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Evolution Gaming: Online Casino Review

Considering the vast number of online casinos, choosing a suitable casino may not come easy. Things might even be more challenging for the gaming novice, trying to find the best online casinos in Malaysia and beyond. Even the experienced gamers will find it hard to choose between many online casinos offering similar features, game varieties, bonuses, among others.

Therefore, you need to show due diligence using the right knowledge to make an informed decision. So, it’s salient to read reviews and learn about what a casino can offer. 

As a result, we have developed this article to share expert opinion regarding a casino considered as one of the leading online casinos in Malaysia and beyond, namely, Evolution Gaming. Kindly read this article to learn more.


evolution gaming online casino review


Basic Information to Learn About Evolution Gaming

In 2006, Evolution Gaming started operation fully with the parent company located in Sweden. Since then, it has developed to become one of the most reliable and reputable online casinos globally. The platform is well-known for providing top-quality online gaming experience.

At Evolution Gaming, you can partake in a land-based live casino to enjoy the real thrill of land casinos right from your comfort zone. Currently, the brand works with more than 200 operators among its patrons and 7300 people in several studios located in North America and Europe. Evolution Gaming has its stock listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, which indicates the high reputation of the brand.


What Makes the Brand Quite Famous 


First off, the company is highly competitive among its contemporaries. Also, it is well-known for providing a variety of high-quality games to satisfy its patrons. If you can take your time to read about the games made available by Evolution Gaming, you’ll be impressed by how far the brand has grown over the years. More so, for each game category, there are different variants of games.

Thus, players can be confident in finding their ideal game on Evolution Gaming. The list of games on the platform is so long and almost impossible to cover in this review. However, we’ll share useful information about top major games. By so doing, our readers will have an idea of what they can expect from the brand.


Game Selections


  • Roulette

evolution gaming roulette

Among the most popular games globally is roulette. It provides an immersive gaming experience to patrons. There are several variants of roulette games, which are available to its enthusiasts. While patronizing the game from Evolution Gaming, you’ll come across experienced native-speaking dealers. They ensure that players have a smooth gaming process. Also, players are allowed to choose dedicated tables to gain optimum control.

Check out our Online Roulette Tips here: https://www.bk8asian.com/blog/live-casino-review/online-roulette-tips-2020-how-to-play-like-a-pro/

Aside from Evolution Gaming, there are only a few other places that you can engage in Dual Play Roulette. This roulette variant allows land-based and online casino gamers to play on the same table. Furthermore, you can choose from the likes of Mini Live Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Live Double Ball Roulette, and many other mainstream roulette games on Evolution Gaming. Games access can be performed through a web link, email, or text.


  • Blackjack

evolution gaming blackjack

Only players who are yet to access Evolution Blackjack won’t give exciting reports about the games. If you seek the feature-rich and fast online Blackjack game, then you should visit Evolution Gaming. You can play the game from your tablets or smartphones. More so, many live tables are available to choose from. Better still, you can have a dedicated table to yourself, which is exclusively developed for any operator.

Regardless of the time, you can join the Live Blackjack online game. Like the Evolution Blackjack, it comes with various standard tables. Many punters and gamers fancy the game a lot. Also, it features VIP tables for special treatments.


  • Baccarat

evolution gaming baccarat

The new live baccarat from Evolution Gaming definitely worth your time if you seek thrills and suspense. The game is one of the most enjoyable games on Evolution Gaming. And you’ll surely have a memorable experience. Many players believe that Evolution Baccarat is similar to Macau gaming experience. At Evolution Gaming, you will come across different varieties of Baccarat Squeeze Games and Live Baccarat Control Squeeze.


  • Poker

evolution gaming poker

Caribbean Stud Poker and Live Poker from Evolution Gaming offer a memorable gaming experience. As a matter of fact, Evolution Gaming is just one of the few online casinos that offer such games. Caribbean Stud Poker, in particular, is a much-talked-about game among gaming patrons. It features multi-player scalability. More importantly, there are several ways to win huge prizes in the game.

Aside from the major categories of games discussed above, you’ll come across several other famous games on Evolution Gaming. Such games include slots, card games, wheel games, lightning dice, and some progressive jackpots. If you have the time, and you are ready to take your chances, the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are high.


Evolution Gaming Review: Game Quality

Admittedly, the online gaming industry is highly competitive. For a platform to survive among the lots, providing a long list of games doesn’t suffice. Instead, you need to provide quality games with impressive graphics, sound effects, and animations. In this regard, Evolution Gaming has decided to stay ahead in the game. Every game from the brand comes in different variants and stunning quality.

Besides, players get to have fantastic replay values. Considering the wide varieties of games and quality, players often remain loyal to the platform. More so, it’s a great chance of winning big bucks. Thus, Evolution Gaming does not only provide a rewarding gaming experience but a memorable one. You’ll likely remain loyal to the brand after experiencing the top-class stereophonic sound and impressive video effects.


Promotions and Bonuses

Any online casino that would like to survive in the highly competitive gaming market needs to provide some form of inducements. These are usually promotions and bonuses that attract players to the online casino platform. Evolution Gaming is not slacking in this area as well. The platform offers some of the most generous promotions and bonuses out there. From the website, you can get free cash when you play games with real funds. Even when you lose in some games, the bonuses and promotions will ensure that you still have some money at the end of the day.

So, there is an excellent chance of winning high profits with the offers. Some of the bonuses and promotions from Evolution Gaming include starter pack bonuses, sign-up bonuses, card game bonuses, first deposit bonuses, wheel game bonuses, among others. Both new and existing members surely have several generous offers to enjoy. With the free credits and other freebies, players can play more games that increase the chances of winning. The bonuses provide by BK8Asia and Evolution Gaming are listed below:




Event Details & Application

  1. First time depositing members are required to transfer a minimum amount of MYR 50 into the Live Casino wallet to be entitled to this promotion.
  2. Go to [transfer] page, select “Transfer”.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from the “Main Wallet” to the “Live Casino” wallet.
  4. Select [LIVE CASINO 50% WELCOME BONUS] from the promo code dropdown menu.
Product Bonus Max Bonus Turnover
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, SexyBaccara, SAgaming, EvolutionGaming, Microgaming, Ebet 50% MYR 1,080 22x

Terms & Conditions:

Bonus Play Conditions: Members are required to fulfill a 22x turnover of the [deposit + bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw. Please see the following example:

Deposit Bonus (50%) Turnover
[MYR     50 + MYR     25] x22 = MYR   1,650
[MYR 2,160 + MYR 1,080] x22 = MYR 71,280




Event Details & Application

  1. Members are required to transfer a minimum amount of MYR 50 into the Live Casino wallet to be entitled to this promotion.
  2. Go to [transfer] page, select “Transfer”.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from “Main Wallet” to the “Live Casino” wallet.
  4. Select [LIVE CASINO 5% DAILY RELOAD BONUS] from the promo code dropdown menu.
Product Bonus Max Bonus Turnover
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, SexyBaccarat, SAgaming, EvolutionGaming,
Microgaming, eBET
5% MYR 150 8x

Terms & Conditions:

Bonus Play Conditions: Members are required to fulfill an 8x turnover of the [deposit + bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw. Please see the following example:

Deposit Bonus (5%) Turnover
[     MYR 50 + MYR 2.5     ] X8 = MYR 420
[   MYR 2,000 + MYR 100   ] X8 = MYR 16,800




Event Details & Application

1. The daily rebate period will begin at 00:00 (GMT+8) and end at 23:59 (GMT+8).

Membership Level Rebate
VIP Diamond 1%
VIP Platinum 0.8%
VIP Gold 0.7%
Normal/Regular 0.5%

2. Rebates will be calculated based on total valid bet across eligible Live Casino games daily.

3. The minimum payout is MYR 1, the rebate is withdrawable immediately.

Product Minimum Payout
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, SA Gaming, Evolution Gaming >= MYR 1




Event Details & Application

  1. The promotion is only valid from Monday to Friday.
  2. VIP members are required to transfer a minimum amount of MYR 50,000 into the Live Casino wallet to be entitled to this promotion.
  3. Go to [transfer] page, select “Transfer”.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from “Main Wallet” to any “Live Casino” wallet.
  5. Select [VIP LIVE MYR 5000 RELOAD BONUS] from the promo code dropdown menu.
Provider Max Bonus Turnover
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, SexyBaccarat, SAgaming, EvolutionGaming, Microgaming, Ebet MYR 5,000 8x

Terms & Conditions:

Bonus Play Conditions: Members are required to fulfill an 8x turnover of the [deposit + bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw. Please see the following example:

Deposit Bonus Turnover
[MYR 50,000 + MYR 5,000] x8 = MYR 440,000


Evolution Gaming Mobile Gaming

evolution gaming mobile

When it comes to playing on the go, the platform has its members covered. Evolution Gaming patrons have the best mobile gaming apps to use. Games you would typically play from the PCs and laptops can be accessed on mobile phones through the app. The app is verified to be reliable as long as the internet connection is stable. 

From the app, you can play many fascinating games with good sound and video quality. Whether you are in your abode or on a trip, you can easily access different games from the Evolution Gaming app.


Safety and Security 

When it comes to safety and security, Evolution Gaming is taking serious measures to protect the information of its patrons. The platform understands that a wide variety of top-quality games count for nothing without a high-security standard. Once the patrons do not feel secure on the page, they are likely never to return. Thus, Evolution Gaming works with an experienced technical and infrastructure team. The team ensures that both the personal and financial details of patrons are always secure. 

The security and safety system in place on the Evolution Gaming website matches the international standard. Also, the platform has added two more encryption to ensure that the database remains unbeatable. On a routine basis, the site is usually upgraded to improve security. The platform works with a two-factor authentication system. The system uses email and online casino app. Also, to protect the confidentiality and safety of account passwords, the website is integrated with 128-bit encryption technology. The technology also safeguards other personal information belonging to the patrons.


The Evolution Gaming website uses one of the best firewalls around. The firewall, alongside other safety measures, ensures that hackers and phishers never get past the security. The brand could do this because a significant part of Evolution Gaming’s yearly budget is spent on security and safety. Also, several independent reviews and checks on the security system revealed that the company’s security has never been compromised. More so, independent third-party audits are usually called upon to check the system. The report from the independent body is used to strengthen the system, protocols, and practices. And if any lapses are realized, they are addressed immediately.

If you have any concerns or inquiries about the safety and security system, you can reach out to the customer service. Evolution Gaming works with a responsive customer support team that ensures every customer is satisfied. Feel free to share your mind about the content on the website or ask for any information that you will like to know. Before long, they would respond to your demands. Also, the customer service team works throughout the day and across the week. So, you can always send in your questions, complaints, or demands at any time.


Evolution Gaming Casino Design

Aside from all the reasons given above for the popularity of Evolution Gaming, the casino design is another topic worth considering. Players find it easy to navigate through the website. As for the app, it is easy to download, install, and use. With the app, every user will be updated about what’s happening on the website in real-time. Be rest assured that the site is free of complicated jargon, and unpleasant surprises. Also, you will not be subjected to any hidden charges.


Payments and Withdrawal

The platform ensures that every gamer gets to deposit and withdraw his or her funds effortlessly. Once you become a member of Evolution Gaming, you can use different platforms for transactions. The acceptable means of a deal include credit cards, bank transfer, debit cards, among others.

There are no hidden fees as all charges for deposit and withdrawal are clearly stated. Also, you don’t have to worry about interpretation since all payments are defined and transparent. Again, you should know that the system works with 128-bit encryption technology, which ensures that every payment and withdrawal is secure.

bk8 deposit options


Evolution Gaming Customer Service 

bk8 contact us

For any serious and reputable online casino outlet, customer service drives the entire operation. When it comes to customer support, Evolution Gaming ensures that the client’s satisfaction remains a top priority. The platform has put in place the best customer support system to attend to the demands of the patrons. You can contact the customer support representatives through a phone call as they work 24/7.

Furthermore, emails, chats, and website communication are other means of reaching out to the customer support team for any inquiry. Also, you can send a postal mail to express any problem encountered while using their services. It will interest you to know that Evolution Gaming works with an experienced team who works throughout the clock. Also, there are independent third-party bodies that assess the performance of customer service regularly.

After the assessment, they give a report back to the brand’s management. In this way, the representatives and other staff are always working to give the best standard. If there is a need for adjustment, the management acts accordingly.



While several hundreds of online casinos are available, many criteria set-top brands like Evolution Gaming apart from the rest. Aside from personal assessment, the feedbacks and reviews from thousands of patrons back the huge reputation that the brand has built over time. Evolution Gaming is a proud owner of many top games. Excitingly, each of the games comes with different variants to meet the demands of players. So, you can be sure of finding your ideal game on the platform. As a result, it is safe to consider Evolution Gaming as a one-stop solution for gamer’s needs.

The promotions and bonuses are sources of motivation for many players. And you’ll surely find plenty of them with Evolution Gaming. Also, the brand offers top-class customer service that helps resolve any challenges encountered in no time. Overall, Evolution Gaming is definitely a platform worth spending your time on. It’s rewarding and exciting at the same time!

evolution-gaming review

Live 1% Cash Rebate, Up To UNLIMITED