How Old Should I Be To Use An Online Casino Service?

How Old Should I Be To Use An Online Casino Service

The legal age for gambling varies distinctively according to location. Hence, the big question, how old a person should be to legally use an online casino sevice? The legal gambling age in Malaysia is 21 years. Because Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country, and Muslims can not participate in gambling under Sharia law, that is why only non-Muslim people are allowed to play. Gambling in Malaysia, together with changes introduced on 1 January 2006, is regulated by the Common Gaming House Act of 1953. 

Casino control is the Ministry of Finance’s exercises, which is also responsible for licensing. 

In 2003, however, the Malaysian government announced that it would not grant licenses to any casinos and that Casino de Genting would remain on the Malaysian gambling market for the time being without competition. Malaysia is a Muslim country and only non-Muslim beliefs are allowed to enter the casino.


How To Play Poker Online in Malaysia


Online Casino Laws in Malaysia

Online gambling, in Malaysia, is technically illegal. Although hosting an Internet gambling operation is illegal, it is unclear whether patronizing a gambling site is illegal. Decades ago, the laws on books were written and none of them specifically mention the act of placing bets online.

Online casino in Malaysia is largely overlooked and at least brushed under the rug if not tolerated. Every day, many Malaysians place bets via the internet. 

Most major international betting sites accept Malaysian customers and even process ringgit deposits and withdrawals. But that doesn’t mean you in Malaysia are completely risk-free. 

There is an increasing number of calls for online gambling to be banned and the Sharia law in Malaysia does hold sway. You have to decide personally if this is worth it. 

Most of the Malaysians who play online do so in the world without any worries. It is quite easy to get paid, make deposits and place bets as long as you stick to the gambling big names.


How To Play Online Casino in Malaysia?

How To Play Online Casino in Malaysia

If you decide to play in Malaysia online, it is best to stick with international sites NOT based in Malaysia for two major reasons. First, Malaysian-based local sites are 100 per cent illegal, operating underground with zero regulation. 

If one of those places shut down and run off with your money, you have no recourse. 

Second, there’s no physical presence at offshore sites in Malaysia. Malaysian governments can not just hop to England on a plane and demand that Bet365 hand over information to its customers. 

In other words, when you do deal with a site that operates lawfully in a gambling-friendly nation, you are less likely to be “caught” gambling in an illegal manner.


General Gambling Laws in Malaysia

General Gambling Laws in Malaysia

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim nation, so almost all forms of gambling are considered illegal online and offline. In Malaysia, three significant frameworks govern gaming laws. The most popular of these is the 1953 Betting Act. 

In addition, Malaysia’s civil contract law considers all deals made in gambling or wagering to be null and void. This means that someone who loses a bet to anyone else may refuse to pay up, and the winner would not have legal recourse.


Betting Act 1953

The 1953 Betting Act pretty much outlaws all kinds of gambling. The act also deals with telecommunications and other forms of transmitting bets between clients and betting houses. 

The wording in the act contains just about any potential backdoor you’d be searching for in a written piece of legislation long ago. 

There is no easy way around it right up to this day. The act stipulates a punishment of up to 200,000 ringgits and 5 years in prison for any person caught running a betting house or patronizing one. It’s unclear if today’s betting sites come under the definition of a “betting house.”


Sharia Law

The Malaysian Constitution makes Islam the mandatory religion for all Malays, who make up more than 60 per cent of the country’s population. 

Sharia law is primarily reserved for family relations, but individual states are permitted to apply Sharia law in criminal matters. Sharia law explicitly bans gambling and it could also be interpreted as implying that it is 60 per cent off-limits. 

Malaysia’s dual justice system is complicated and hard to enforce.


Common Gaming Houses Act of 1953

Sports betting and bookmaking was regulated by the Betting Act 1953. The Popular Gaming Houses Act covers just about every other gambling type. 

Anyone found inside a gaming house will face a fine of up to 5,000 ringgits and six months in jail. The act describes gaming as: “playing any chance game or mixed chance games and skills worth money or money.”




In Malaysia, the legal age for gambling is 21 years and it is strictly adhered to. On platforms like BK8Asia the most trusted online casino malaysia, only legally aged players are allowed; this is also similar to other casino providers. 

Those who are found not qualified are penalized when discovered. However, some foreign casino providers have 18 years as their minimum age before a new player can create an account.

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