How To Earn Extra Money with Online Casino Affiliate

How To Earn Extra Money with Online Casino Affiliate

As an affiliate, you may earn a lot of money by marketing online casinos and gambling websites. It’s not only you that have these sentiments; a lot of others do. Given that it is an industry worth several billions of dollars, competition in the online casino industry is cutthroat. Affiliate commissions from online casinos may be a lucrative source of income for those who are willing to put in the time and effort.

A casino affiliate marketing professional with more than two decades of experience penned our guide. This blog will teach you all you need to know about the online casino business, as well as how to become a successful affiliate. This article is the volume 2 version of the previous blog about the affiliate program at BK.


How Affiliate Programs for Casinos Operate

Affiliate programmes in the casino industry are essentially player referrals. Affiliate programmes, such as those offered by Amazon and other online retailers, are common methods of attracting new consumers. Once you’ve signed up and been authorised, you’ll be sent a URL to follow your progress. The more people that click on your link and make the necessary transaction, the more money you’ll earn for yourself online.

Recognizing Casino Affiliate Fees and Earnings

Affiliates at online casinos may choose between income sharing, cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or any combination of the two.

  • For every new deposit, the casino pays a predetermined fee known as CPA or cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Most casino CPAs run from $125 to $400 per player, depending on the market and the sort of traffic that you get.
  • When a player loses money in a game, you earn a part of the revenue that’s left over after subtracting any incentives or fees. Online casino rev share arrangements typically range from 25 to 50% of the casino’s revenue.
  • CPA and revenue split are both included in hybrid transactions. For instance, the player pays $50 plus a 15% cut of the revenue.


Are Affiliates in the Casino Industry Paid Big Money?

How much money can you earn by marketing online casinos and gaming sites as an affiliate? In the beginning, my objective as a casino affiliate was to bring in $10,000 each month. From casino affiliate marketing, you may make a decent life.

My first impression was that the top casino affiliates, or “super affiliates,” were making at least a million dollars a month.

As a result, I understood that the biggest gambling affiliates made much more than six figures a month. The following are my estimations for affiliate profits, based on the Pareto principle and almost two decades in the industry:

  • 80% of affiliates earn 0 – xx,xxx per month
  • 20% of affiliates earn xx,xxx+

Of the top 20% of casino affiliates:

  • 10% earn xx,xxx – xxx,xxx per month
  • 5% earn xxx,xxx – x,xxx,xxx per month
  • 5% earn x,xxx,xxx+


How to Encourage Players to Register Using Your Affiliate Link

Most casino affiliate programmes need that you demonstrate to them that you have a means of promoting their casino to gamers in order to be accepted.

The following are a few ideas for attracting new members:

  • In search engine optimization, often known as SEO, you create a website that focuses on numerous keywords that players look for when they are looking for an online casino.
  • PPC stands for “Pay Per Click,” which refers to the process in which you construct a website or landing page and then place bids on various keywords that players use while looking for online casinos.
  • Email marketing involves compiling a list of prospective customers and sending promotional material to such customers.
  • Create a community of gamers on Facebook and look for methods to market your online casinos and gambling sites.
  • You may market online casinos using YouTube by creating videos and uploading them to your channel.

Heads up: In recent months, both Facebook and YouTube have started clamping down on material and affiliates related to gambling. If you decide to go that way, you should exercise extreme caution.

Every method of recruiting new players comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks to consider. In the long run, you may absolutely combine them to boost your affiliate business’s ROI.


Recommended Casino Affiliate Program at BK8

An easy option for people to make money online is via the BK8 Affiliate Program. Platform and stakeholders have formed an alliance. People who are willing to promote BK8 services by distributing links to the website are known as stakeholders. A commission will be paid out to everyone who successfully promotes BK8 games to new players, and this will be a portion of the company’s net earnings.

The Commission Structure of BK8

Total Member Loss (USD) Total Active Player Commission Rate
1 & above < 5 12%
1 – 15,000 >= 5 28%
15,001 & above >= 5 40%
By Invitation 45%


How To Apply as an Affiliate in BK8?

Registration with the BK8 affiliate programme is the first step in getting started with this programme. It requires you to complete out a form on the affiliate page of BK8 in order to do so. Only your username and password are generated using the information you provide to the site. Your unique affiliate ID will also be shown in the final text box.

This ID is very important and will be put to use at some point in the future. As a result, you may save it for future reference. To distinguish your connections from those of other partners using other codes, the platform system uses your ID to notify itself of your unique presence.

A member of BK8’s affiliate programme executive team will contact you immediately after registering on the casino’s affiliate website and completing out the form. Before we can respond to your inquiry, please allow up to three full business days.

The next step is to post your material along with a link to the casino’s website in order to drive gamers there. After that, the casino will give you a cut of the winnings generated by the players you introduced to the site as a result of your referrals.

Final Words

Gambling is a very lucrative field that is perfect for both inexperienced marketers and seasoned veterans alike. The most important thing is to have the ability to accurately identify the target audience and to make sure that A/B testing is not overlooked. Sign up as an affiliate at BK8 Casino today and start earning extra money online!

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