning combination is found, the remaining fields are being filled up with symbols in double.
  • Free Games – Symbols with an arrow trigger the Expand and Split rounds. These seven free games are also triggered by three or more Scatters or in an infinite manner.
  • Free Spins – These free spins can be seven or more. They are triggered by three or more Scatters. The combinations help retrigger extra rounds.
  • Double Game – Under the fourth reel, this feature is triggered after a win comes about. Players need to guess the card’s colour between black and red. Choosing the right colour gives the players double their initial win.


How to Play Archer Slot Game 

Archer Slot Game offers incredible free spins, enabling the players to see how multiple wins come about. If they are members of an online casino platform, they can enjoy welcome bonuses that help increase their wagers. In return, they have a chance to try this slot game with real money wagers. 

One of the best things about choosing Archer Slot Game is that it is mobile-friendly. Since it is designed using HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, players can stream the game on iOS and Android devices. Anyone can try their luck at this online slot machine on the go. They can see different gameplay and features on their chosen mobile devices.

Archer Slot - Free Games

If you are new to online slot games, do not get overwhelmed with the game rules. Here are the steps on how to play Archer Slot Game:

Step 1: Choose A Coin Value

First, you have to select a coin value between the 0.01 and 5.00 credits.

Step 2: Adjust the Multiplier 

The next step in playing this slot game is to adjust the multiplier from one to ten times. Beware that selected values can determine the final stake, falling between the 0.25 and 1,250 credits.

Step 3: Roll the Reels 

The next step is to start rolling the reels using automatic or manual functions. Then, wait for the results.

You can also check out the slot demo to help you get familiar with and understand the rules and gameplay.


Tips to Win Archer Slot Game 

Online Archer Slot Game provides players with different ways to win real money. You can try playing this slot game at websites that offer welcome bonuses to double up your stakes as you spin the reels.

Below are some tips on how to win Archer Slot Game and maximize your winnings. 

Tip #1: Use the auto spin mode to see wins uninterruptedly. This mode comes about every time the slot game is in the Autoplay mode.

Tip #2: Once the Gamble button is activated, it ensures to double the winnings. If the guess is successful, players can win as many as 1000 credits.

Tip #3: The themed symbols offer higher payouts. The primary warrior icon provides different effects on the bet amount, such as 50, 750, up to 1500 times. The warrior symbol with the purple background is the best high-paying icon, followed by the man with a green frame. Next is the icon of ladies.

Tip #4: The minimum bet in this slot game is 25 coins, while the maximum is 250 coins. Players can set the multiplier with the Bet Multiplier button.

Archer Slot - Expand and Split

Tip #5: Players cannot activate the Expand and Split bonus without a single symbol with an arrow. So, they have to ensure that their symbols have these arrows to trigger that bonus feature. 


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