7 Tips and Tricks for Slot Games

7 Tips and Tricks for Slot Games

Arguably, slot games are the most played games in many online casinos globally. This is understandable considering the entertainment and reward that the game category offers. By playing slot games, every player can choose from a wide array of categories based on different themes, cultures, or styles. You’ll find slot machines with a TV show, comedy, fishing, and movie themes. Hence, slot games offer so many varieties that no player ever gets bored or tired of enjoying the game series. With that being said, we are going to discuss the best Slot Games Tips that you might use!

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What’s Good About Slot Games?

Aside from the exciting themes and gameplay, slot games are equipped with multiple features that increase winning chances. From free spins, multiplier, target lock, bonus games, wild symbols, scatters, and some combo that leads to mouth-watering prizes, they are the real deal.

Unlike table games, such as Blackjack, Roulette or Poker, where the odds can change, slots come with fixed odds. So, hardly will you find a game strategy to increase your chances.


The Best Tips and Tricks For All Slot Machine Game Players

Nevertheless, many experienced players and generous gaming households have released some useful tips that can enhance a player’s odds of winning in slot games. Read this article to the end to find out. Enjoy reading.


1. Slots With Higher Denomination Come With Higher RTP

Here is a true claim when games with three reels rule the gambling industry. Interestingly, the claim remains true today. Slot games requiring dollar stakes offer higher payback percentage compared to those who allow gamers to play with a penny.

3 Reels Slot Game - SpadeGaming FAFAFA 2

3 Reels Slot Game – SpadeGaming FAFAFA 2

Hence, if you want to earn more, you should consider slots with higher denominations. Nevertheless, it is worth stating that the entertainment value and gameplay are worth checking out before settling for specific slot machines.

Otherwise, you can lose interest in a dollar slot game before getting a chance to win big. Remember that playing with dollar slot games come with more significant risks; thus, you should risk your money on a dollar slot game that you love and find comfortable to play.


2. Bet Enough in Progressive Slots

By deciding to enjoy progressive slots, it’s recommendable to bet enough to win a jackpot. This is because whether you bet enough or not, a percentage of your stake goes into the jackpot(s). For instance, slot machines having three reels often have a single progressive jackpot with specific maximum coins to lay claim to the jackpot.

If a slot game requires betting at least three coins to be eligible for a jackpot and you bet two coins, you’ll be entitled to a reduced payoff at a specific amount if you line up top jackpot combo. Hence, you’ll be denying yourself the grand prize.

What Are Progressive Jackpots

As for the video slots, there are usually multiple levels for the progressive jackpots, ranging from two to twelve. A typical progressive jackpot for video slots is usually designed with four mini, minor, major, and grand levels. Other times, the levels are known as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Some video slots allow gamers to win the jackpots, regardless of your amount of stake. However, other video slots demand that you make a specific bet for the jackpot to be eligible.

As far as progressives are concerned, the jackpots should be the main deal. This is because the games usually pay less compared to other games. However, if you manage to win the progressive jackpots, it can be a life-changing win. So, if you’ll ever be playing progressive slots, let the effort and stake worth it.


3. Select Slot Games That Match Your Personality And Goals

Select Slot Games That Match Your Personality And Goals

While this tip may sound less conventional, it’s an important tip to always keep in mind. Before you start playing slot games, endeavour to look through the available offers, and find a suitable slot game for yourself.

Perhaps, it’s the theme, style, or gameplay that matches your personality. If your betting goal is to win the maximum jackpot possible, you should check out slot games with the biggest jackpot win.

Here are some explanations to guide you while choosing: as for the three-reel slot games, they usually focus on jackpots with lesser hit frequency and higher losing spins. So, this slot category gives you a chance to win a big prize; however, there is a good chance of losing quickly too.

Pick The Best Suit Slot Games

If you intend to play video slots, you’ll get multiple bonuses and pick’em games, which comes with high hit frequencies. Also, video slot games usually offer many small wins that allow you to play more.

However, there is a reduced chance of winning a massive jackpot. Some video games come with free spins as its major bonus events. Such games usually have moderate volatility and the chance of winning big that can be found between pick’em games and three-reel games.

While playing free spins, you don’t have to stake extra bet. Yet, you can win even the top jackpot. At the same time, you may not win anything on free spins. Eventually, you should know your slot games and choose a suitable game for your gambling goals and personality.


4. Don’t Exceed Your Budget And Reduce Bet When Necessary

These are invaluable advice to have a successful slot gaming experience. At some point, you can lose money in many sessions. And other times, you may experience multiple and massive wins. So, playing slot games can go both ways. However, the crucial thing is to always put your stakes in check.

Endeavour never to bet funds that you can’t bear losing. In short, it will help if you should bet an amount that won’t have a massive effect on your account balance. If you have $200 in your casino account, you should keep off dollar slots as much as possible.

Reduce Bet When Necessary

Otherwise, you will be surprised to lose 100 bucks within a jiffy. Suppose you lose such amount quickly, you should either stop betting or drop down to playing penny slot games to give yourself a chance of recovering some of your funds.

Do Not Stake Bets

Bear in mind that you don’t get to stake multiple bets on slots machines like roulette. Also, players can’t make the most of fluctuating odds, as found with Blackjack. So, you need to watch your betting stakes closely. Its best is you find free credit slot e-wallets games before start playing.

When you limit your spending and manage your funds, you’ll experience tranquillity and give yourself an excellent chance to focus on winning.


5. Begin With Small Bets To Win Big

Many experienced and successful bettors have used the “prime the pump” tip effectively. This tip requires believing that wins won’t come instantly. Hence, it would help if you bet with small bets at the beginning.

As you play more, you have more chances of winning. Although the chance of winning early is the same as winning later, the trick is that you won’t lose a large sum from the onset. Thus, it helps stay on the safe side, yet gives you a good chance of winning.

Advisably, you can maintain a regular pattern. Within five trials, you have a chance of winning at least one. If you are a newbie to slot games, this tip will surely do you a lot of good.


6. Consider Slot Games At The Extremes

During the days of slot machines in a physical casino, many believe that machines at the extremes are usually more visible to newbies. Hence, they usually come with a higher payout, which helps attract new gamers.

Considering that we live in the age of modern gaming, this tip may be less useful. However, if the games come with high RTP, you should consider checking them out. It’s a harmless trick that can end up in a big win.


7. Check Out Games With Incredible RTP

If you intend to win massively, you should check out the latest slot games with outstanding payback percentages. This approach may take some time.

However, an online casino that shows the latest (hot) slot games will make the work easier. And more importantly, the effort can be worthwhile. Endeavour not to fall for the lies of slot machine going “hot” or “cold.” It never works.

Also, checking the recent paybacks won’t offer you an edge to win. Instead, you should choose a game with an incredible payback percentage and enjoy your game. It’s easy.



As stated earlier, slot games are highly entertaining with amazing prizes. You’ll surely love the gaming experience. Remember that there are no shortcuts or cheats to win on slot games. Considering that slot games do not feature fluctuating odds like roulette, or Blackjack, it’s even more challenging to work your way around it.

However, if you can apply the tips discussed herein, you have an improved chance of winning. All you need is to keep the information in your mind and implement it when necessary.

Take note that most of the knowledge shared herein will not be openly disclosed on your gaming platform. So, endeavour to re-read and master the tips. Advisably, you can try the tips on free mode on a few occasions before using your real funds.

By so doing, you’ll get accustomed to the tips and gameplay. Thus, winning your favourite slot games will become more comfortable than ever. Good luck.

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