Cryptocurrency vs. Traditional Currency in Online Casino

Cryptocurrency vs. Traditional Currency in Online Casino

In the year 2008, a new era began in the financial world when Bitcoin – the most popular cryptocurrency was introduced to the world. Since then, hundreds of other digital currencies have come to the scene. Many industries including the online casino industry have adopted using the cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods thanks to the many advantages they bring to the table.


Why Cryptocurrency Casino is Better Than Traditional Ones?

If you are out there and you want to join online gambling, you could be asking yourself whether to join a traditional online casino or a cryptocurrency online casino. For those who may not know, cryptocurrency casinos are online casinos that accept using cryptocurrencies as the payment and withdrawing method. These casinos have an edge over the traditional online casinos because of the following reason;


a. They Are Very Secure

Cryptocurrency Casino Safety

Cryptocurrency Casino Safety

One of the strengths that digital currency payment methods have over the traditional online payment methods is privacy. For instance, if you make your deposit using Bitcoins or USDt, in BK8Asia, the government or any other third parties won’t be able to know about that transaction. For anyone that wants to do their gambling privately, cryptocurrency casinos are the way to go.

One thing you also need to note is that Bitcoin and other digital currencies run on a system called blockchain that is fully encrypted to eliminate any possibilities of third parties on the internet accessing your transaction information. The fact that the data is not stored in any central servers means no one single person or company can access people’s transaction data.


b. Cryptocurrency Casino Respect People’s Privacy

With cryptocurrency casinos, one doesn’t have to provide their user information and credit card details to get started playing. All that you will need is to make your deposit on a certain cryptocurrency address that is specified by the online casino. So, the online casino doesn’t remain with any of your information.

If you are the kind of person that values their privacy, cryptocurrency online casinos are the way to go because privacy is their number one priority.


c. Smaller Transaction Fees

Another main advantage of cryptocurrency casinos is the fact that they have smaller transaction fees. This is because managing systems of the traditional payment methods like VISA and MasterCard is way more expensive than a blockchain system of cryptocurrencies. So, when the fees deducted while making payments are low, you will not incur a lot while placing bets.

In some situations, the fees paid are almost close to zero especially for small bets that involve using a very small fraction of a cryptocurrency coin.


d. They Are Convenient For More People

There are countries where betting is restricted, and paying through the mainstream banking system is hard. But with cryptocurrencies, one can place their bets even if they are in a country that doesn’t allow online gambling. So, with cryptocurrency casinos, online gambling has become accessible to so many people across the globe – something that was a major challenge to the traditional online casinos.


e. They Also Offer More Bonuses

The fact that the costs of operating a cryptocurrency casino are lower than those of the traditional casinos mainly due to lower transaction fees creates a lot of room for giving players more bonuses. When you are playing at a cryptocurrency casino, you will find way more bonuses than when you play at a traditional online casino.

So, if you are looking for a big bonus, which most casino players do, then look no further than cryptocurrency casinos. It is one of the major advantages that has attracted lots of players to cryptocurrency casinos.


f. You Will Get More Value For The Future

Unlike traditional currencies, the value of most of the stable cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is always going up. So, if you win and decide not to withdraw your money immediately, it will likely be of more value at the time you choose to withdraw it. This is because a good number of digital currencies used by cryptocurrency casinos keep appreciating every year.

So, if you want to increase the value of your money, you can choose to gamble at cryptocurrency online casinos and then withdraw your cash after a couple of months when the value of the coin you used to make your deposit has appreciated.


g. They Also Have A Variety Of Games

With lower operation costs, cryptocurrency casinos have more money at their disposal to invest in adding more games to their platform. This is an advantage to players since they will have many options at their disposal. So, if you are the type of player that loves playing different games for every session you play at an online casino, cryptocurrency casinos should be your ideal choice.

Most of the games on these online casinos are also from several game categories such as slot games, live dealer games, etc. – so no matter the type of games you love, you will find a couple of them on cryptocurrency casinos.


h. Cryptocurrencies Are The Future

Cryptocurrencies Are The Future

Cryptocurrencies Are The Future

No matter when or how we shall likely reach a point in time when all payments are made using digital currencies. So, as a player, the faster you adapt to these forms of payment, the better. The fact that even traditional online casinos are starting to add cryptocurrency payment options on their platforms means the world is going digital when it comes to currencies.


Final Thoughts

The number of cryptocurrency casinos is ever-growing, and this wouldn’t be the case if people were not finding benefits while applying at these casinos. Yes, cryptocurrencies still have challenges like transaction speeds that are still a bit slow, but with more updates to the blockchain and faster computers, such issues will be resolved.

So, if you haven’t tried out gambling at cryptocurrency casinos, you should try them out the next you play at an online casino to enjoy the many benefits that we have shared above. 

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