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SpadeGaming: Fishing God – Online Fish Shooting Review

The subject of our review, Fishing God, is the latest online fish shooting game from SpadeGaming. Nowadays, more and more online casinos are offering you a chance to gamble while playing arcade games. Unlike playing slots or roulette, which can become repetitive and mundane, online arcade games bring joy and excitement. They also recreate the fun feeling of playing arcades in shopping malls or supermarkets, all while giving you a chance to earn some money.

fishing god online fishing game review

Fishing God offers you a chance to do some online fish shooting in the comfort of your own home. Beautifully designed and easy on the eye, it will make you feel like hunting is in an interactive aquarium. What makes it particularly interesting is the fine balance of luck and skill. While easy to play, mastering it still requires a certain degree of competence. This way any money you win will feel earned, not just a product of luck.

In this review, we will dive deep into every aspect of the game, its features, design, bonuses and anything else you might want to know about this exquisite game.


The Company Behind the Game

SpadeGaming Banner

Since you are playing with real money, it’s only natural that you want to be assured that the provider of the game is respectable and trustworthy.

An Asia-based company, established in 2007, SpadeGaming has for some time been recognized as one of the main players in the online gaming business. They are officially licensed by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and certified by Australia-based iTechs Labs, so you can rest assured that their games comply with any corresponding regulations.

Their games often integrate global-themed elements, but their focus is on Asian culture. Most of their games contain some part of Asian folklore, widely recognized throughout the continent. This makes their games appealing and relatable to a lot of customers. With obtaining the MGA license the company is now looking to expand to European markets and further extend their influence.

SpadeGaming’s games stand out with their limitless creativity when it comes to design and superior sound effects. They have the ability to drag you into the world of the game you are playing, without noticing the hours gone by. It’s important to note that their product can be enjoyed across multiple platforms and operating systems. They are playable on desktops, smartphones, and tablets; and developed for multiple browsers, IOS and Android. So, you can shoot some fish both at home sitting in your chair, or, if you prefer, during the commute on your way to work.


Fishing God Overview

fishing god gameplay

Fishing God gets you under the sea and gives you a chance to, plainly put, shoot some fish. And, yeah, earn some money while doing it. If you love fishing and the marine world you’ll enjoy this game even more. Fast-paced and carefully designed it proves that a game can be thrilling and relaxing at the same time.


Rules of the Game

The game is fairly easy to play and requires no special knowledge in advance. As soon as the game starts you find yourself in the ocean and all you have to do is shoot the sea creatures racing through the screen with. The sum of money you can earn will directly be correlated to the money you spend on bullets. Making the bigger bet will allow going after bigger fish, thus increasing potential earnings. Over the course of the game, you will be rewarded with a range of various weapons, each with different firepower. Each fish, depending on size and difficulty to shoot down offers diverse payouts.


Fish Paytable

fishing god paytable 1

Every creature, swimming around in the pool, brings you different payout values. Smaller fish are low-paying, while with larger you can earn up to 888 times your bet as is the case with the Golden Dragon boss. Below is the list of every fish in the game, how many times you will increase your coin bet when you shoot it down.

Low-paying sea creatures:

  • Flying Fish – 2x
  • Clownfish – 3x
  • Blue and Yellow Fish – 4x
  • Pufferfish – 5x
  • Lionfish – 6x
  • Flatfish – 7x
  • Lobster – 8x
  • Swordfish – 9x
  • Octopus – 10x
  • Jellyfish – 12x
  • Angler Fish – 15x
  • Turtle – 18x
  • Sawfish – 20x
  • Stingray – 25x


High-paying sea creatures:

  • Big Clownfish – 30x
  • Blue Angelfish – 40x
  • Big Pufferfish – 50x
  • Shark – 30 – 70x
  • Gold Clownfish – 30 – 70x
  • Gold Angelfish – 40 – 80x
  • Gold Pufferfish – 40 – 90x
  • Gold Shark – 50 x 100x
  • Whale – 50 x 100x
  • Gold Whale – 60 – 200x
  • Gold Dragon – 60 – 888x


As you can see, some careful aiming can increase your bet by a sizeable amount.



Bonuses and Upgrades

During the game, you can unlock may special bonuses and special upgrades. When a certain symbol appears on your screen try to shoot it down and get a more powerful weapon or multiplier on your bet. For easier orientation, we tried them and explained all of the special fish and corresponding upgrades and bonuses below.

Laser Crab – when you shoot down this creature you get up to 120x your bet and an Electro-Magnetic Cannon. With this canon, you have a wider range, and all of the fish in the line of shooting will be captured.

Drill Crab – capturing drill crab gets you 120x your bet and Drilling cannon. It will help you capture all the fish along the launch line until it explodes.

Bomb Crab – for this creature you are rewarded 120x times your bet. Plus, when you capture it, the bomb explodes destroying all the fish in the range.

Wheel Crab – if you manage to capture this crab, it unlocks a special feature that wins you up to 300x your bet.

Flash Jelly Fish – with this symbol you get up to 120x times on your bet. Also, when captured, it releases electricity and shoots down random fish across the screen.

Firestorm – you will be equipped with Rapid Fire Cannon and get 60-100 free bullets. This mode ends when you spend all of your free bullets.

Golden Fortune Bag – shooting this symbol gives you a chance to win the grand prize of up to 200x your bet. When triggered it opens a treasure vault from which you select one of the fortune bags with the various value of rewards.

Dragon King’s Treasure – a potentially most valuable bonus in the game. Dragon king can reward players with a bonus of anywhere from 10 to 300x value of the bet.

Besides these in-game bonuses, we recommend logging into the game daily and completing daily tasks, since doing this will also earn you some coins.

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Difficulty Levels and Managing Your Balance

Fishing God brings three different game modes, based on the difficulty level and a bet limit. Once you start the game, you choose one of three rooms to play in: Junior, Expert, of Godlike. The bet limit for each of them is set as follows:

fishing god levels

  • Junior – 0.01 to 1 credit, best for beginners and those new to the game
  • Expert – 0.01 to 5 credits, right choice if you already have some experience and skill
  • Godlike – 1 to 10 credits, gives a chance to the best shooters to win some big money

We recommend that you choose a level that you’ll feel most comfortable playing, both money-wise, and depending on your skill. Bear in mind that credit in your account is directly connected with the number of bullets you have. The higher the power of the chosen weapon, the more credit will be deducted from your balance. But, a more powerful cannon gives you a better chance to shoot larger fish. And therefore, you get a chance to win higher bonuses. It’s up to you to pick the best strategy to win. Chasing and capturing a number of small fish that are easy to shoot down or going for the big kill to get a chance at a big bonus. While playing, we found that nothing can match the excitement of bringing down a Whale or a Gold Dragon.


Cannon Modes

There are two modes you can set your cannon to:

  • This allows you to automatically shoot bullets. All you need to do is to aim and choose at which direction to turn your barrels into. We found this mode to be somewhat unsatisfying, especially for more skilled players. It takes out some of the excitement from the game and makes keeping the score a bit more difficult.
  • the purpose of this function is to help the player when trying to target a specific creature. It allows you to concentrate on the big score, all the time while the big bad is on the screen. From our experience, this mode is very convenient and extremely helpful when hunting for big bonuses.

Keep in mind, that as we mentioned before, you have all sorts of upgrades available to improve your shooting performance. This can create situations where even auto mode can be of great assist if properly utilized. For example, with the wide range of Electro-Magnetic Cannon, you don’t need to be as sharp of a shooter as with the regular gun.


The Graphic and Sound Design of Fishing God

fishing god graphic

Unlike any other online fishing game, Fishing god boasts breath-taking 3D graphics and stunning imagery. SpadeGaming takes pride in making its games vivid and memorable experiences. Detailed graphic design enhances the gaming experience without making the screen feel overcrowded and your targets unclear. The sea is painted in the soothing shade of cobalt blue, while fish and creatures are in a vast variety of lively and bright colors.

Thanks to SpadeGaming’s innovative designers, online fish shooting has never been so eye-catching and immersive.

Of course, the gaming experience wouldn’t feel complete without proper sound design. The sounds of the sea are combined with the uproar, making the Fiser god a unique adventure. The music in the game seems taken straight out of the war movies, perfectly complementing action on the screen.



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Available Platforms

SpadeGaming offers a variety of options for you to play Fishing God. It’s available on all of the major platforms. If you prefer playing a game on a bigger screen, take advantage of the browser version of this online fishing game. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera are all supported. And, if you prefer gaming on a go, install the app for IOS or Android from Playstore, App Store, or download the apk. file. The game is properly optimized for all of these platforms, so you can enjoy online fish shooting in any way you like.


Security and Privacy

We take our security and privacy while gambling online very seriously, and so should you. That’ why we don’t mess around with games from suspect providers and operators. After thoroughly investigating, we can give nothing but the best grades for SpadeGaming’s Fish God on this matter.

Certificates from MGA and iTech are there to testify that everything is top-notch when it comes to security and privacy.

They are always on the lookout for possible suspicious and fraudulent activities. With everything encrypted and a strong firewall, there is no place for fear about your money, as well as personal data. Fishing God is equipped with trusted options for depositing and withdrawing your funds, namely, Help2Pay, EeziePay, and Online Transfer.

bk8 deposit options



Customer Support

Whether you are new to the online fishing game or a tested veteran, every now and then, you’ll need the assistance of customer service or technical support. We are glad to report that in the case of Fishing God, online assistance works like a well-oiled machine.

Operators are available 24/7, always prepared to patiently end expertly answer any queries you may have. You can easily reach them by phone, or through Live Chat, Skype, and Telegram. We have tested them and can confirm that they had an answer ready even for the most detailed (and, also, annoying) questions.

Our queries were solved swiftly and kindly. You can also rest assured that any personal or account info required from you will be highly protected against theft or leaking. It’s important to mention that the game is equipped with anti-hacking machines making sure that the game is transparent and cheating not possible.


Our Final Verdict of Fisher God

More than usual, writing and preparing this online fishing review has been a blast. Honestly, we can’t remember the last time we had so much fun online gambling. Fishing God managed to recreate some of the excitement we haven’t felt since childhood and spending days at the controls of arcade games.

Once again, we felt familiar tingles every time the appearance of the Gold Dragon is announced. SpadeGaming succeeded in bringing back joy into the world of online casinos.

In this age, when the gambling audience is becoming more and more demanding and sophisticated, Fishing God brings things back to the basics by creating a rather simple, but extremely entertaining and insanely addictive online fishing game. The player gets drawn into an imaginative and meticulously detailed world under the sea.

With its carefully designed system of bonuses and upgrades, but otherwise simple rules, SpadeGaming developed an impeccably balanced game. Three levels of difficulty make game playable for everyone, but, also, create a challenge for you to overcome.

Besides, these levels enable you to bet the amount of money that suits you the best. The gameplay rewards practice and skill but still leaves a little place for luck, just enough to make the game even more captivating and replayable.

Other than just amusing online fish shooting, this arcade game presents you with an opportunity to make some money on the side. It’s an ideal way to relax after a hard day’s work and add a little bit to your budget. Think of it as an aquarium that you can hunt in and earn something doing it.

We, also, give the thumbs up for other elements accompanying the game, other than gameplay. Every time we played, Fishing God ran smoothly and without a hitch. Customer and technical service are always on alert and prepared to help you with any issue regarding the game. And, when it comes to security, you can hardly be in better hands than those of people in SpadeGaming.

The fine balance of Fishing God makes it a game of choice for hard-core online-gamblers, but also for people just wanting to relax and kill some time. We know we loved it, but don’t take our word for it. As with al SpadeGaming products, you can play a demo and check it out for yourself. Sit back, get your fishing rod (or a cannon, rather), and go hunt some fish. 


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