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PT Fishing: Cash Fish Online Fish Shooting Review

Online Cash Fish is a famous game, developed by Playtech Slot. The online fishing game is quite easy; all that you need to do is to control Money Shark to find a hidden treasure within a deep ocean. Also, the game features many powerful weapons that you can use to capture elusive marine creatures in the ocean. To use the weapon, you need to access the pistol icon in your game modes. The number of guns that you can unlock depends on the number of coins wagered. For instance, when you bet one to nine coins, it unlocks one gun, 10 to 99 coins unlock two guns, and with 100 to 1000 coins, you get to use high-power three weapons.

cash fish levels

Playtech Cash Fish online game from Malaysia features many exciting functions such as bombs and multipliers. With the multiplier, you can improve your chances of winning while the games become easier when you use the bomb. Once you terminate the fishes within the bubbles, the multiplier will become active automatically and helps increases your possibility of winning. Aside from the dragon, exploding the bombs helps kill every animal on the screen with one blow. Even when you hit the cannon without any tuna, you still get to win five times your bet money. However, you need to be conscious of the Golden Dragon. If you can run this game successfully, it may achieve your biggest win ever as it can fetch you close to 888 coins. When you use the app, you get a bigger chance of winning significantly.


Cash Fish Review: Who are the developers?

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Among the top developers of online casino apps are Playtech – In fact, it is considered one of the top three in the world. The brand is endorsed and licensed by the Alderney Gaming Commission and features in the London Stock Exchange for more than a decade now. Also, Playtech Slot is a reputable company among online players and the casino gaming industry in general. The brand enjoys a huge fan base due to its impressive security features and technological stability. More so, the overall game selection from the brand is outstanding. When you play games developed by Playtech Slot, you get to experience exciting rewards. You can also access online poker facilities through the iPoker website, as established by the Playtech Slot.

The brand is known for many exciting online casino programs that provide several bonus rounds and free spins. Playtech slot also releases generous bonuses in different progressive slots. For those who love mobile gaming, you will appreciate the handheld casinos that you can play from Android and iOS smartphones. Players can engage their favorite online casino to play table games made by Playtech Slot and also enjoy incentives and free spins.

Aside from being a developer of fascinating games, Playtech engages in the dealer, slot game apps, and bingo. Over time, the brand continues to grow as a result of high-quality products that consistently gain new customers as well as retains the loyalty of the existing gamers. As a result, Playtech Slot has an enviable online market.


Cash Fish Review: Promotional Offers

Playtech doesn’t only invent impressive online games but also gives premium support through rewards and bonuses. These rewards and complimentary promotions are available in online casinos that work with online gaming software companies. Also, the casino gaming app from the brand is well-known for cash winning discounts and generous bonuses. Most top online casino households offer exciting incentives to entice gamers to their brand.

Playtech, as a whole, offers an outstanding incentive to the online casino players courtesy of a wide range of gameplay and themes. High-quality gaming apps are usually offered by the casinos that work with Playtech. Besides, they get to provide spectacular rewards and incentives such as free spins, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, among others. With some online casinos, you can also get occasional deals that may land you a life-changing reward. However, endeavor to read the dos and don’ts of each offer before you try to use it.


Cash Fish Review: The Gameplay

The online fishing game features a mysterious deep ocean, infinite treasures, and exciting weapons. This game comes with exciting gameplay in which you need to catch twenty species in the sea. You simply need to use the features and unique gadgets correctly to improve your chances of winning. If you can find the Golden Dragon, you get to win close to 888 coins. Also, it features exciting Fishing Season when a lot of money is always up for grab – all you need is one lucky shot.

cash fish gameplay

Furthermore, the online fish table game is designed with incredible 3D display and sound effects. Compared to the standard version, the Cash Fish game offers the following improvements:

  • A variety of backgrounds, game designs, fish forms, and interactive ocean species.
  • It allows gamers to play through a computer or laptop.
  • Fish table games come with improved targeting and shooting qualities. Thus, you have a better chance of winning major prizes and jackpots.
  • Faster withdrawals and deposits through different banking options.

On the screen, you will come across different species of fish. While some species die easily, others take more effort. However, fish that take more effort to kill often generate more funds. So, endeavor to check out the difficult-to-kill fishes as they give higher returns.


Cash Fish Review: The Game Modes

Cash Fish online casino game features three gameplay modes. At each game mode, there are different firepower. As you progress through the modes, you get to own more sophisticated firepower that kills fishes faster. In the game, you will come across three firing modes: Single gun, Double gun, and Triple gun. As expected, the gameplay is at the most comfortable level while using the triple gun. Below are the requirements to unlock each gun.

playtech instruction 1

  1. Single gun: You need one to nine coins to unlock this affordable gun. Everyone gets to use a single gun by default.
  2. Double gun: You need 10 to 90 coins to get a more sophisticated rifle that will make the game easier. With the double bullet mode, you can quickly kill many difficult-to-kill fishes and many species at a go. Most gamers often choose double guns when they would like to experience something different and handier, most notably when they need to achieve a particular target.
  3. Triple gun: This belongs to the “top guns” in the game as you will need 100 to 1000 coins to activate the gun mode. Not many people get to use this gun as it’s quite expensive. However, with the triple rifle, you can get rid of any challenges with ease; it kills fishes at the fastest rate and eliminates the tough fishes that generate high payout effortlessly.


Cash Fish Review: The Game Setting

cash fish instruction

  • Auto-firing: This option allows you to keep a single path where the cursor was positioned once you fire. You can activate auto-firing by clicking twice on an empty region on the screen while clicking once on another empty area help you to disable it. Auto-firing comes handy as it allows you to shoot freely since you get to aim at the fish conveniently.
  • Target Lock: With the target lock setting, you get to keep shooting at the target. Once you fire, the chosen position is where the bullet will continue to go. Target lock is activated when you double click on the fish while you can deactivate it by clicking at any spot on the screen. As long as your aim is focused on the fish, you can fire at will – things even get better when you use a triple gun to shoot a fish locked on target.
  • Balance: This setting is usually active on default. So, you don’t really need to activate it. With the Balance setting, the game will keep the money for ten bullets over the subsequent ten shots automatically. This implies that when you shoot ten bullets, another group of ten bullets will be saved. You will find the usable bullets positioned close to the cannon icon. For each shot amount, the bullets are assigned differently. If you want, you can set the shot amount by pressing (+) or (-). Instantly, a new group of bullets will be available on the cannon. To show the cash balance in the coin, click on balance.

playtech instruction 2 (1)

  • Multiplier: Getting a fish between a bubble helps trigger the multiplier. When this happens, it will help increase your winning chances. Once you get the fish into the multiplier bubble and kill it, the random multiplier will become active. Afterward, your prize will be increased by the specific multiplier.
  • Bomb: Here is another advantageous feature that helps to eliminate every fish on the fish. Once the bomb is activated, it will kill every species except the dragons. If you can’t find any fish on the screen after using the bomb, then your reward will increase five times. However, the possible maximum increase is x5000.


Cash Fish Review: The Game Features

Bonuses are easily optimized by using the game’s apps and tools. These bonuses are normally cash. Devices such as boats, water guns, and fishing gears are all well-built. The boats, in particular, are quite crucial to hunters in several ways. It is worth noting that you will need different kinds of weapons depending on the fish size, budget, or the sum of reward. Using the weapons are quite simple, though the manner with which a pro gamer will play may be different from how a novice will handle the game. Besides, there are levels in the game that you will need to scale through from beginner to expert.

Also, you may experience the bomb going off while playing; it will definitely occur during each game period. Such a moment is called “the winning element” as it helps destroy the fish. As a result, you get to win some cash. The online fishing game also entails fishing season when players get to fill their balances faster as countless octopus, shrimps, octopus, and fishes come up on the screen. At this point, the fish hunters get to have a high payout as a fishing reward.

playtech paytable 1


playtech paytable 2



Undoubtedly, Playtech Slot is truly one of the great online game developers as the Cash Fish game exemplifies. For those who seek gaming apps that can provide memorable and enjoyable game time, then you should consider online casino games from Playtech. Aside from a remarkable variety of games from the brand, the security and safety of gamers are guaranteed. So, it is unnecessary to worry about your financial and personal details. Besides, when you realize that the brand has been running for more than twenty years, it is understandable how they could have built such an award-winning program.

The excellent application from Playtech offers an outstanding gaming experience. Also, responsive customer support ensures that gamers over the world can have a smooth gaming moment. Once you contact the customer care representative, any issue encountered will be resolved as soon as possible. Also, you can experience both customary and futuristic gaming experiences from a variety of applications from Playtech. Again, several nominations and certifications achieved by the brand exemplify how the brand has consistently released top-quality games to the tech market for more than two decades. 

Speaking of the Cash Fish online game, in particular, it is an ideal game to win a vast sum of money within a few minutes. Besides monetary reward, the game offers exciting game time, most especially as you get to eliminate many ocean species while using impressive weapons. When things get hard, you can easily use sophisticated weapons by paying some coins. With double or triple guns, you have a better chance of winning handsomely. The gameplay becomes more rewarding when you use the bombs or eliminate the difficult-to-kill fishes. Among the several rewards, the highest reward is achieved when you find the Golden Dragon. In short, the games offer excitement, loads of bonuses, and a chance to earn massively. While playing Cash Fish may not be the primary source of generating income, it is a recommendable side hustle to make cool cash during your leisure time.

pt fish - cash fish

Perfect Duo Fishing Challenges, Up To MYR 888 To Claim