The Best Poker Guide 2021

The Best Poker Guide 2021

Globally, Poker is a recognized game in different variants. A standard poker features a number of cards, in which patrons bet over which hand is the best. While betting, players need to adhere to some rules and understand some rankings, especially when you are playing online poker. Poker ranges in various versions, based on deck layout, the number of cards dealt, the amount of exchanged cards, and the number of cards. However, the three common variants of Poker are Texas Hold’em Poker, Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker. In this guide, you’ll learn the general rules of Poker and other specific information that is relevant to poker variants. Read on the below poker guide.


How to Win on Poker | Best Poker Guide

After showing all the cards at the end of the hand, the player holding the highest ranked hand gets to win the poker hand. This form of win is also known as the showdown. In other cases, a player may not reach a showdown to win; a player that makes the last called bet can also win.


How to Get Started on Poker

Ideally, poker games usually include forced bets such as the Small Blind and the Big Blind. For any given hand of Poker, the forced bets involve the starting pot. This is the first incentive patrons need to win the hand. With further betting rounds, the size of the pot will rise more.


Guide to Deal Poker Cards and Engage in Betting Rounds

First off, the cards are dealt with by the players. Afterwards, the patrons need to act one after another in a clockwise direction around the table. Below are some acts that each player may choose to perform during the rotation:

  • Check: This means that you are declining a chance to open the betting. Checking is only feasible unless there is no bet during the present stage.. By declining to check, the opportunity will be passed to the next player. In a situation where every player checks, the players are in hand, and the dealer considers the round as complete.
  • Fold: If a player chooses to fold forfeit his or her cards, he or she cannot act or win during the existing hand.
  • Bet: A player can bet within an ongoing round when no other participant has a stake. Once a player decides to place a bet, the remaining players must “call” by placing a matching bet to remain in hand.
  • Call: During an existing round, patrons may call in a situation where other players have a bet. The calling player needs to meet the highest bet placed.
  • Raise: Within an existing round, patrons may raise if other players have a bet. In this case, the raising player must meet the highest bet placed and make a greater bet. Other patrons must call the raise or re-raise the bet to remain in hand.


Depending on whether you are playing Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker or Caribbean Stud Poker, the betting rounds may vary. Even so, most variations have common betting systems and betting rounds, namely pre-flop, flop, turn and river betting.

Once every player receives their hold cards, the pre-flop betting round will commence. Afterwards, the community cards will be dealt with. After the first three group cards have been dealt, the patrons will start betting on the flop. This will be followed by the turn after dealing out the fourth community card. And the river will follow after dealing out the fifth and last community card.

The betting round continues until every player has matched the bets or they choose to fold. When the patrons choose not to place a bet, the round will be completed once each player checks. From there, another dealing or betting round will commence as one hand ends.


What is Showdown?

During the last round of betting or when the raise is called, the showdown will begin. This means that the remaining players have to show their hands. Any patron(s) holding the highest-ranking hands wins the pot. Each player needs to show their hands after one another.

Two or more players may share a pot. In this case, they will divide the pot in different ways, depending on the game rules. Also, the ranking of each player’s hand against their opponents plays an important role in sharing the pot.


Poker Betting Limits Guide

poker hand fold

There is a limit to the amount that any patron may open and increase. Generally, betting limit options in poker games may be fixed limit, pot limit or no limit.

  1. Fixed limit: When a poker game features fixed-limit betting, a patron may decide to call, bet or raise. However, any of the acts will be by a specific amount. Before the game, the particular amount for each round would have been set.
  2. Pot limit: When a poker game features pot-limit betting, a patron may decide to bet or raise by any amount, which is less or equal to the size of the pot at any given time.
  3. No limit: When a poker game comes with no-limit betting, a patron may choose to bet or raise by any amount, which must be up to and including the full stack in a specific round. A full-stack refers to the overall chips that the players gave at any particular time.


Table Stakes and All-in

When poker comes with the table stakes rule, it means that only the chips in play during a specific hand can be used for betting. This poker guide features the “All-in” requirement. The all-in rule means that a patron cannot be mandated to forfeit a poker hand, perhaps because the patron lacks sufficient chips to call a bet.

When a player lacks sufficient chips to call a bet, the All-in rule will be declared. Such a patron can claim the portion of the pot which covers the stage of his last bet. Any further activities from the other patrons will occur in a “side pot.” The all-in player cannot win from the “side-pot.” In a situation where multiple players experience All-in, multiple side pots may emerge.


Types Of Online Poker Available

Types Of Online Poker Available

There are more than 10 types of online poker available online today. We will talk about the most popular and most played online poker games in the section below.


Texas Hold’em Poker

Arguably, Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular variant in live and online casinos. The game is straightforward to play with unlimited strategies and tactics to win. Read further to learn about how to play the popular poker variant and the rules to know.


How to Play

  • In the beginning, the dealer will deal out two cards for each player without letting other players view the cards.
  • Five cards are spread out by the dealer; three cards will be dealt at once, followed by a single card and another single card. Each player can use the five cards to develop their best five-card hand.
  • Players will place their bets in turn before and after revealing each card. Every player must put the same amount of chips in the pot to remain in hand and receive the next card.
  • Once the cards are compared, the best poker hand will win the pot.


Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

The Best Texas Hold’em Poker Hands Rankings in Order

It’s important to understand the guide and rules of poker before you proceed to the game. During Hold’em Poker, two “hole cards” – private cards – will be dealt with each player without showing it to other players. To create the board, a five community card will be dealt face-up. Every patron on the poker table will use the community cards alongside their private cards to make the best possible five-card hand for themselves. While playing Hold’em Poker, any patron can create a five-card poker hand combination from the seven cards made available. A player may choose to use none, one or two of its hole cards.

Texas Hold’em Poker is available in four forms, which are distinguished by their betting limits:

  1. Limit Texas Hold’em Poker: In this form, the betting limit is pre-determined for each round of betting.
  2. No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker: Each patron may bet an amount up to all the available chips.
  3. Pot Limit Texas Hold’em Poker: Each patron may bet an amount up to the pot size.
  4. Mixed Texas Hold’em Poker: In this variant, the betting limit changes between No-Limit Texas Hold’em and Limit Texas Hold’em rounds.


Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker

Here is another exciting variant of the popular Poker game. Most players choose to engage in Three Card Poker because of its simplicity and encouraging reward. As the name suggests, patrons play the Poker game using three cards. Also, instead of playing against other players, the patrons challenge the house.


How to Play Three Card Poker

As stated earlier, Three Card Poker features simple gameplay. Players need to place the ante bet at the beginning of each hand. Afterwards, patrons can place extra side bets, known as the 6 Card Bonus and the Pair plus Bonus bets. Once the dealer announces no further hands, each player will receive three cards facing up. At the same time, the dealer will get three cards facing down. From there, players may place the Play bet. This bet must match the ante bet. Alternatively, a player may choose to fold. For players who choose to continue playing, the dealer will show their cards. Bear in mind that the dealer must have a Queen or higher to play.

In a situation where the dealer holds less than Queen high, the Player bet will be pushed while paying 1:1 for the ante. But if the dealer shows a qualified hand to play, the cards will be compared to the players. Remember that the other side bets (Pair plus Bonus and 6 Card Bonus) pay differently from Three Card Poker games. Also, the results of the bets depend solely on the cards being held by the player.


Caribbean Stud Poker

Not many variants of Poker are as fast as the Caribbean Stud Poker. As with other variants, this is largely played around the world. Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker share some similarities. Notable among them is that players play against the gambling household. Regarding the difference, Caribbean Stud Poker is played with five cards for the player and the dealer – instead of three in the case of Three Card Poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker is played using the standard 52-card deck. Every player can enjoy the game online, using computers, smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, considering that it is a player against the house, an unlimited number of patrons can commence the game at the same time.


How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Each player is required to place the ante bet before commencing the game. Afterwards, players may choose to wager for the Jackpot or the 5+1 Bonus bets. If you like, you may choose to bet on the two side bets.

Now, players receive five cards facing up from the dealer. Contrarily, the dealer gets a single card facing up and four cards with a closed face. Once you receive your cards, you can fold, or choose a Play bet. By choosing fold, you are forfeiting the ante. If you decide to make a Play bet, you are calling a matching size of the ante. Afterwards, the dealer will show their remaining four cards. For players who made a Play bet, the dealer will compare the hand value to determine the result.

Bear in mind that Jackpot and 5+1 bonus bets rewards differ from the Caribbean Stud Poker. For instance, if the dealer holds the greater hand and you lose the round, you may win from one or both side bets. Now you know the best poker guide, why not participate in online poker with BK8Asia now?


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