Join BK8 Affiliate Program and Transform Your Ability to Pure Profit

Join BK8 Affiliate Program and Transform Your Ability to Pure Profit

Modern technology has conveyed the internet as one of the most dependable and convenient modes of earning money. Combining a new stride in it, BK8, a renowned online casino platform, is endowing creative minds like YouTubers, bloggers, vloggers, and others an opportunity to earn through their affiliate marketing program. The affiliate program will only require them to share the link of BK8 uniquely in different mediums, and every time a player joins the platform using that link and places bets, they will be given a commission. 


BK8 Affiliate Program: What is it?

The BK8 Affiliate Program is a convenient way to earn money online for individuals sharing the site links. It’s essentially an alliance between the platform and stakeholders. Stakeholders are those who are ready to promote BK8 services through sharing links to the website. Anyone can promote any games to interested players, and being successful, he will receive a commission, which will be a part of the net profit of BK8.


Steps to Earn Profits

The very first step of commencing with this program is registering with the BK8 affiliate program. For it, you need to fill a form present on the affiliate page of BK8. The information you share with the site is only for generating a specific username and password for yourself. The concluding text box will also show you your automatically generated unique affiliate ID. 

This ID is essential and needs to be used later. Hence, you can copy it down somewhere else. The ID informs the platform system about your distinctive presence to discern your links separately from all other partners using different codes.


What are the Starting Steps?

You can earn money online using this affiliate program by developing exciting and informative content, focusing on the online casino players. The medium can be anything from podcasts to YouTube videos to blog articles. If you are interested in the writing medium, you must be an owner of a blog or a website for sharing those contents with link URLs of BK8 casino. 

For videos, a YouTube account will help. In those videos, you can talk about topics related to online casinos or casino games, trickily requesting your viewers to access BK8’s website. In that case, mandatorily, you need to share the link of BK8 casino in the video description.

Podcasts can also be equally effective in creating an appeal to online gamblers through this affiliate program. The podcasts you make can be shared through your website. Besides, other famous platforms like Apple podcasts or Spotify will also do the job. 


How to Create Your Contents?

Success in your venture with this affiliate program is greatly subjected to the aspects mentioned below. Hence, you are required to ensure efficiency in all of them throughout your venture. 

Amount of Traffic

If you want to earn money, The first thing to be ensured is creating content that can draw enough traffic. The more amount of traffic the content can receive, the higher the chance of conversion becomes. It results in a higher number of commissions for you.

The Quality Traffic

Getting enough traffic is good, but that doesn’t necessarily mean conversions. Hence, there is a need to ensure quality traffic on your content as well. The quality of traffic you receive is how many people are getting converted based on the number of people approaching your content.

Therefore, upon noticing a big gap between the number of visitors and the number of conversions, you would require reconsidering the audience base you are targeting.


Referral Generated Net Profit

The amount of commission you earn from the casino site depends on how much profit the casino makes through your referrals. Referred gamblers who like to stay inactive most of the time can produce enough profit for the casino, but the players staking higher amounts live in contrary.

Therefore, in this affiliate program, your responsibility would be to create and promote your content tactfully that they can successfully communicate with gamblers with such wagering habits.


How to Gain Commission?

Right after you register as an affiliate partner of BK8, filling up the form available on the affiliate page of the casino, you will be contacted by the affiliate program executive team of the platform. The call you will receive might take up to 3 business days.

Then you have to share your content with the site link, having the intent of redirecting players to the casino site. Afterwards, the casino will offer you a percentage of the profit it makes through the wagering activities of the players you have referred the casino to.


The Commission Structure of BK8

Total Member Loss (USD) Total Active Player Commission Rate
1 & above < 5 12%
1 – 15,000 >= 5 28%
15,001 & above >= 5 40%
By Invitation 45%

BK8 offers you to earn money online at different commission rates ranging from 12% to 45%, and the percentage to be received is based on the fulfilment of specific criteria.

  • If the number of active players within a month is less than 5 and the amount of money, they have lost is $1 or more, you will receive a 12% commission.
  • The number of active players is 5 or greater than it, and the amount they have lost is 1 to $15,000, your commission would be 28%.
  • The total number of active players is 5 or more than it while they have lost $15,001, the commission will become 40%.
  • An affiliate program member can obtain a 45% commission only through invitations from the platform.


Payment Methods for Commissions

  • Commissions of this affiliate program will be endowed in the currency that the members have set while creating their affiliate account.
  • The commission will be computed once monthly and offered from the 5th to the 7th of it.
  • Depending on when your withdrawal request was submitted, it might take up to 3 working days for the money to be transferred into your bank account.
  • The minimum amount you can withdraw is 1000THB/ MYR100/ IDR1000.
  • BK8 also encompasses the right of cancelling any member accounts if they think that they have failed to fulfil the expectations within a certain period.

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