Kelly Smith Becomes BK8’s Brand Ambassador

Kelly Smith Becomes BK8 Brand Ambassador

BK8 has agreed on a deal with former England and Arsenal female football legend Kelly Smith. This appointment makes Kelly Smith the first female footballer to represent an international betting brand. Kelly Smith had a remarkable career, where she won 20 trophies with Arsenal and 100 caps with the English.

The partnership is a win for BK8 and Kelly since both parties have built a good reputation in their industries over the years. To further show commitment to their collaboration with Kelly, BK8 has donated some money to her charity, We Mind Kelly Matters. The sole aim of this charity is to promote mental health wellness and also to help prevent the increasing suicide cases across the globe.


Both Parties Have Expressed Mutual Respect

Kelly Smith x BK8

A deal like this would not be possible if Kelly and BK8 didn’t have respect for one another. With what Kelly has achieved in the female sporting world and the success BK8 has had in the last few years they have been in business, agreeing on a deal didn’t take a lot of effort from any of these parties.

In her words, Kelly said; I’m delighted to be cooperating with BK8. I was extremely pleased by how they wanted to assist focus on the women’s game today and in the future after extensive talks with them about their brand values and aspirations. Then to make a significant gift to a charity near and dear to my heart blew me away. If I can assist them to achieve their goals by offering my advice and experience, I believe we will have a very fruitful collaboration.”

What mattered most to Kelly was BK8 commitment to support the charity that she really treasures. Of course, the values they stand for and their continued support to female sports were other reasons she found it easier to agree on a deal with BK8.


Michael Gatt, BK8’s European Managing Director

BK8’s European Managing Director, Michael Gatt, stated, “We are pleased to be working with Kelly and are really enthusiastic about how we can collaborate over the coming year.” We have pondered extensively on our basic principles as a brand over the previous few months, and this collaboration signals a new direction for BK8, one to which we are dedicated long-term.

“The cooperation with Kelly reflects our brand’s new ideals and displays our dedication to them. We have already secured agreements with numerous La Liga teams in the last month, and we now aim to make an impact not just in elite football, but also in women’s and grassroots football in the UK and abroad.”

These words by one of the top officials at BK8 clearly show the company’s direction in the next couple of years, especially with women’s sports and football in particular. They could have possibly partnered with any other player but choosing a popular female football player is a clear sign that BK8 wants to put more emphasis on female sports in the next couple of months.


More About Kelly Smith

For those who have been following female football, Kelly Smith should be a pretty familiar name, thanks to her successful career, especially at Arsenal and England. On the club level, Kelly also had great spells in the USA clubs, including Philadelphia Charge, New Jersey Wildcats, and Boston Breakers.

However, she became popular because of the great spell she had at Arsenal, where she went on to win 20 trophies. Kelly Smith also scored 125 goals in 144 appearances for Arsenal; 12 of these goals were in the Champions League in just 24 games. With these stats, she is rated among the most successful players for the Arsenal ladies’ team.

Kelly Smith also had an impressive career with the English national team (the three lionesses). She scored 46 goals, which made her the all-time top scorer to the lady’s national team. She managed to score 9 hattricks (for club and country) in her impressive career of over 20 years. When it comes to personal accolades, Kelly Smith has been nominated four times in the FIFA top 10 female football players of the year.


What This Partnership Means To BK8 And Its Users

BK8 as a platform will continue operating and upholding its values like it has been doing in the last couple of years. However, we are likely going to see an increase in the number of female sporting activities being added to the platform. Based on the words by BK8’s European Managing Director, the company promises to be more committed to female sports, thanks to this partnership.

That means we will likely see a couple of new female football leagues being added to the platform. So, if you love ladies’ football, you will likely have a variety to choose from in the next couple of months.

BK8 as a brand will also get more visibility in the UK and Europe in general, especially amongst female football fans. Kelly is a very popular name in the female football circles, and she also has a big following on social media, so this will further BK8’s reach amongst Kelly’s fans as well.

She is also regularly interviewed on popular sports TVs like BT Sports, Sky Sports, and many more. All these are platforms that she will capture more reach. At the end of the day, Kelly, BK8, and all fans will benefit from this partnership.

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